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  1. Hello, I am wearing OttoBock Harmony Urethane liners, with SkinGaurd, on my bk. They are a year old, new liners are on order. I'm wondering if anyone here has experienced these, lately I'm getting some redness almost looks like a rash, but doesn't itch or hurt. I've been using the Harmony liners for over ten years, and the age of the liner is causing this.
  2. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Well, the sweat took some getting used to, I can deal with it ok. But Hanger got me these Silver Socks, worn inside the liner, they really wick away the sweat, and don't smell, I try to wear one when I know I'll be sweating a lot! http://www.knitrite.com/prosthetics/prosthetic_socks/linerlinersock.html
  3. I've been an amputee for almost 50 years now, RBK, had a ton of prosthetics over the years. First were the PTB legs. In the past ten years, I've been using the OttoBock Harmony system, first the Harmony HD, and now the Triton Harmony . Lately I've been having some issues on my stump, that seem like old PTB troubles. With the PTB, I'd have an occasional problem with "splitting" around the scar area, if my leg wasn't making good contact on the distal end, now I seem to be having the same problem with my Harmony socket. I know, if there is a gap between the bottom of the socket and stump, it can cause a "hickey" like issue, but this issue appears to be like the old PTB "splitting" issue. I have been to Hanger with this twice in the past week, even walked on crutches for several days. The tech did remove a "tech" spot (little urethane spots that OttoBock provides with a new system) which was put in there when my socket was new, February 2015, and it is feeling better, but I'm still getting a bit of drainage at that spot after a day using the prosthesis again. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem with a vacuum system. I've found over the many years of being an amputee, that things correct better by still using the leg, rather than laying low with it off. I am a Veteran, and deal with the VA, I am trying to get into the Amputee Clinic, but sometimes it takes a long time to get in touch. I'd appreciate anything anyone has experienced of similar issues. Tom
  4. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    My tibia is boney, fibula was cut back some years ago to remove a bone spur. My last socket I had trouble with my tibia, this one, has been wonderful. With my last socket, I did need to loosen the sleeve on a long car ride. This one, not at all! I had a good prosthetist at Hanger.
  5. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Well, I had issues with the first sleeves I was getting in 2007, my first Harmony system, but then they gave me the Ottobock "Derma, Pro Flex Sleeves", and I get months, as many as 6 or 7 sometimes with these sleeves. I've had my current Harmony setup for almost a year now, and it's the best I've ever had, no sores. Everyone is different, but I'm sold on the Harmony. I am a patient of Hanger Clinic.
  6. Hi, I've been using the Liner-Liner X-Static socks for about a month now, great for perspiration! The last few days I've been getting a too tight feeling in a spot when inside my liner, I'm not sure why this came up, when using it outside the liner, with a 1ply CoolBlue sock it's fine. (I've been using 1ply CoolBlue sock on the outside) Is it possible the X-Static is making the liner tighter?
  7. KnitRite Liner-Liner XStatic Socks

    Okay, after a few days experimenting, I think the problem is related to the vacuum system, Harmony, so I guess I can't wear the sock inside my liner, it's fine without it. Wish it would work, sure does wonders with the perspiration! Its appears to be irritating the scar line invaginations.
  8. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Wow, 8 months now on this socket, been a really good fit!
  9. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Hi there, over two months now with this new socket, and it's going great, feels really good! I'm still having some minor issue with maceration on my distal end, but honestly don't think i can do anything about that, since it's always warm and moist in the liner. Doesn't hurt or anything, just looks funny. I tried using an anti perspirant before, but that seemed to make it even whiter looking! Anyway, this socket feels way better than my previous ever did! Knock on wood! LOL!
  10. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Oh, that sounds like you've been through an ordeal, hope things work out good for your recovery! Yes, this leg is doing good, still a little adjusting to it, as is normal for a new socket for sure, I'm just experiencing some tightness, it will be two weeks Friday. This has taken care of the trouble I was having so far, (I've actually been able to walk through WalMart), but I'm sure it will be fine.
  11. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Well, I got my new socket yesterday, and it's feeling pretty good so far, I'm really optimistic now!
  12. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    cherylm, I went today for casting for my new socket, around the new liner I was cast for. I just remembered something chatting with the tech, he said everybody has changes in shape, no matter how long they've been an amputee, and when I was wearing a PTB, I'd get sore on the end, and the solution was always to remove the silicone pad in the leg, and pour a new one, which I would step into the socket, and it would set up to my shape, and that fixed this stuff. Too bad the only way to do that with a Harmony, is to cast a new liner, sure would have fixed this right away. It's been 10 years since I used a PTB, I hadn't thought about that in a long time! How we forget things! LOL.
  13. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Oh, and by the way, the new Harmony liner I've been using for just 3 weeks, is already getting some cracks in the bottom, perhaps they had an issue. Oh, and the sheath was a bad idea, LOL, actually hurt.
  14. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Okay, over a month and a half now with this issue, in the process of getting a new socket made, had the cast for the liner two weeks ago, have to go Wednesday to cast the socket around the liner. I'm beginning to wonder if the soreness I'm experiencing is coming from the urethan liner, Thinking back, I have always had some skin issues on the distal end of my stump since using the Harmony, things like an occasional burning sensation when the liner is on. I think I'm going to try and wear a sheath inside the liner and see if that helps. I'm also wondering if my stump has changed gradually, and if so, a new casting might be the thing. I thought this had come on suddenly, but thinking back, over the past year, I have had some issues on the end, I know it the liner sticks to the distal end, even if I use the lotion OttoBock sends with a new liner, Hmmmm? Anyone have thoughts on the urethane connection?
