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  1. FordGuy48

    Perspiration Issue In Liner

  2. Hello, All of a sudden I am having a lot of excessive perspiration in my OttoBock liner, just the last two days now. I think it might be due to taking furosemide. I have a new socket, two weeks now. I have noticed this in past sockets after a lot of activity, but I haven't been doing a lot the last few days. I had an episode like this a couple of months ago, and it lasted a day or two. Anybody have anything like this, and any results taking care of it? Thanks Tom
  3. Hello, Earlier this year, I had a lot of problems with my stump changing shape after taking a strong steroid for a blood issue. I had to get a new socket fitting, OttoBock Harmony unit, wearing the liner, doing much better now. I still have some rough skin on the distal end of my stump, where all the problems were, I guess "dead" skin, and it's been starting to peel finally. I didn't think it would take this long. I've been using AdaptSkin on the area and on the rest of my stump. Any suggestions for dealing with this? Doesn't hurt.
  4. FordGuy48

    Sweating in urethane liner.

    Well, this odd, the area around the end of my tibia has been bothering me about a week, and has felt good since Wednesday, Now I’m getting some fluid, so it’s not sweat..
  5. FordGuy48

    Sweating in urethane liner.

    Hi, I haven’t visited here in a while. I am a BK, I have an OttoBock Harmony unit, urethane liner. I tend to sweat a lot inside it, I have a two month old socket and custom liner. I was having some trouble getting used to the socket, and was aching at a point on the end of my tibia, that soreness is better, but I have some macerated skin at that point, and wonder if anyone has any suggestions for dealing with this. It’s like the skin is trying to restore at the point, does that make sense? I’ve had similar before, but been so long I can’t remember how long it took to clear. I’d appreciate any ideas.
  6. Hello, I am wearing OttoBock Harmony Urethane liners, with SkinGaurd, on my bk. They are a year old, new liners are on order. I'm wondering if anyone here has experienced these, lately I'm getting some redness almost looks like a rash, but doesn't itch or hurt. I've been using the Harmony liners for over ten years, and the age of the liner is causing this.
  7. FordGuy48

    OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Well, the sweat took some getting used to, I can deal with it ok. But Hanger got me these Silver Socks, worn inside the liner, they really wick away the sweat, and don't smell, I try to wear one when I know I'll be sweating a lot! http://www.knitrite.com/prosthetics/prosthetic_socks/linerlinersock.html
  8. FordGuy48

    OttoBock Triton Harmony

    My tibia is boney, fibula was cut back some years ago to remove a bone spur. My last socket I had trouble with my tibia, this one, has been wonderful. With my last socket, I did need to loosen the sleeve on a long car ride. This one, not at all! I had a good prosthetist at Hanger.
  9. FordGuy48

    OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Well, I had issues with the first sleeves I was getting in 2007, my first Harmony system, but then they gave me the Ottobock "Derma, Pro Flex Sleeves", and I get months, as many as 6 or 7 sometimes with these sleeves. I've had my current Harmony setup for almost a year now, and it's the best I've ever had, no sores. Everyone is different, but I'm sold on the Harmony. I am a patient of Hanger Clinic.
  10. FordGuy48

    KnitRite Liner-Liner XStatic Socks

    Okay, after a few days experimenting, I think the problem is related to the vacuum system, Harmony, so I guess I can't wear the sock inside my liner, it's fine without it. Wish it would work, sure does wonders with the perspiration! Its appears to be irritating the scar line invaginations.
  11. Hi, I've been using the Liner-Liner X-Static socks for about a month now, great for perspiration! The last few days I've been getting a too tight feeling in a spot when inside my liner, I'm not sure why this came up, when using it outside the liner, with a 1ply CoolBlue sock it's fine. (I've been using 1ply CoolBlue sock on the outside) Is it possible the X-Static is making the liner tighter?
  12. FordGuy48

    OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Wow, 8 months now on this socket, been a really good fit!
  13. FordGuy48

    OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Hi there, over two months now with this new socket, and it's going great, feels really good! I'm still having some minor issue with maceration on my distal end, but honestly don't think i can do anything about that, since it's always warm and moist in the liner. Doesn't hurt or anything, just looks funny. I tried using an anti perspirant before, but that seemed to make it even whiter looking! Anyway, this socket feels way better than my previous ever did! Knock on wood! LOL!
  14. FordGuy48

    OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Oh, that sounds like you've been through an ordeal, hope things work out good for your recovery! Yes, this leg is doing good, still a little adjusting to it, as is normal for a new socket for sure, I'm just experiencing some tightness, it will be two weeks Friday. This has taken care of the trouble I was having so far, (I've actually been able to walk through WalMart), but I'm sure it will be fine.