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  1. LBK

    Bulky Foot Shell Issue

    Thank you cherylm & kitkat. I have decided to stay with the Vari-Flex foot because it has performed well for me and the footshell is more accommodating for shoes than the one on the Renegade. I think that the actual foot design dictates how the footshell is configured, so some are naturally going to be more bulky than others. I have several heavy shoehorns and have bent them all trying to get shoes on. Need to find a much heavier-duty version. Any ideas on where I might find something like that?
  2. I am in the process of being fitted for a new prosthesis and have been trying the Freedom Renegade foot. It seems to work well, however, the foot shell is "bulbous" around the upper portion (where it meets the ankle area), making it extremely difficult to get shoes (laced or slip-on) on and off. I had been using a Variflex foot, which presented a similar issue, but not as bad as the Renegade. I would like to be able to put shoes on with less effort and would appreciate any feedback you might have on resolving this problem.