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  1. Wendy

    Advice needed

    Hello from Canada! I will keep your daughter, you and your family in my prayers tonight. Gosh I see so many children at Rehab and they do just great - so keep your spirits up and just be there for her. Be prepared that she may have pain post op so that you're mentally prepared for it. Having two chilren of my own I know how hard it would be to see them go through any illness. great idea for her to see a doll or teddy without a limb - a quick sewing job on one may be an idea as you don't have time to look for one - just a thought! take care and let us know how you and your daughter are doing Keep Smiling! Wendy
  2. Wendy

    having a bath

    Hi there! For a long time I just showered with my leg off. One day after one of my surgery's and while having the cast removed, my husband saw a cast protector on a shelf It's called a seal - tight cast and bandage protector - costs $29.00 canadian It fits perfectly over the top of my prosthesis and has a seal tight ring at the top to prevent any leakage. What a thrill to stand in the shower again. I've just purchased a second one as the last one ripped. It lasted for three years :) Hope this info will be of use to someone. Wendy B)
  3. Wendy

    Very upset!

    Hi Lynne! Good for you - It's great to take charge of you isn't it. I find when all these things happen to us we have little to no control, however we can control how we are treated and let all know we are human and there's more to us than the leg they're dealing with. I hope all goes well for you and I want you to know you've inspired me. Thanks! Wendy ;)
  4. Wendy

    Very upset!

    HI LYNNE! Wow - you have been through a lot. It is so difficult to have to go through a revision surgery and things not improve. I have had two in the last few years and things have also not improved - they are much worse. I wish there were great words of wisdom I could give you to help. I think we have to find that strong inner voice that lets people know how much these things that happen to us affect us. I think we forget to worry more about number one (yourself) and instead we worry about hurting someones feelings. Hind sight is 20/20 - but a lot of times for Doctors their hindsight costs amputees an awful lot. try to look ahead to your meeting keeping your best interests at the top of the list -be emphatic that you want to know why there is still so much tissur there - they need to be accountable for the surgeries they perform. I wish you all the best - keep your chin up. Wendy RBK Canada
  5. Wendy


    :D As long as your're clever Muz that's all that counts :P Keep Smiling! Wendy
  6. Wendy


    O.k Muz And this country would be ???????????????? ;) Marcus I take it you are in Canada - I am in Canada! Do you mean the finished esthetics of the leg or the overall fit?? Thanks for replying! Keep Smiling! Wendy!
  7. Wendy

    Hello again

    Hi there! Got home early from rehab - they are going to a suction socket to see if this will be the answer. I tried one pre revision surgery and couldn't walk at all with it - but they now want to try as my residual tissue is more stable. They are also adding a shock absorber to hopefully help my back. They couldn't add it to the pin system as I had to shifters and it left no room. We all seem to have our special travel repair/ emergency kits. ;) Just like the old commercial for american express -"you don't leave home without it". Keep Smiling ! Wendy
  8. Wendy


    Hi there! Just wondering who is the leading country in prostheics?????????? Does anyone know!!!!!!!!! Keep Smiling ! Wendy
  9. Wendy

    Hello again

    Hi there! Thank you so much everyone for your kind words and support. I know I shouldn't feel like I'd discourage anyone but I think about new amps coming to this site for reassurance etc. and I just thought it would be discouraging for them to see that after 10 years I'm still struggling to get a leg. It really does help to vent I felt better after posting and reading all your responces :) . I do have a good support system - I just feel that after all this time I must be wearing their shoulders and their ears thin. I'm heading for rehab -will be home on Friday and I'll check in! thanks again Keep Smiling Wendy
  10. Wendy

    Hello again

    Hello again everyone! It has been a long time since I posted. I have been going through a very hard time and didn't want to post and discourage anyone. I find this such a wonderful and supporting site with great people. I have had my second revision surgery last October - it was to repair lose residual tissue and to address a neuroma which had developed from my revision surgery in June 2003. They were unable to apply any pressure in this area of my pros which is a major support area. With two revisions behind me I still do not have a good fitting pros and now my back is so bad I can hardly do anything without being in a lot of pain - leg wise and back wise. I haven't been able to work at all since Sept. 2002. I don't give up easily and have made 82 trips to rehab getting legs made (to many legs to count) - and it's a four hour drive to rehab. I am financially, and more impotantly,emotionally and physically exhausted. My last trip up they say they may have found something that they should have been doing but weren't. When they were making my legs after the check socket they weren't putting the carbon in the material as they say they are unable to make ajustments to the socket with it in there. Thus the socket was expanding as i was walking causing me to bottom out because I was sliding past the support areas. They say they didn't realise how unstable this material was without the carbon???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Anyway I'm back at rehab next week - so I'll see Thanks for letting me vent as right now I really don't talk to anyone about this as I think they are getting tired of it. They never say this but I feel it has consumed so much of me these past years I can't help but feel they must be tired of encouraging me. By the way i had posted last summer that my niece was very ill with meningitis (spelling ?? )Well good news - finally in Feb they changed her meds and she has been improving leaps and bounds -she is absolutly beautiful - she is now 17 months old. Everyone was praying for her and for that I thank you - prayers are wonderful :) Keep Smiling :) Wendy
  11. Wendy

    Revision Surgery

    Hi everyone! thanks for your kind words and support. i am currently at rehab and am going home today. I had a hard week and am tender to say the least. I'm going home to heal up and see if i can tolerate the pressure of the new socket. To loose and I walk on the distal end - to tight and the tissue starts to react. just have to find that fine line. Hopefully things will settle down. Got a new computer this week so I look forward to being on a bit more. have a great day all and will check in when I get home. Keep Smiling! :) Wendy
  12. Hi Johnny! Sorry to hear that you're going through a rough time. I wish you all the best - and keep a smile on -tough times do get better huh! Wendy :)
  13. Wendy

    Revision Surgery

    Hello Everyone! I've been away a lon time - but have popped in from time to time but never posted. I had my reconstructive surgey done - October 21 - the surgery went well but that is the last time I do it - takes a lot out of you both physically and mentally. Had a few problems post op but they are ok now. I've been to rehab and things still aren't working out. I was supposed to return tommorow but we're in for a blizzard the next couple of days -my drive a four hour one so I'll stay where I'm safe. I really have had a hard time picking myself up - I think it is finally taking it's toll in my head - and it's so frustrating feeling like this as I am a very positive, upbeat type of person. I guess this adds to my frustration because I don't normally feel defeated - to stuborn to give up i guess. by the way my niece Chelsea will be one year Sunday. She still has some seizures as a result of the Meningitis, and has problems with her right side. She is so beautiful and a smile that will knock your socks off, we're so lucky that God let us keep her. Hope everyone is well. keep Smiling! Wendy
  14. Wendy

    Swimming with no swim leg!

    Hi Debbie! Yeah, waves are tough - unless my husband is with me I don't go in if the waves are of any size. I can manage with a bit of surf - I just swim in to the shore and someone holds my cruthches for me and I pull myself up. If it's really bad my husband carries me in and back out (his poor back :o ) - oh well all in the name of love I guess! :lol: Keep Smiling! :) Wendy
  15. Wendy

    Storm heading for Florida

    Hi Brenda! Any word on how your area is doing? This thing is so big it's hard to believe the power mother nature sometimes. Hope all is well. Keep Smiling! :) Wendy