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  1. Stump Shrinkage

    All my favorite foods, lol. Thank you for your input. Vegan here I come.
  2. Questions

    Wondering what lotions would be great to keep from getting the constant Indian burn feeling. Also ways to strengthen and shrink my stump. I have gained 15-20 lbs since my new prosthetic and am prone to wheel chair most of the time which is not really a great idea being a stay at home mom. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Stump Shrinkage

    Hello, I'm Nicole and I have been an amputee since 2009. I was wondering how to shrink my stump. I have gained twenty pounds since I received my last prosthetic a few months ago. With my insurance they only pay for one once every 3 years. It is hard for me not to wear my prosthetic being a stay at home mom of two. Any suggestions?