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  1. jeffamp

    You inspired me!

    Hey friends! A few months back I posted here asking about what you might want as a secondary leg... here is that post! Anyways - I took a bunch of your ideas and came up with this. It's a waterproof 3D printed leg that is super strong, and the coolest part to me, as an amputee, is that I got the cost down to just $800! I put a few more photos on the website . I'd love to hear what you guys think about this! Thanks for being so supportive!
  2. jeffamp

    More legs!

    Hi Jane, Thanks for telling me about the shinfin! I had never heard of it but it does look really useful? So you just attach it to your stump directly and it stays on? Jeff
  3. jeffamp

    More legs!

    Great ideas everyone! Cheryl - when you say biking - do you mean a leg with clips to clip into the pedal? What about your current leg doesn't work well on a bike? Jane and kitkat, totally agree too! The bounce from a running leg is really great. It feel like I'm walking on a piece of wood when i transfer back to my carbon fiber walking foot. I would also like to try a swimming leg. I think this would be particularly good for snorkeling - right now my sound leg gets tired very quickly.
  4. jeffamp

    More legs!

    Hi everyone, I'm curious - if you could have another leg after your walking leg, what would you get? Running, swimming, shower, cycling, etc?