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  1. Roy

    Hello, start of the journey

    Oh ok. Seems a shame as it's a good facility
  2. Roy

    Hello, start of the journey

    Hi Cheryl. I joined not long ago. Why does the forum get so little use?
  3. Roy

    What prostheses do you use

    Hi! I'm a newbie. DAK since 11/13/15. On stubbies via NHS at Westmarc in Glasgow Scotland. I can walk (about 200 metres), stop and turn around. Still trying to do 'normal' stairs and steeper gradients. The 'feet' are trademarked 'Sidekicks' but I don't know if that's a manufacturer or a model. I'm told they're going to lengthen my 'legs' soon, and afaik I end up on Otto Bock C-legs. Early days yet. Now….back to them dam stairs!!!