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    Trauma motor cycle accident

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  1. bob_notts

    New to the group here

    Hi folks, just saying hi and introducing myself. My name is Bob in the UK and i am a long term LBKA for 49 years, think i have got used to it now lol ;-) I lost my leg at 16 in a motor bike accident after i had gangrene in it but i am better off without it as i lost 4 inches of bone in my lower leg, most of the calf muscle had gone and my heel was ripped off. I have always lived my life positively since then and do not back away from a challenge or a problem. I have only just retired from work as an engineer and my job was always physical and i was stubborn so i always found a way to cope. Now i have retired i am busy at home and have been up a ladder this weekend fixing my garage roof, i still have to keep myself busy ;-)