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  1. seems like i was in quite similar situation as yourself. damaged and painful foot after an accident. i would walk with a slight limp. but i always had to use ugly shoes due to special insert soles. really messed with my selfesteem. and ilike you, i used to live for being physically active; especially dancing and long distance running. what made me decide to pursue amputation was the rest of my body becoming asymmetrical because i couldnt put as much weight on both sides of my body. and eventhough it might sound shallow, i wanted to be able to use cute shoes..
  2. zaia

    Hello! I welcome any advice please!

    hey jamie. i was in a somewhat similar situation to you earlier this year, elective amputation due to a damaged and painful foot...i had been looking into doing this for years and years. finally, about 18 months ago a doctor agreed that an amputation could improve quality of life and scheduled surgery. however, i am like you a student, so the date had to be during summer vacation. june 18th this year i underwent surgery. i had read a book about a woman in a similar situation as myself, tons of blogs, articles online....and yet i was not prepared at all. i thought i would be considering i knew for over a year in advance about the amputation. 3 months after surgery i had to postpone an exam because my brain could not focus on the subject whatsoever. its been close to 6 months now and i've regained my ability to focus and concentrate. i am close to 40, so you might bounce back into shape a lot quicker than i did, mentally and physically, but dont beat yourself if you dont. these things are not easily predictable. "everyone" thought i would go through rehabilitation quickly due to being in quite decent shape in advance, but i saw others during my rehabilitation who've never been in shape getting the hang of walking with prosethics quicker than i did. you just never know in advance. wish you best of luck
  3. zaia

    shoes and boots tip wanted

    thank you for kind answers. the attitude adjustment will take time, i guess. if any of you know any particular brands of shoes that are easy to slip on and off, let me know:-)
  4. hello standing tall. i hope you will get all the help you need! i cannot believe the rules are that different from norway where even seniors well into their late 80's will get rehabilitation and prostethics... keeping my fingers crossed for you:)
  5. zaia

    introducing myself

    thank you both so much for kind words:-) i am keeping my fingers crossed that i will get better. but so still overwhelmed, so i will keep in mind that it might take up to a year to really get used to it.
  6. zaia

    introducing myself

    hello:-) i am a below knee amputee since june 2015. still struggling to coming to terms with it emotionally and practically. i am here on this site to hopefully pick up some useful tips and support, as well as being offering support.
  7. hello:) i am new to the site, and like you had an elective amputation ("elective";-)) due to damaging and semiaputating my foot because of an accident 16 years ago. wish you all the best
  8. so, i am not comfortable or accepting of being an amputee. i love to visit people without it showing that i am an amputee when i have to take shoes off and on when leaving (its quite frowned upon wearing shoes inside peoples homes where i live). so how do i deal with that? any particular brands/types of shoes that are more/less suited for prosethics?