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    Left BKA
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    March 8, 2003
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    car vs our motorcyle (car won!)
  1. kfarmer

    Fun stuff

    My 2 passison where being on our boat on the lake and riding our Harley. I have been able to get to the lake, although not as much as I would have liked, but I love everything that goes along with being on the lake (swimming, camping, sking-hope to try it again soon), as far as the Harley, we haven't been back on one since our accident, but I will try it again on day! People say I am crazy, but I figured you don't give up something you love without trying it at least one more time. Also love to dance, listen to music, spend time with friends, read (as long as it it something I want to read!) Play with my dog Dixie and ride my 4-wheeler. Kimberly
  2. kfarmer

    Ouch!.....oh,maybe not

    I think it is hilarious when other people step on your "foot" and apologize for stepping on you. I just say ," It didn't hurt, I didn't feel a thing, really! They don't know what to say. :lol: Kimberly
  3. kfarmer

    My Introduction

    Welcome ! Kimberly
  4. kfarmer


    I love to dance to anything that has a beat and really like to listen to all types of music. I was at a conferance last week and did the Cha Cha slide for the first time again!!!! The theme for the evening festivities was Western, so we had a line dance instructor, had a little problem doing some of the turns , but got better. I am a product of the 80's, so give me a good hair band anyday, but if I really am in the mood to "shake it like polaroid picture" B) (those of you into hip-hop will know what I am talking about), I put on some hip-hop (not the 90's rap music, but the newer stuff). Kimberly
  5. kfarmer

    Water Legs

    I realize now that things aren't that much different from the Uk to the US. It all boils down to, if you want something you just have to go out and get it yourself. I am from the US and have been battling my insurance company (who shall remain nameless) for months to pay for my waterproof leg so I can ski again. All we (this was my prostheist idea) did was tell them a tinny little lie that I needed this leg to be able to shower safely, they didn't buy it :( and have denied it 4 times now. Time to move on I guess. Good luck and let us know when you are cutting through the wakes!!! Kimberly
  6. kfarmer


    Hey Nicole, Don't know where you live, but in the USA, I have found the greatest place to work out, Curves International. It is a circuit training gym that made for women (sorry no guys allowed :D ). It takes 30 minutes a day and works every part of your body. It combines resistance training and cardio to build lean muscle, which is what women need, not big bulky muscles like the guys. I like it because I couldn't use bicycles (knee restrictions), I haven't been able to walk or jog because I just get plain tired and start hurting. I haven't tried yoga or pilates because of the knee thing. With Curves I get a great all over workout (quads, thighs(inner and outer), gluts, chest, obliques, pecs, biceps/triceps, abs, and even that nasty back fat :( . Check it out Kimberly
  7. kfarmer

    Where Y'all from

    Hey ampskier, I really should have asked where are you originally from, know you are in Lake Tahoe right now. Kimberly
  8. kfarmer

    Where Y'all from

    Hey ampskier! Where are you from? I notied the "ya'll" in the title of the vote screen and though you have to be from down south. I am fron the beautiful North georgia Mountains. So the ya'll is right up my alley. Kimberly
  9. kfarmer

    Full member?

    Hey Steve, I am glad someone else thinks they walk better drunk than sober. I can't seem to get anyone to beleive me. Sounds like w need to have another round! Cheers!!!! Kimberly
  10. kfarmer

    Three 'things' you would........

    Hey Steven, Little late on the response. Work has gotten in the way of my idle web surfing and chat time. Here are my 3 things: 1- Laugh at your self! :lol: I love it when people bump into my "leg" or step on my "toe" and apologize for hurting me...my reply, no problem, I didn't feel a thing, really! People don't know how to respond. 2- Be true to yourself and be proud of who and what you are. The only person that you have to make happy or impress is you. It doesn't matter what others think (this one took me a little longer to learn) 3-Learn what's important in life, mine goes 1- GOD, 2- Family and Friends, everything else gets lumped together because with out the first 2 nothing else matters. Found a great quote today for this one "Without faith, nothing is possible, With It, nothing is impossible" - Mary McLeod Bethune, American Educator
  11. kfarmer

    My Goal

    You can do it Sarah.b!!!!!!! Kimberly When you set out to live your dreams, lots of people (including those who love you the most) will try to hold you back
  12. kfarmer

    All About Me

    Hey Shawna, Welcome! From one Southern girl to another ( i'm from Georgia). Kimberly
  13. kfarmer

    About ME

    Hey Eric, Welcome to the Forums. I wasn't very good at snow skiing when I had 2 good legs, so I am sure I would be horrible now ( also don't like the cold), but get me on the lake in the summer and I was great! Haven't been able to try watersking since my accident, going on 2 years now, but it is one of my goals. Thanks for the inspiration! Kimberly
  14. kfarmer

    two weeks to go

    Hi tee4u! Welcome to the club (almost). I will have to say I didn't have a choice about my amputation, I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and got ran over, but I can't imagine having to make the decision to lose a part of my body. You have had to make a tough decision that will ultimately save your life. I have lost several close members of my family to Cancer and one thing I know, even when they tell you it's gone, you just never know. Just think of it this way, a leg is a small price to pay for the rest of your life and yes you will have a life again!!! In the beginning it may not seem like it, but you will. Stay strong! We are all here when you need us. Kimberly :D
  15. kfarmer

    My intro into this new world

    Hey Tony, I don't know what else I can add that hasn't already been said, but hang in there it does get better. I was a new BKA in March 2003 , Daytona Bike Week, USA, took it's toll on me and my husband. I had a complete amputation (among many other injuries), right above the ankle, at time of impact. The foot was so damaged there was no option to reattach. My husband faired a little better, his foot was still attached but barely and they where able to restore blood flow to save it, but there are times now that I am in better shape than he is, his ankle doesn't work very good due to non use for soooo long. From my experiences and by listenting to others, I think you have made the best choice. Maybe when you have the amputation you can move on with your life. Yes...Virigina there is life after an amputation!!!!!!! Always here for you! Kimberly :D