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  1. charu

    Ladies Question re Wearing Dresses

    Thank for the welcome Kate. I put on my sari standing on my good leg. To be honest, I have lost my balance a few times! The hard part when in wheelchair is keeping it out of the from castoring wheels. I have had a couple of very embarrassing moments with that one! I have always worn sari so it is something one gets rather expert at. I am considering wearing western clothes as well as I am in a university. I have no chance of finding an Indian gentleman but I do get a lot of attention from white English men.
  2. Well done. I feel we are the forgotten group too.
  3. charu


    I would love to get married and have children but find those in the Indian community will not accept a disabled woman at all. I have had some dates with white guys at university but no more than that.
  4. charu

    Ladies Question re Wearing Dresses

    I always wear sari but then again I am Indian. I leave my one leg bare underneath and do not wear a leg as I am HD. I have had a few falls putting on a sari and once managed to rip half of it off when in a wheelchair!
  5. charu

    HD amputee

    Dear Chissy Thank goodness a response! You are the first person in the same boat I have ever managed to talk with! I went from being fit to a small painful lump near my knee and before I could take a breath my leg had vanished. I have only ever used the one crutch and can keep up with everybody else on it fine. As a HIndu, I had big problems at the limb centre as our level of amputation is so very personal and no one ever understood this. I would never ever go through that again. There was no transcultural consideration whatsoever. I saw young men walking with limbs there but I move very much quicker and better than they do and I can even do it in a high heel! Anyway, thanks for responding and I PM you. Charu.
  6. charu

    HD amputee

    Hello. I am 25 year old Indian female living in the UK and have had a right hip disarticulation since I was 18. This was due to cancer and while I have been free of it since (I refused chemo) I still get very depressed. I gave up any attempt at using a leg after a nightmare of trying and get about with one shoulder crutch or wheelchair. I get sick of the automatic assumption that we should all cope with legs. For me at this level of amputaion, it just does not work. It is difficult to share experiences with others with the same condition as it is quite rare I think and often I feel I have little in common with other amputees who seem to just talk about legs! I often am made to feel a complete failure for not using a leg but frankly I get about really well and a lot better than those I have seen. I just wish people would respect my preferences for mobility and not keep on about it. I would really like to communicate with any body else who has the same amp level.