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    Sir Douglas Bader

    Hi,the name Sir Douglas Bader jumped out at me as I was browsing topics.Now I know nothing much about Sir D B but I live in Auckland city New Zealand and very close to our international airport.Just out of interest there is a road called Bader Drive and just off that road Is a school called......Sir Douglas Intermediate School.This is a school attended by year 7 and 8 children( about 11 or 12 years old).This is about 5 minutes drive from where I live.JUst a bit of trivia for you since you are intersted in Sir Douglas Bader.
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    Hey thanks for your welcome! Great to see all your replies. June ...you are moving to our little corner of the world...I am in auckland which is further North than New Plymouth.It wil be interesting to talk more with you and if there is anything you need to know I sure hope I can help.I would be interested to know what part of england you are in as I have travelled there a few times and my hubbys familly are in South wales. Sue I see is from Cardif a city I have been to a few times. Isnt it wonderful how we can all get together here on the net from all over the world and share ideas. Jenny I hope your arm mends real quick....a little more cauitin next time you mop floors or maybe get someone else to do it :P I will soon catch on how everyone commmunicates here..well I hope so anyways! :)
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    Hi my name is Kathy and I live in NewZealand. I have been a RAK since July 03 as a result of cancer. I am onto my 3rd leg and It seems they have finally got it right as my walking is much better..at long last. I found being able to drive again after having my car converted one of the best things to happen after surgery. I returned to work As a dental therapist( A New zealand word for someone who works within the school system providing free dental care for all children).As a RAK it was just as well I had always used my left foot to "drive" the drill.! I did take the opportunity to reduce the number of days a week that I work.Something I had promised myself for years! I have had my" moments "like most new amputees but having somewhere to read others stories has been helpful.