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  1. jazmia

    Thank You Heather!

    Hi there I dont know you and have just joined this site a few minutes ago and just to read your letter gave me hope. i had an under knee amputation,on 17/2 /2016 then an over knee amputtion as first one did not heal ,i had the second one done on the 23 03 2016 and was in hospital form 6th febuary until 13th april as caught pneumonia followed by urinary tract infection,and lastly sepsis,plus a broken right knee which was in a cage for 9 weeks but no one knows how i broke it,the point being it has been swelled ever since the cage was taken off and again no one knows what is wrong ,plus the physios wont touch me as my vascualar surgeon can not explain the reason my knee and leg are swelled ,so just in limbo at the moment,so reall need someone to talk to and hopefully get me out of this depression i am feeling at the moment,i do have good family but can not rely on them 24/7 as all work and do have their own liveso any company going through a similat thing would be appreciated and company for me thank you so much for listening Renee