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  1. zinnia


    I was fortunate to have a few days in Ft Lauderdale In April. HOWEVER, in my hometown airport a new thing...those with braces/artificial limbs had a new snafu! First time ever, was taken to a room off the security space with 2 women and had to actually drop my pants swab by prostesis so they could take a reading for explosives or whatnot. Still it was a first, but still irritated me. Hopefully they'll find the real folks who are carrying any contriban.bb
  2. zinnia


    I use both. I use the prosthesis for business/everyday use. But I also use crutches for sports, recreation, & some unusual "off" days.
  3. zinnia

    Nail Polish

    I've always wanted to know that too. Have yet to wear sandals. So, give me a shout if you find out.
  4. zinnia

    Happy Easter everyone

    Happy Easter everyone! Hope you spent it with your favorite people. I'm heading south too... B) Can't wait. J
  5. zinnia

    Prosthesis or Crutches?

    I'm torn. I use both. I'm a hip disartic and still looking for that leg thats not cumbersome and hot. bbb
  6. zinnia

    Amputee Related Good Reads

    B) One addition to the reading list, "On the Ragged Edge of Drop Dead Gorgeous." Its a short book by Ivy Gunter a formal model. I think there might be a short story about her also in the John Sabolich book, " You're Not Alone." I'll have to check out the others!
  7. zinnia


    Hi Linda, I unfortunately am a below the hip amputee. And yeah!!!!! We have some nasty appliances. Did however come across a unique prosthetic company in the southern states(I'm a usa chick myself). They are innovative. Would be worth a call. If you want the #, drop me an email. Kind regards, Jill
  8. zinnia


    Congrats!! Thats awesome news. Z
  9. zinnia


    :) Hi! Welcome. I'm pretty new here myself. There is alot to absorb and lots to share. Feel free to email. Kind regards, Zin
  10. zinnia


    Hello Brenda & Mandy! Thank you for the warm welcome. Will add & share as I learn my way around the forum here. Kind regards, Zin
  11. zinnia


    B) Hi, I'm a hip-disarticulation amputee. Just found this forum. I appreciate all the info. Interested in any advancements in this area. Stuck with insurance that ridered any new limb. Luckily am working. However, am looking for new work. Anyhow, hello all!