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    Cheryl-where's the fires?

    Hi Cherylm, I hear on TV, they are now starting to get the fires more contained. Those pics have been unbelievable and it's a miracle that more ppl haven't lost their lives. You ppl have got the most courageous, dedicated firefighters in the country. They certainly deserve all the credit that can be giving to a group of ppl. :-) My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the two firefighters that lost their lives while fighting this battle. :-( Take Care, Sheila Keep Smiling Maine-USA LBK
  2. Sheila

    Hiyas ... Marc here.

    Hi Marc, sorry for being slow with the invite, but welcome aboard. It's nice that you've decided to join in with such nice friendly ppl. I've been around here, on and off since 2003, sorry to say lately more off than on. :-( But no matter how long I'm away, I never forget all the help, comfort, support and yes even some laughs we've shared. Which helps in so many ways to keep your courage up and your heart feeling young and no matter what, always continue to move forward. My sister just moved to Arizona last Jan and loves it. However, coming from Maine, that kind of heat is really a challenge to get use to, tho they seem to be managing, knowing they won't have to put up with any more Maine winters. Which sounds good, but.... not for me. Tho I believe, like you, her heart is really still in Maine. Good Luck Sheila Keep Smiling Maine-USA LBK-13yrs
  3. Sheila

    two years later and it sucks again

    So sorry to hear what you've had to endure for the past two year. Only now that it's behind you, I agree with the others, keep moving forward. I was once told, "if it's out of your control, let it go". I did just that and my life has been the better for it ever sence and I'm sure so to will yours. So gear up for the *BIG PARTY* and have yourself a AWESOME time with some good friends. Especially from here.....b/c there the best!! Good Luck Sheila Keep Smiling Maine-USA LBK-13yrs
  4. Sheila

    An Ode On Being An Amputee

    I know I'm rather slow here, but just wanted to compliment you on such a wonderful written poem!! Sheila Keep Smiling :-) Maine-USA
  5. Sheila

    July 4th.

    HAPPY FOURTH FROM MAINE AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Finally some sunshine today!!! Sheila
  6. Sheila

    Hello all.

    Hi Ed and welcome to a wonderful place to be, especially when you need friends, comfort and support, as well as some good answers. I too wish you all the best. I'm sure it won't be long and you'll be up and about without the pain that you've had to endure for so long. Please stay in touch, when you can, as we'll be waiting to hear your progress. Take care, Sheila Maine, USA
  7. Sheila

    Holiday snaps

    Your welcome
  8. Sheila

    Attitudes about "Handicapped Parking"

    Go get'em Sheila... Roar. Yep, that's exactly how I was feeling at the time. I do try to be nice to most, but like others, I do have my limits also!! Sheila Maine, USA
  9. Sheila

    Attitudes about "Handicapped Parking"

    I find some ppl can be very rude, when it comes to handicap parking. It seems, when some are giving a right to use something, to them, that means it only applies to them and no one else. Over the yrs I have come across some real mean ones. Which is to bad, b/c there should be space out there for all of us. After all, we all are physically challenged in one way or the other, or we wouldn't have the plates. I recall once as I was parking into a space, this guy drives up to me and says, "lady I was gonna park there. Well he was not a happy camper! But I would NEVER take it from someone that was waiting to turn into the space. Anyways, I came out of the store and guess what, my window wiper were bent and my cover to my gas cap was also twisted. Well, you can just imagine how upset I was, especially where this person was accusing me of taking his space. That pretty much told me right there who it no doubt was, but nothing I could do, b/c I didn't catch him and believe me, that was a good thing, for him anyways. So you see, there can be really rude ignorant ppl, at least that's how I see it. That was the only one time, thank goodness, that I had come upon any confrontation with someone over a handicap parking space. I certainly have gotten some strange looks, but that don't bother me, those I can ignore, but when they start messing with my car, that's a whole different story!! Sheila Maine, USA
  10. Sheila

    a simple question ?

