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  1. Hi all, 

    Can anyone on this forum offer advice, help and suggestions on how to treat a slipped myodesis. It causes me no end of pain and discomfort, to the point I struggle to walk and when I do walk I look like an OAP and cannot walk great distances. Is it at all possible to have surgery so the muscle is reattached back into the bone? Mine is torn away and is unstable, as a result the stump bends forward and rotates out to the side. I have already seen one surgeon who dismissed intervening with surgery and basically told me to reduce the amount of time I wear my leg or don't wear it at all. That to me is so wrong for so many reasons. Any help or advice would be fantastic, thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Icarus,

    I have read your listing. I live in the UK, Sutton Coldfield. I am an above knee amputee left leg since 16 Jan 1012. Before having the leg amputated I had undergone 16 lots of surgery on the knee joint from 1991 to 2012. I basically dislocated my left patella whilst on a shooting range during my military career. In the march 2011 I had a total knee replacement which failed, left me dependent on morphine, the knee was locked straight and caused excruciating pain, to the level of torture.

    It was my complete choice to have the leg amputated, this was carried out at the QE hospital Birmingham. Without going into all the history of the leg amputation itself, I basically was pain free. 

    Rehab is still ongoing to this day. I have had major problems with one thing and another. The most important was fracturing the left neck of femur. This happened as a result of a fall. This took eight months to heal but a side issue to this was a slipped myodesis. This has caused me major problems, stump is now in constant pain when wearing my Genium X3 leg. The leg itself is not all it is made out as, if anything it is bloody heavy and has lots of glitches, I hate it.

    I am happy as an amputee but not at all happy with the rehab and services offered with rehab. Within six months of having my leg amputated to rehab stopped and it became extremely difficult to get help and support. In the end I got my GP to refer me to a different rehab centre at Wolverhampton.

    I know this sounds like doom and gloom but it is a story of two halfs. First half is fantastic, to be pain free and free of morphine. Second half is negative, prosthetic failures and extremely poor rehab.

    If you would like to meet up for a drink and chat then I would be prepared to travel half way. Just let me know? 

  3. Can any above knee amputee tell me where  I can get my torn myodesis reattached back to my femur in the UK?

    I have been to the QE in Birmingham but my consultant there has informed me he will not reattach my myodesis, that I just have to live with it and if I don't like the pain then reduce the amount of time I wear my prosthesis. This I find totally unacceptable and left me extremely angry.

    Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

  4. My current prosthesis is the Ottobock Genium X3, personally I find this leg to be completely useless and all the hype about it is full of lies and rubbish, it has been a massive failure and let down ever since it was supplied to me three years ago. Does anyone else out there find the same with the X3?