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  1. Donj307

    Anyone free to talk

    I had my leg off 2 years in October. I'm struggling with pain. And phantom pain and having real trouble getting my prosthesis to fit. We get a good few weeks and then its not fitting again. Had about 10 new sockets so far. Really frustrating. Would appreciate any input or information. Thank you
  2. Donj307


    Hey everyone... are you guys still around?
  3. Donj307


    Hey girls! Just wondered if you were all ok. We had a chat happening and then it all stopped and I was thinking today, I wonder how their getting on. Hope you all good 😊 be nice to catch up and see how your all getting on. X
  4. Donj307


    Yeah I live in Leeds. I'm heavier too. I've nearly been on my feet 20 years, theres only souch you can do on crutches. Ppl are so quick to judge, f..k em. Although we high know that's easier said than done. I've not had the hero comments or that I'm an inspiration. But like you, that's not really what we want we just eant to be normal and our self's. I'm 34. Single, no kids. I think also now the problem (leg) has been chopped off, there's nothing to see now. There's no huge swollen, deformed leg that I'm dragging around. So its sort of out of sight out of mind. I'm sire they would completely disagree If they read this, and I mean nothing by it, its just how it feels sometimes. I've been around 8 weeks with no prosthetic. And the fitting last week was no good either so that's another 3 weeks qmd even then, its a new leg either a new knee so I'm not overly joyed lol. I also got blood clots after the cage surgery so that set me back to they took a long while to get over. So what happened to you. If it's cool to ask.
  5. Donj307


    I broke my leg when I was 10 I had a bone cyst. Basically after that break I never walked properly and complained of pain. Looking back now we think it was set wrong. And the deformity worsened following that. Fast forward 6 years, I was 16 and the doctor advised me to have a right tibial osteotomy to correct the deformity I could have this done when I had stopped growing. So with much thought and conversation with my parents we decided that was the way to go. So we did. I had the osteotomy and the 18th of January 2002. As soon as I awoke from surgery I was screaming the pain was horrendous and I couldn't move my foot or ankle at all. The nurse reassured me its fine your just coming round everything is fine. Then without going into to much detail the next 5 days were horrendous terrible pain to the point if someone touched the bed I was screaming. They kept coming and saying we think its compartment syndrome.... We had no idea what this was, never heard of it. They would tell the main surgeon he would come and say no its not that.. She has a low pain tolerance. This happened a couple of times. Till eventually on the Wednesday night my blood work had come back. My urone was black, And just after visiting time had finished a swarm of doctors came and told me I had compartment syndrome and needed to go to surgery now. I freaked. They said I'd have tubes here there and everywhere, I'd be in high dependency when the surgery was done. I was like what the hell is going on. Luckily my parents got back to hospital. In time to see me off to theatre. So, compartment syndrome is a limb threatening life threatening condition, basically the muscles swell and have no way to release as your leg is encasing those muscles. Imagine blowing a balloon up in a mug. When the balloon(muscle) get to the edge there's no where else to go so the muscles die. And the toxins from them go round your body and shut down your organs. So 3 surgery's later. My muscles had died so they where removed. And I was left disabled. Dropped foot, no movemebt in ankle foot and toes.It was weird hard to understand hard to progress in life Since that surgery I was on crutches the rest of my life and wheelchair for distance. So fast forward to 30 years old I'd been diagnosed with crps. About 10 years earlier. Bit no one new about it. So its been hard to explain to ppl as generally it has a mind of its own. My leg was also deformed the bone despite the osteotomy was bent literally like a banana. So they wanted to do another osteotomy but with an external cage. Understandable my faith in doctors isn't great and going under the knife again casued many problems mentally. But I did it I wanted a life. A good life. A less painful life. Woke up from surgery.... Screaming. The crps was completely pissed off with these new injuries. And kicked off. And the whole 6onths that thing was on I was not in a good way. They had to take it off surgically coz it was too painful. And since then I've been inmy house. I don't really go out any more. I think that that cage broke something inside of me. Sounds really dramatic but it did. I put up with this s..t allll my life. Try and fix the mistakes and the leg punishes me more. So the last and final thing.... Amputation. To actually have to agree to let someone chop your leg off is extremely hard, my head was a shed. The crps would not go away and they told me that b4 the surgery. It wasn't something we decided on a whim its been mentioned several times over the years. So long story short. I did it. And its the hardest thing I've ever done. I don't know if it was right. Although my existing leg was useless. I was just dragging it about., but this has been unreal. Amd I'm only 7 months in Phantom pain... Is hurrendoes. Crps is horrendous. And you have to greet visitors with a smile on your face. Coz none of em really have a clue what's going on lol As much as I love everyone and they are so supportive there's bits they just can't help with coz they haven't experienced this. Sorry I'm rambling I've tried to he brief its hard to put 20 years in a few paragraphs Donna
  6. Donj307


    I could get upstaira on my bottom your right. Bit at the moment pain and my slipped disc make that quite hard plus I don't wanna fall or bump the stump. I don't wanna go Amy further backwards if I can help it. My bathroom is very small. And I can't physically stand long enough and its too small to put in a seat I've tried b4 as before the amputation I was on crutches so showering was hard. I'm waiting to see if the council will help change the bathroom. If not I'll have to try get the money, or move. As long term I'm not sire if my house currently will work out. But we will see. Thanks for responding. I literally forgot I'd posted on here its been months. And now there's 2 of you that are in a very similar boat... Donna 🙂
  7. Donj307


    No I don't mind at all. Phantom pain is 100 percent real. It is your brain miss firing signals but it is fucking real.. Me and you both know that loool. Your friends like mine are trying there best to understand the situation. The crps is still there too so were getting it both barrels I have phsios that just nod and smile when I say I'm in pain. The crps is bad. They just don't get it. Sorry to hear you fell... Proper bad luck. Where are you... Uk or elsewhere.. What meds are you on. I'm still sleeping downstairs at the minute and my bathroom is unusable for me. So getting washed from a bowl of water lol sleeping on the sofa. All adds to the situation been a bit shitty. The first leg I got wasn't perfect but I was walking in bars and on 2 sticks. My leg has shrunk so it started sliding off. The 2nd leg I've just had no luck with the bottom of my stump(I know what you mean about feeling uneasy saying that) is really painful and I can't really tolerate weight on it. So there now there making my 3rd socket. So fingers crossed hey. I am quickly learning that this is going to be a long process. life long which I was aware of before I had the amputation. But it's literally so hard right now. I cope differently every day. The mental side of this is almost as hard as the physical. That I wasn't expecting Any way I'm rambling. Id really like to carry in talking too. Until next time. Goodnight 🙂
  8. Donj307


    Hi, I forgot I'd even posted on here your the only person to wrote back. Honestly it's still all a bit rubbish at to he minute. The phantom pains are strong. Really bad make you just shout out etc, I'm on all sorts of meds, not sure If there making all that much difference if I'm honest. Physio is slow having trouble wearing the leg due to stump pain. How are you doing, any advice ? Thanks for replying Donna x
  9. Donj307


    Hey all... I recently had a through knee amputation in October last year. I'd been on crutches for the last 16 years before getting to the amputation. I have an existing nerve condition complex regional pain syndrome. So I had the op and I'm struggling a little if I'm honest phantom limb pain is a problem. And me mentally getting my head around all this is hard and I feel as much as I have amazing friends and family supporting me. I don't feel like there getting it. Any advice... Information or just general guidance is Appreciated =)