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  1. Hello to everyone on this board. I am new to this board, but not new to being an amputee. I lost my right limb (AK) over 34 years ago due to trauma of a car accident. While it's been a unique journey presenting many challenges, it has also been educational and insightful for me through the years. I have had quite a few "legs" created over the years, but am now facing the challenge of changing from an exoskeleton to endoskeleton model. I feel I have a good prosthetist to work with--I think my brain is the one who feels challenged with having to learn new movement through space. While in the process of creating this new limb---and not due to "it", I tripped and fell (hopping is not a good thing to do---think I'd learned that through time, right?) and have torn my right rotator cuff which will require surgery soon to repair the front tendon. This is going to create a new challenge for me as my right arm will be out of motion for 4-6 weeks in a sling and my right leg (using the old one till I can get through this) is an exoskeleton suction socket with a hydraulic pump. My stump is rather long as I am somewhat tall and during the trauma the doctor was able to save most of the top of the thigh. So I wrap it with an ace bandage and pull it down through a hole on the bottom left part of the upper socket. This creates the vacuum and then I "seal" it with a screw in valve, that has a button to release air, should some get into the socket when sitting, etc. Has anyone else faced this prospective situation? Please enlighten me if you can. I have many concerns about how I will be able to function (dress, eat, use the restroom, bathe, etc.), but my biggest concern is going to be how I get that suction socket on and off without the use of my right arm. My husband tried helping me release the suction last night, but we were unsuccessful (normally I remove the valve and use my right hand to release some tissue from the back and then kind of "wiggle out of the socket"). I don't want to lose mobility or muscle usage after the surgery takes place, nor do I like losing my independence. Looking forward to hearing from any and all--even if it is only to point me in a direction.