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    Well is Eric coming back ???

    Hi all, I havent been on line for a while :o , but i makes me wonder what happened when i read these posts. some times we all get misunderstood :( , im sure everyone on this forum has good in mind. Happiness and Health to u all :D Love and thoughts always Vicki Williams Australia
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    Congratulations Registered Members

    :D Congratulations, to "The Heather Mills Mccartney Web site." 200 members, thats a great effort, keep up the good work. Hi, to all of our new friends , hope you are all well and happy, Vicki and Niki Australia.
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    Heather's Birthday January 15, 2004

  4. vicki williams

    My dad

    Hi Renee, :D My name is Vicki Williams from Australia, My daughter Niki , had a car accident about 20mths ago. Niki lost her right leg below the knee. Its very hard , for us to watch someone we love go through this, You must love your dad so much, if there is anything i can help with, please ask. I did the same thing as you and joined the forum, and would tell Niki about it, then Niki joined , fill yourself with all the info you can, it helps so much when you know a bit . You will find all the answers you need here and you will realise , that you and dad , are not alone, we are all here for you both, Good luck and keep intouch, :D Love always, Vicki and Niki Williams "CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HEATHER MILLS FORUM "500 MEMBERS THAT,S JUST GREAT! MATE.
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New to everyone, hope you all have the best year ever, My love and thoughts are always with you, Vicki Williams :P
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    About ME

    Hi , Eric, :D My name is V icki Williams from Australia, I have been to Lake Tahoe, back in 79' I was having holiday with girlfriends , we were with the Australian Water Ski team, They skiied all over the place, Clear Lake, I wondered whether you have also water skiied, My daughter Niki 20yrs is Rbk, due to a motor vehicle accident. Her grandad, manufactures Water Skis here in Australia. Niki is very active young lady, she has been trying to water ski again, but having a few proplems, she also wants to learn how to snow ski, maybe you could give her a few pointers. Niki is a member of the forum also , she loves to chat, so you must have a talk to her, Nikilea is her sign on. Well take care, i will get my photo album out and show Niki the Photos, of when we stayed there, i remeber it being a bit cold , but very beautiful , we went to the Ponderoso, theme park, is it still there? Vicki Williams Australia :lol:
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    cosmetic covers

    My Daughter Niki, had her right leg below knee amputated .She was involved in a motor vehicle accident.. All she has said is she wants a nice leg. We live in Australia , We would like any info on cosmetic covers for legs. Niki is 20 years old and likes to look her very best. Thank you , vicki
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    New Member

    Hi Kaylasmom, :lol: Thats good news , that Kayla will be able to help others, My name is Vicki Williams , my daughter Niki (20yrs )is also an amputee, due to a car accident in 2002, Its great that you have joined our group , we have a few mom's now , and its great to be able to talk with you online. Anytime you would like to talk about anything please do. I can totally understand where you are coming from. Take care Vicki Williams Australia ;)
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    Congratulation, to Heather, you are an inspiration. Good luck to you and your baby. best wishes Vicki Williams Australia. :D
  10. vicki williams

    Feeling sub-human

    Dear Savanna, Wow , I think you are absolutely drop dead geogous, and anyone who would dare make fun of you, must be so green with jealousy , they propably would love to be you, i find the one's that say so much , are the insecure ones. Anyway do not let the turkeys get you down. Be like a thourough bred horse , run your own race. and win, do not stay with the others in the paddock. The tide can only go out so far, then it comes back in. these are a few things i tell all my children But i have a special reason for writing to you , its because i have heard all of these things before , from my beautiful courageous daughter, Niki, . I would love you to read some of her posts, it might help a little to know that your not on your own. Please dont get down, life has so much to offer, get on the forum and write away their are so many people willing to listen and understand your thoughts. Keep in touch. Vicki Williams :D ( Niki's mum)
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    Happy 1 year!!

    Heather's staff keeps a close watch on the happenings of this forum. We love to hear from all, but the main use of the forum is for amputees to talk to other amputees. This is why it is called the "Amputee Forum". It is a very useful tool for people searching for answers. Some people will never understand the problems that occur in the life of an amputee, this is why we will always get some strange postings. Love to Johnny V , Vicki and Donna Hear from you soon, In my thoughts always Love from Vicki and Niki :D
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    Hi I am a new member

    Welcom Mike, I hope everything goes well for you. My daughter Niki is rbk , This site has been wonderful for all involved . You must keep intouch , and ask all the questions you want. Vicki Williams Australia. :D
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    Need to be strong for her

    Dear Donna and Katie, :P So glad to hear you have Katie at home now, I couldnt wait to have Niki home , just for some normality back in our lives. I hope you have a great time shopping together, im sure you both will have a laugh. Hi to Vicki and Matt, :D hope all is well , I sent you a pm . hope you received it . hear from you soon Vicki and Niki : :D
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    Need to be strong for her

    Dear Vicki I too,will search for the best, for Niki and i will do it for the rest of my life. Im sure that you can scan a picture somehow . Johnny v has his photo on and Niki Knows how to do it because she has got a picture of Heather on hers. So Im sure we will work it out. from your new friend who understand everything you say, Vicki Williams
  15. vicki williams

    Need to be strong for her

    Dear Vicki and Donna, :D I am glad that we have found each other, because i never thought i would have anyone understand the feelings i have been going through , Vicki and Donna what you have written in your posts are my feelings also, I have said that surely medical science can grow a leg some how. I also would give my leg to Niki if this were possible. I ask the doctors, they look at me as if i am stupid, But Mothers must only think these things. So it nice to have you guys listen and understand my feelings. My thoughts are with you. And lets make sure Niki ,Matt and Katie get to know each other, Vicki Williams Australia
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    My 1st prostheses

