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    Computing - video editing, digital photos etc.<br>Love gardening, but very limited now. Have to have help help from husband. Mostly he does all the 'heavy work' and I supervise!!

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    right leg below knee
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    Ankle fusion ops which failed.
  1. rosemarie


    Hi - I'm from Gravesend Kent UK. Most of you seem to be from the US. Any more around from my area? Whilst writing, has anybody found a pair of knee pads that will actually stay where they are put? I love my garden but have to crawl around with my rbk amputation. Obviously the 'new leg' is fatter than a normal leg and the knee pads keep slipping down. Any ideas please? Many thanks - Rosemarie
  2. rosemarie

    Can i still drive

    I too am a right leg amputee and tried to find out about driving. I was told that it is out of the question, the only way is have hand controls fitted as obviously there is no feeling in the 'new leg'! I don't know what your financial situation is, but I gather hand control adaptations are rather expensive. Sorry this is probably not much help, this is just my experience, others might have different answers. Good luck, let us know how you get on. I am just over the river in Kent so maybe I shall give you a wave one of these days! Best wishes - Rosemarie
  3. rosemarie

    Another question?

    Hi Steve, No - you are not odd!! My daughter didn't like the word 'stump'. It is now my 'peg' which I must admit sounds better. In fact my grandson now calls me 'Nanny Peg' and, if my leg is not in use at any time, he kindly fills it with his cars for me!!! Best wishes - Rosemarie
  4. rosemarie

    Support Groups in the UK

    Anybody know of any support groups in Kent UK? Can't seem to find anything here at all. Life is difficult enough for us, not now being able to drive I am very restricted, but it would be nice to meet other amps to talk to now and again.
  5. rosemarie

    stump sores

    Thanks to all for your help with my 'sores' problem. Nice to know I am not suffering alone! In reply to Brenda, I have never shaved my 'peg' (as my daughter calls it!) but have used Immac spray. I will try everything you have all recommended and thanks a lot to you all - Rosemarie
  6. rosemarie

    stump sores

    I had a below knee right leg amputation in Feb. I have been very lucky and not had too many problems. I do however have one small problem which I wonder if anyone else gets. I keep getting like small spots come up underneath my sock. They start very itchy and then develop a white head. Once these have been 'popped' (or scratched to death) they weep and take ages to heal. Has anyone else come across this problem? If so, have you found a cure? I saw the doctor at my limb centre but he was unable to help. The only thing I can think of is the heat, and am hoping now the weather has cooled down, maybe it will clear. Any help will be very much appreciated.