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    I was hit by a car
  1. Ree Ree


    What type of leg do you have, if you don’t mind my asking. I have the Biome, with vacuum suction. I have been a BKA for six years tomorrow.
  2. Ree Ree


    Hi, My heart goes out to you. It is disheartening to think of what life use to be before your amputation, that’s why it’s best not to think of it and get out of that chair- it gives your mind space to think on your past. You gotta get on your prosthetist to make the world complete or go to someone who can- it can happen. There are other ways to be more active - look up sit down exercises on YouTube. Good luck to you!
  3. Hello, I am a 6year bka- whatever did you do? I’d like to be of assistance if possible- moral support because it’s hard without it.
  4. Ree Ree

    liner size can anyone help

    Now I don’t know much but I too wear a distal cup with my liner. Common sense tells me that if you are having pressure sores - you’d need a bigger size. Since this is almost a year later- what ever came out of your situation? If you don’t mind my asking.....
  5. Ree Ree

    Mickey h

    Hi Mickey, i am an amputee for 6yrs now, I have a very good prosthetist. It is soooo important to have a wonderful relationship with them. What they do determines how well you get along. If I wear even 1 ply it makes the feel of my socket feel horrible! I don’t like to wear any ply’s. It has been a while since I’ve had to. Since you are a new amputee you do need to let your stump get down to whatever size it will rest at. In about a good year you should be at your ‘size’ and then if you have to wear more than one 3ply at a time you should get a new socket made. The more ply you wear it will definitely have an effect on how it fits. And make sure you get the vacuum system, I personally don’t understand how any amputee can live without one!! Good luck!
  6. Ree Ree

    How long to till you give up and amputate?

    Hello, I just read your post and I wonder what decision you came to. In reading what you wrote: were you giving up too soon. If you feel you have had enough then I believe you know what’s best for you and how much you are willing to take in your situation. I say do what you feel you must do. Go for it and good luck!
  7. Ree Ree


    Hello, I am new to this group, I know this post is old but new to me. I am a BKA for 6 yrs now. I was hit by a car and had to have an emergency amputation. As I look back on pictures occasionally, I see where I was HUGE!😄. I can smile about it now, but I was the biggest when I used my wheelchair. Being in a wheelchair for me brings a certain mindset that I detest, so I do everything within my power to stay out of one. I know at times it is inevitable but I would rather crawl to stay out of it. The more you use that chair - the bigger you will get. So try to make it your last resort- get on your prosthetist to make your socket right or use crutches - you have got to be more active somehow. The more walking the better. Good luck!