  15. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    I'm still having trouble with this, and am beginning to think it's a fungal issue like athletes foot. I do perspire a lot in my liner. I didn't use the prosthesis for 6 days, I was using an old ptb, not walking on it, and it was a lot better, I then got back into the Harmony, felt good for a day and a half, then, right back to square one. I am getting a new socket, was cast for the liner Wednesday. I'm using my previous Harmony leg, but I still have the "burning" and maceration and some drainage on the bottom. I've always had off and on drainage like stains on my liner. Any ideas what I can use on this? My dermatologist recommended Desitin, but, that makes a mess in my liner. Oh, and any suggestions for removing stains from my urethane liner?
  16. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Well, I haven't walked with the Harmony since Friday, been on crutches, but using my 20 year old PTB leg for balance, I didn't feel stable without a leg there to bolster me. I'm going to Hanger tomorrow to see what he can do, but I also have a letter from the VA requesting a new socket. I hope tomorrow I can once again use the Harmony, I'm hoping the cracks in my old liner were the cause of this issue. Oh, and by the way, be careful using a topical antibiotic ointment, Mupirocin, I got one of the same side effects I got from an antibiotic pill I took last year....not pleasant! LOL!
  17. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Well, I still think I notice changes in volume. I'm staying off the leg today, I tried adding a sock yesterday, and it felt better, but I found that it got sore again, so I wasn't making contact, I did get a little blood, so adding socks isn't the answer. I still swell a little at night even after all these years. You might be right about things happening in my life creating a problem with this, I first got sore three weeks ago after doing s project in my yard, and perhaps I've been trying too many fixes, maybe I just need to go back to where I was before this, and stop trying things to remedy this, like the sock thing yesterday.
  18. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    I went to the VA today, and they prescribed a new socket, they said something has to have changed on my leg, so... Also they asked to have a 2 way valve put on my vacuum to see how things go without the vacuum pump until the new socket gets created, takes a while for the VA to get the paperwork to Hanger. He also mentioned possibly a return to a PTB prosthesis if this doesn't improve things, I hope not, the vacuum has been great up until now, I really think it has to be my leg not fitting right from my years of experience being an amputee. He also told me the cracks in the liner are from too much pressure on the bottom, sooo, maybe just adding a sock will help for now. Its funny, in the 8 years I had my first Harmony, I just wore a thin sock the whole time, never had to increase except to add a couple of those small socks OttoBock provides with a new setup, and that was only because they had to cast a new liner, but not change the socket!
  19. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    I already have a new liner, I get two a year. Funny, I tried wearing the newest one for a short time when this first started to be a problem, but put the old one on so I wouldn't get any blood on the new one. Now I'll know to change out as soon as I see a crack or such. I'm noticing a difference already! OttoBock has really improved the suspension sleeves, my last one made it a year! I have to go to the VA Amputee Clinic Friday.
  20. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    cherylm, Okay, I went to Hanger this morning, after examining my liner, he found two cracks in the bottom, let's see if that was the problem, makes sense since the skin is right against the liner, and would suck into the cracks. I've noticed that for a few months.I thought it was just discoloration, but never gave it a second thought until he examined it and explained t, I don't know why I didn't think of that as long as I've had Harmony systems! Hope this is it! The discoloration has been there for a while, not from this incident. Its impossible to clean, it penetrates the urethane.The liner turns yellowish after a few months use.
  21. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    I tried to edit and put this picture of the inner liner on my socket, but I had to start a new reply.
  22. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Oh, that sounds like a good idea, I'm not sure if there is a comfort fit button on mine, is yours a Triton Harmony like mine? I have two spots I believe inside my socket, my socket has a "soft insert", and I think the second is under the insert, I remember when I got this leg, he had left a piece of tape over that one, and when I went back for a checkup, he removed it, not sure why there are two. Maybe I could try a piece of an old wool stump sock.I hate to remove that insert, it's hard to get back in place for me, then that would bring other problems. I have to go to Hanger on Tuesday, so we'll see. I've only been seeing this tech for about a year and a half, they had a big turnover for a while, so he doesn't really know my whole history, like he thought that crevice was a "split" in the skin. I wish the original guy I worked with was still there, he moved to CA! I'm trying Triamincinolone acetonide cream on the are, but can only use it at night, its kenalog. I hope this is resolved soon, I am getting behind in things I need to finish before it gets too cold! Thanks for the input cherylm!
  23. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    I'm still having trouble, I tried adding a sock, but that was actually worse, this has to be a vacuum issue. I've been really taking it easy, take my leg off whenever I can. This is making me nuts, LOL. I mentioned vacuum to my tech on my last visit, and he seemed to brush it off. When I first got this leg, a day after wearing it, I had blisters from the vacuum and a gap in the bottom, and now when I remove my liner, the whole end of my stump is red, so.... You mentioned an adjustment in the suction, did the prosthetist do that? I'm curious, because I've noticed all along with this leg, when I sit it hurts from time to time, until I release the vacuum.... I thought this would feel better by now, just over 2 weeks!
  24. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    I'm beginning to wonder if I tried to hard to remedy this, I've gotten sore there from time to time with the Harmony, and it's always cleared up okay, this time I was trying adding a sock, fooling around with the little pads, etc. I also was in for a skin exam yesterday at my dermatologist, and I talked with her about this, she said it sounds a lot like a diaper rash, which makes sense since it is moist inside the liner a lot. Right now, I've gone back to the socks and a small pad, that I had before, and trying that. I've learned over the years to experiment myself when I've had issues, so lets see!
  25. OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Well, after trying different things, I am feeling it is actually hurting on the end of my tibia. When I used to have issues like that on the old PTB's, they'd pour a new pad, and have me push to the back, so some of the pad went up the front of the socket. I know the Harmony is a total contact socket, but I wonder if trying something along these lines, using one of the tech spots OttoBock provides might help.