    Congratulations Agnes, :D You are doing really well, and i sure in time you will have your leg on all the day. And like Niki you will wear your boots and jeans, Good on you. Keep up the good work. Vicki Williams Australia
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    I just wanted to say hello

    Dear Vicki and Matt, You can Private Message, or email us on the bottom of each post you will see the symbols just click on them. If we are on line at the same time we can message through Private Message (PM) .Like i did today. My email is malgraham@bigpond.com and Niki Lea's is nikilea@bigpond.com. Niki is into water sports as her grandfather manufactures water skis and wake boards. ( Fred Williams Waters Ski Aust. ) Niki is now working at one of the shops that sell all Water sports gear. She was working in Hospitalilty before the accident but she finds it a bit hard to do the 16hr shifts she was once doing. Her life style has changed but not her personality , she is very bubbly beautiful young girl. Hope to hear from you soon . Vicki Williams. :D
  18. vicki williams

    I just wanted to say hello

    Dear Vicki, Yes , please email me , i would love to hear from you. Niki has just turned 20 in Feb. Niki is also a member , so you must read her posts, Where do you and your family live? You will benefit from talking to people that understand, I think we have three mums now, and Its great to know we are not alone in this. Love to you and your son, Keep intouch. Vicki Williams Newcaslte Australia
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    I just wanted to say hello

    Dear Vicki, My name is also Vicki, and my daughter Niki is brk, she was in a car accident 11months. ago. Believe me i know how your feeling, I feel so sorry for you, i feel sorry for myself. But that wont help our kids. I try to make Niki laugh at most things , and tell her she should be able to overcome anything in her life because she has survived this , She has a great positive attitude, But i know that sparkle in her eye has gone. It breaks my heart. Now we just work on getting her the best leg ever, Niki loves to Jet Ski, Water Ski, and just do about anything , So it has been hard for her to ajust , She wants a leg thats water proof, She tried to water ski at xmas, it was hard for her , so we will design a new ski for her, My thougths are with you. please keep intouch. Vicki Williams Australia ( mum)
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    Welcome Marsha, Its always good to hear we have a new member, keep intouch, im sure you will get the best info here on the forum. Doctors are good, but it is always better to talk to people who have experienced things themselves. Welcome Marsha and ask away. :P Vicki from Australia
  21. vicki williams

    Need to be strong for her

    Welcome, Katie, Your one brave kid, keep up the good work, and ask all the questions you want, Im sure you and Niki lea will get along just fine, my love to your mum, and once again, a big warm welcome! Vicki Williams Australia :D
  22. vicki williams

    New Member

    Dear Dave, I know you will get all the info and support you need from this forum . Keep intouch, I am the mum of a beautiful 20yr Niki lea, Niki wants a leg for all sports and one that works well, we didnt know where to look , the Limb centre that Niki attends is great ,but Niki needs more than they can offer. Since we have become members of this forum. The info keeps coming , Niki now knows she will get the leg she wants. Thanks to all the great new friends we have made. Niki had a car accident and was trapped for two hours , she struck a power pole with live wires jumping aroung the car, The Firebrigade was called to put out the fire. Everyone of those fireman visted Niki in hospital. We have a great respect for emergency workers,as all 23 took the time out to visit , the young girl they had saved. My thoughts are with you and your family Vicki and Niki Australia
  23. vicki williams

    Need to be strong for her

    Dear Donna and Katie, When I read your posts , i can not believe, how much your thoughts are like mine. I hate the word stump, when Niki showered for the first time, I said to her, jokingly what will your new nik name be. stumpy or peggy,she wasnt impressed at the time. But two days later she said I think i will call it peggy, Her young brother and sister would visit and she would wave peggy goodbye to them, and make them laugh. Having a sense of humour is so important. The Physio didnt like us referring to peggy, but he knows now we are a bit different, he now says put peggy up here for us to look at. We are training the doctors and physios not to be so serious when dealing with us. Its been 11months since the accident , and if anyone would have told me that Niki would be doing all the things now , i wouldnt have believed them. I still ask questions like why did this happen to my girl, how unfair, a good girl , a good worker, never one to sit still. Why on earth did this happen. I want it to be me :( , But all of these things do not help Niki, It has happen and i dont know why. Niki says i will never know what it is like and that i do not understand. Johnny v. says, that is true but Niki will hopefully never know what it is like to be a mother of an amputee. Hang in there Katie , with a mother like yours , you will do alright . And tell your brother to keep up the humour, for his sister, I know his heart is breaking, watching his sisters pain. We tell Niki all the time , We will get her the best kick ass leg ever. Her ultimate gold is to have a Heather Mills leg. And why not, she deserves the best. My love and thoughts are with you both. Vicki and Niki Australia
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    I Would love to read some thing personal from Heather, It would be very inspiring for all. :P
  25. vicki williams

    Need to be strong for her

    Dear Katies Mom, My name is Vicki Williams, I am the mum of "Niki lea" Wow i know how your feeling, Niki had her right leg amputated below the knee, she was in a serious car accident , being trapped for two hour, the police knocked on our door at 2 am. in the morning, we rushed to the hospital to be told that they would have to amputate her leg, the doctor said dont worry it will be just like Paul McCartneys new wife. I will never be able to decribe the :( feelings i was having when told this, disbelief numb shell shock, Then how would I tell Niki this when she wakes up. All I want is my babys leg back, how helpless i feel, but for the rest of my life i will be there for her, to make her laugh, to pamper her, I take her to the hairdresser, and beautician and all girly stuff we luv, I just want her to feel good. I too was on the forum searching for help, and its great to know we are not alone, please stay intouch and ask all question you like, I hope Katie will join us too, We all need to talk.My thoughts are with you and Katie And believe me, as a mother I know exactly what you feeling. Vicki Williams Australia