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  1. Mikeyc1984

    Hey, I'm Mike.

    Hey, I'm Mike. My mom had a right leg amputation a few months ago, she had a severe blood clot in her aorta that sent pieces to her left kidney(but it's doing well), and several small clots to her right leg. After 4 surgeries, and a lung disease that caused her to be on a ventilator for a while, she's home, back to work part time, and just beginning to walk with a prosthetic. I should have utilized this forum earlier, but she was doing very well with her recovery for a while. She seems to have hit a roadblock though. Physically, she's progressing well. Mentally, she's taken a strong turn downward. She's 61, but had been in good health before the past year. I guess I just have questions on how to deal with the mental and emotional things that she is going through. I can push wheelchairs and guide her when she's learning to walk again, and all that. But I'm clueless on how to motivate her mentally. Thanks for your time.