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  1. GordoAK

    Otto Bock SiOCX TF socket

    Thanks for that info, CaptainKB. I checked out the EMS socket system. It looks similar to other elevated vacuum designs. I hope it's working well for you. $15k is pretty steep unless (mostly) covered by insurance. (That was almost the price of my last complete AK pros.) I did get an token email reply from Otto Bock Canada. The SiOCX will not available here for a few more months. Of course, they would not talk about price, just "speak with your prosthetist". I will definitely follow up on this and post again when I have more info.
  2. Any AKs tried this relatively new socket with silicone inner liner and carbon fibre outer shell? The basic version has a window in the carbon shell at the back for seating comfort. The Pro version is more radical with large areas cut out. I also wonder what the prices might be? http://www.ottobock-group.com/media/local-media/otworld/download-center/prothetics/646d437-gb-04-1206w.pdf