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  1. Hello everybody, I'm new here, although I've been a RBK for 10 years, my background is that im 46 and a veteran, basically im here for advice from any through knees that might be on here, rare people indeed, I know (about 2% of all lower limb amputations aparantly) but basically a week ago I had an injury which ruptured my artery and snapped a tendon, because the one affects the healing of the other my only option is further amputation, so I'm left with the crappy choice of above or through knee, both have pros and cons, but I can't find much info from people that live day to day with it, most of the information is from doctors who give hypothetical pros and cons. To cloud the issue a little, I'm 6'5" so fitting into plane/train/cinema seats etc is difficult enough anyway. Many thanks in advance, any advice gratefully received
  2. Thanks BethMarie and Cherylm. I've gathered as much information as I can (which isn't much!) and decided on through knee, I have spoken to a few prosthetists and opinion varies wildly, mine prefers it as he says he rarely sees the 2 through knee amps at the centre I go to, unless they wreck their legs (which I am prone do doing quite a lot) they don't have the same socket associated problems by all accounts. There is aparantly a third option my surgeon has offered, through knee with removal of a section of thigh bone in the middle, giving the appearance of an AK , but it means the knee joint sits parallel to the real knee, this is more cosmetic, but might work for me as cycling and weight training are now my exercise of choice, I've got about a week to decide anyway. Many thanks once again ladies.