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    Moto wreck / tib nonunion
  1. Bassett

    Hello All, Basset Here,

    Hey Beth Marie, I'm meeting with Ryan Fann in Savannah, GA on Tuesday. So hopefully we will have a schedule and timeline set for a fitting. I'm in a shrinker sock now and it's really doing it's job. I feel like I can tell a difference in size daily. I'm still looking into making the conference in August. I just hate missing work. I've missed so much over the past 3 years that i really have grown to resist missing unless completely necessary.
  2. Bassett

    Hello All, Basset Here,

    So, I'm a teacher and coach and that conference falls on our first week of school with students. My admin are great and would not have a problem with me taking wed-fri off to go, so I'm thinking about it. Plus, what do you really get accomplished in the first week anyhow? So, while I wish it were a few weeks earlier, I am seriously considering heading up to Louisville is August. I'm not even in a leg yet and I can see myself really being interested in the newest tech, so this will probably be a great place to go. But, that being said, are there any international events, maybe in Europe or Australia, that would be a prosthetic tech conference? I'm all about some travel!
  3. Bassett

    Hello All, Basset Here,

    Thank Kathycmc! I have the support to 2 prosthetists (one guy is Ryann Fann (paraolympic medal winner in 400m and 4x100m) out of Savannah, GA and the other is Steve Ehretsman (captain of the Boston University basketball team back in the 90s) out of Athens, GA.), both are athletes and both have a similar approach to life in comparison to my own. They are both aware of the other and I hope we continue on as a team... I know that may seem naive, but so far they have shown nothing but a willingness to give the best care possible. So, hopefully as a team we can figure out the situation and get the best fit possible.
  4. Bassett

    Hello All, Basset Here,

    Hey vickib, thanks for the thread.
  5. Bassett

    Hello All, Basset Here,

    I'm a new amputee, 7 days post-op from a right leg BKA. I am going through the process of researching the socket system and ankle system that will best fit my daily life. I'm 35, a high school teacher and football and track coach. I have not been active for the past 30 months, as I was trying to salvage the right leg from a motorcycle accident. After 20 + procedures, and my wife coming up pregnant, I finally decided that amputation was my best option. I am, again, only 7 days out of surgery, but so far I am completely convinced that it was the best path forward for me. I am FINALLY pain free! I tend to be active on forums and I will be asking plenty of questions as I progress through the healing and fitting stages. I'll go ahead and say thanks to all of those that engage with my threads and help me out.