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  1. I know my title may look like a stupid question, but bear with me. I’ve been AK for 18 years and driving with hand controls for 16/17. Everything is fine. I love the independence of being able to drive and I don’t have much of a problem driving considerable distances. However, I have three “issues” with my right arm, which operates the push/pull hand control. In reverse date order, they are: 1. After driving for a while, my middle finger has begun to dislocate, at the knuckle, because that finger does most of the pulling. I’m therefore learning to spread the load across all fingers AND to use cruise control more. 2. I have also developed “Tennis Elbow”, being the hardening (scarring?) of that specific muscle in the forearm which controls the …… you guessed it, the middle finger. Again, I’m trying to spread the load and use cruise. Also trying “off the shelf” exercises for TE, that seem to work, but prevention is better than cure. 3. (And this is the real oddity). I have recently been diagnosed (physiotherapist, GP, ultrasound outpatient) with a tear to one of the tendons in my shoulder (supraspinator, I think). It’s been painful for 5 years or more, but I’m an amputee and we amps don’t fret over a bit of pain. However, I don’t remember any incident, that might have damaged this tendon, so it got me thinking. Have I damaged my shoulder by using hand controls? Any ideas?
  2. Barrie1956

    Stump Crunch

    The more I think about it, the more I think that this isn't a skiing matter. I think I just have too much soft tissue (muscle) on my stump, with the result that it sometimes crunches, if I catch it wrong. Conversely and perversely, today I felt the end of the femur pressing on the inside of my socket, at the back. So, clearly, not all that spare muscle is in the right place. Has anyone had an operation to fix this sort of thing? To make the stump neater? I THINK that is what I need, but I'm reluctant to go "under the knife " again, until I am more sure that it's a good idea. Appreciate your help!
  3. Barrie1956

    Stump Crunch

    Hi everyone. I am AK amputee. Motor cycle accident in 1999. Am not especially active, but have taken up skiing. Had a bash at sit ski (too much hassle) and ski bike (BRILLIANT FUN!), but also trying my hand at 4 track stand up skiing. (Back in the day, I used to be a fairly good skier). The 4 track is going well, with one exception. As I shift my weight, from side to side (eg when turning), the end of my femur "crunches" across the muscles of my stump. This is at best a really unpleasant sensation, at worst, it hurts like hell. Since I think I have quite a lot of spare muscle on my stump, I am in conversation with a plastic surgeon, with a view to an operation, to "take up the slack". However, it occured to me that this stump crunch might be something that all AK skiers have to put up with. In which case, I'd be wasting my time by having another operation. Are there any AK skiers out there who can advise me? Do you experience Stump Crunch, even if you have a neat stump?