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    Uk Limb centres

    I frequent the West Midlands Rehab Centre, Oak Tree Lane Birmingham. Really nice people and I'm pleased with the service. As its the only place I've been its difficult to know if there is anything I'm missing out on. Thats why this site is so good. David
  2. david_w_pearce

    Daddy - where is your leg?

    I have a son aged just over 2 years old. Whilst I have hidden nothing about my AKA and he has seen my stump many times and watched me dressing he hasn't yet 'noticed' or referred to my being different, or using crutches, or an artificial leg. I have taken the view so far that we will wait until he asks about my leg and then when it happens we will deal with it openly and honestly. He is developing so fast now that I think it the time will come very soon. Are there others that can help me by letting me know at what age their children became aware that they were 'different' and what form this took, and how they dealt with it? Am I right to wait or should I prepare him? I'm not too worried - he'll be OK. I'm unsure how I will feel though!
  3. david_w_pearce


    Welcome Lynda I'm from the midlands and I had my left leg amputated above the knee in July last year. This is a great site as you have found out. You will make fast progress from here on in, though everything is difficult the first time. Support of family and frends (and I didn't realise how many I had) is really good if you are lucky. Do work at the physio and make them and your prosthetist your best friends. If you can get stuck in and show them you have the determination to use your new leg to the full and if you ask questions of them I think they can be fantastic for you. David
  4. david_w_pearce

    Where Are You From?

    I'm from Birmingham in central UK. To help US visitors this is a large town not far from Stratford-on-Avon. David
  5. david_w_pearce

    My Goal

    I loved to ski before my AKA so good luck to you. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and the company of gutsy people. My ambition is to play golf again - somehow, someday. Then I want to be better at it with one leg than I was with two. Maybe having one leg will make me concentrate on hitting straight rather than trying to hit as hard as possible! By the way thanks everybody for making this a great site. Just loitering has helped me so much! David
  6. david_w_pearce

    PAM aid - why so unreliable?

    I am currently being put on a 'PAM aid' to assist in my recovery from a LAK amputation in July. I cannot be fitted for a leg yet because of a large area of skin graft on the outside of my stump. For those who may not know this aid is a frame in which the stump is enclosed in an air filled bag and enables the wearer to 'walk' by putting some weight on the stump. It seems to be the first stage in rehabilitation. I am now walking over a mile up and dwn the corridor at each physio session using this aid. I can overcome the tirdness, and the boredom and although the delay in getting a leg is frustrating I can live with that too in the hope of long term success. What frustrates me is the fact that the device seems to lose air and need refitting every 10 minutes or so. I calculate that my highly qualified (and wonderful) physio spends most of our session blowing up the bag (via a foot pump). What are other people's experience? Is there a better way of rehabilitation at this stage? Should I give up and just concentrate on exercises? Is it me? Sorry just a bit frustrated - Can't find the manufacturer's web site yet but when I do I'll ask them these questions!
  7. david_w_pearce

    car advice for UK Left AKA

    I am a new amputee, and new to this group. I recently had my left leg removed above the knee. I cannot have a prosthesis fitted for a while due to a large area of skin graft. I need to change my manual car for an automatic and am unsure what cars will be easy to get into when I have my new limb. I am 6'1" tall. I have looked at Renault Scenic's (they look roomy), but does anyone have any experience of suitable vehicles? What should I look out for? Should I just wait until I have the prosthesis? Help? Oh and this is just the first thing I need help with! If there is anyone else who is the father of a small baby and can explain how, and when I'll be able to carry my baby again... Thanks David