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  1. wexy21

    Looking for support (for daughter)

    hey there...sorry I've been mia from this thread. We missed ya at the conference, it was a blast so hopefully this year you guys can make it. Tisha lost her dressing stick of 15yrs when we were traveling so I'm making her some new ones. That got me thinking of some other tools to make for her and some of our other armless friends. If she wants, I can make some for her as well. Tisha mainly uses just one stick. it's just a simple metal stick about 20" long covered with a rubber grip that has a small hook at the end. She can use that for buttoning clothes and using zippers. I still have no idea how she can manipulate that thing as well as she does! lol. Anyway, ask her and if she wants some just message me.
  2. wexy21

    Looking for support (for daughter)

    Tisha uses certain tools to help her. I've made a few and have ideas for others. I'll be bringing them with us to show some others there, so if you guys go, i'll be glad to show them to you and if she can use them, you can have the extra one's we have.
  3. wexy21

    Looking for support (for daughter)

    Hey there..sorry for the late reply. I hope to see you and everyone else at the ACA convention this year. Tisha wants to meet Lauren and there are a few other armless friends we are planning to meet up with while there. I'll be working at the event and attending classes while there but Tisha usually just wanders around while I'm busy. If you and Lauren want to meet us on facebook first and get to know one another you can pm me. We have a lot of friends on there and can introduce you to our small community! it's fun to share stories and meet, so I'd encourage her to reach out to others. it's helped us a lot. Talk soon.
  4. wexy21

    Looking for support (for daughter)

    Hi everyone. I ran into this thread by chance and it was really neat to see someone post about Tishaunarmed. She's my fiancé and her and I both plan to attend the ACA conference this year. I'm a left bk amputee and prosthetist. SOme of the videos that Tisha made are ones that we thought up together. Marion, I hope your daughter is adjusting well, it seems like she is. It would definitely be great for her to find others like herself. That is one thing that helped TIsha a lot, not being the only one like her. You should have your daughter reach out to Tisha on her facebook page, Tishaunarmed, should be easy to find. If she does, i'll be sure to let her know to look out for her. Her inbox gets flooded with people so it's hard to weed through that sometimes.