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  1. MakingTracs

    Hello from the middle of Kentucky

    Kudos Dave.. relating to blink of an eye LBK from trauma, also the blink of an eye. CPV West Coast USA, Keep farming and sharing the reality that there is abundance of life after. Take care
  2. How about a UK brand Ice Recumbents Love my wheels hope to be back in the saddle soon
  3. MakingTracs


    why reTred. Ive been walking this road a while. I'm processing a lot of life changes and realized I wasn't talking. I'm an introvert who can turn it on when it's not about 'me' and not up to be flamed with comments of 'get over it' move on and all the well meaning (in some cases) from an all to self focused society. I'm a Certified Peer Mentor for Limb Loss Survivors and their loved ones and work in the medical field of orthopedics. I don't identify myself by what is missing so I use the term amputee selectively. (save your flaming posts if you dont get it dont attack me) I am a limb loss survivor and I say that because of what I went through. I was hit head on by a drunk driver on the wrong side of the freeway in 1988, two NDEs and a bucket full of surgeries later the foot was removed in 2004. I dont identify by what is missing because I worked so hard to recover. I have been feeling isolated because of my ability to push through and make it 'look easy'. Just these few sentences and signing on is a hopeful step forward. a very truncated 2 cents of meh. I am alive I am not invisible and I need help as much as I help others. Remember this, the nearest helping hand is at the end of your arm/foot/words Reach out with what ever means you have and connect. this is ME, reaching out Ellen in US