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    Used to love playing netball maybe twice a week, cooking reading, walking dogs, socialising with friends.

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    Pre bk amputee
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    Arterial blood clots, leg isch
  1. Hi I am just about to start rehabillatation for elective bka and would love to hear more about it
  2. Hi my name is shel, 48 yrs

    i am just starting the process of elective amputation, in 2013 I had 3 arterial clots without any arterial decease, but my dr had put me on the pill for pre menopause symtoms and then another pill and apparently this thickened my blood, which also gave me three arterial blood clots, I nearly lost my leg about three times while in hospital, at the time I was over the moon that they had saved my leg but in the three years since I have had horrendous pain, I have tried several different tablets and pain relief. I have decided I cannot live on this medication any more. Before all of this I was a busy mum of four, I have a disabled partner so I helped him out as well, I played netball maybe twice a week sometimes, I loved socialising with my friends, since all of this happened I have become a different person, I don't socialise with friends any more, the medication I am taking has taken away any enthusiasm I had for anything, I cant drive any more. I am on 16 pills a day as well as a opiate slow release patch, and I feel I just want to get my life back as I have recently heard my daughter is expecting our first grand daughter. Yippee so I am positive about this happening now and am awaiting a rehabilitation referral appointment.

  3. Hi my name is shel and I am waiting to see my rehab people as I am going for a below the knee amputation. I have had unbearable pain in my left leg and foot for over 3 years now following 3 blood clots in my main artery in my leg. Which nobody knows why this happened,the team at the time had great difficulty in saving my leg, for which I'm very gratefull, but after 3 years of pain and trying every different pain relief possible, I'm on a opioid patch which is slow release over a week, gaberpentin, fluorouxitine (sorry wrong spelling), and other pills to help with the terrible contsipation. I am 48 years old and was such an active person with 4 children, I played netball twice a week sometimes. My life now is very different, so after a lot of thinking and talking to others I have finally come to this decision any information would be helpful. shel