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  1. jgane

    Hello! I welcome any advice please!

    Hey guys, thanks for your advice! I try to keep myself in the best possible shape and attend the gym about 4 times a week. I've been undergoing counselling for the last 4 months to come to terms with my decision. I am really ready for it but I'm really struggling to convince a surgeon to do it :/ Zaia, thanks for your input and experience. Can I ask who your surgeon was please? Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone! Just thought i'd introduce myself as I am new to the group. My name is Jamie , I'm 21and based in the UK. I'm not yet an amputee, however I have been suffering with both severe and chronic plantar fasciitis and complex regional pain syndrome. I've had this for about 12 years and I am now completely unable to place any pressure on my right foot. I've been under the pain clinic for about 5 years and I am constantly on tramadol to relieve the pain. I use either a wheelchair or crutches to get around and the pain is unbelievable. About a year ago, I decided that enough was enough and I started to research into the possibility of amputation. Structurally, there is nothing wrong with my foot and I've had about 10 operations trying to solve the problems but I've had enough. I found a surgeon that would be willing to amputate however I need another surgery first (I hope for it to be this March). Preferably, I would need the amputation to be in June this year as I am in my final year at university and hope to start a graduate scheme in September. I just worry whether it will be done in time etc etc. I would be willing to pay and go abroad however I worry about the safety of it etc.... I was just wondering if anybody has any advive at all? Thanks! Jamie :)