    Thirteen years ago, when I was in rehab, they asked me if I wanted to take home a wheel chair, just in case. I replied, what for?? It didn't even cross my mind that I'd never walk again. I couldn't wait to get started and haven't stopped since that first step. I knew they could make a leg for me to walk with, so not to, wasn't even an option. If the day ever comes that I would have to, for whatever reason, then I'll deal with it when the time comes. I just couldn't imagine sitting, when I have the option to walk, how selfish that would be of me, when many others don't have that option. So walking is everything, especially good for your health and as long as I can, I'll be walking. Maybe slower, but still walking. Sheila Maine-USA
  11. Sheila

    Holiday snaps

    Hi Cat, thanks for some really nice snaps. The place looks absolutely beautiful, along with the adorable little animals. Take Care, Sheila Maine-USA
  12. Sheila

    Hello from Kansas

    Hi David, welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will find some answers here to help with any concerns, questions or fears that you may have in the coming days. Good Luck Sheila USA-Maine
  13. Sheila


    Hi Jason welcome to the forum. Sorry for all that you've had to endure, but certainly I'm glad you went surfing and found this site. b/c you will definitely get the support and the best knowledge around. I am now 13yrs into my amp (lbk) and finding this place site was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was totally uninformed about being an amputee, but shortly after being around here with my second family, I soon found out that I wasn't alone, but instead amoung the best group of friendly, supportive, knowledgable ppl I could have found anywhere. So any struggles that you may come upon, feel comfortable knowing that you'll always find someone here to comfort and help in any way they can. Hopefully your struggles may be few and far between. Good Luck Sheila USA-Maine
  14. Sheila


    Hi Brenda, welcome back! I must say first of all, CONGRATULATIONS Gramma to be!! As usual I'm a little slow with my response, but so to good to see you back again and hope all is going well for you in Ocala. I have an cousin that lives in that in that part of Fla and she too loves it! It's also been awhile, since I've been around these parts. It seems I just get started with posting, etc then one thing or another gets in the way. Lately it's been health issues, mine and my families. We just lost a very special niece of 46 to breast cancer, so young and so sad. Anyways, I hope now things will calm down some so that I can make it more often and enjoy the company of such nice ppl. Sheila USA- Maine
  15. Sheila

    Feeling a change in the weather!

    Hi Tamara, I have been an amputee going on 13yrs and I too live where there is four seasons, well suppose to be, You know at first I couldn't imagine what was going on with me, every time the weather changed, mostly before a rain/thunder shower or snowstorms. For me, it was so bad I had to take the limb off b/c it would start to make me sick to my stomach. It felt like my leg was in a vise and getting tighter and tighter on me, not very pleasant and the pain was awful. However, I've since learned how to better cope and not let it frighten me so. I think with no one telling me these things can happen, I'd panic and no doubt making the situation worse. Though, not a severe, I still go through it when the weather changes (barometric pressure). However, I know now to try and keep myself as calm as possible and the tightness does eventually let up some. So I'd say the best thing to do is try to relax when/if the situation occurs. I hope this helped some and it may take time, but I'm sure eventually you'll learn different ways to cope, as did I, so that it doesn't bother you quite so much. Good Luck, Sheila lbk-Maine, USA
  16. Sheila

    Botox injections to decrease sweat?

    I totally agree with Ally, no botox in this residual! Now my face, well that's another story!!! I wish anyone good luck, should they decide to have the injections. Sheila lbk- Maine, USA
  17. You are so right Johnny, even with all that's going on right now, we still are fortunate here in the States! You and your daughter have a safe trip and a GREAT time! Sheila LBK- Maine, USA
  18. Sheila

    What Do You Call Yours?

    On the good days, it's my buddy and on the bad days, it's my pain in the *&*^%%!!!! Sheila LBK-Miane, USA
  19. Sheila

    typical call from my mum

    I'm sure I'd probably get the same response from my son, not to mention what my daughter-in-laws response would be!!! Sheila LBK-Maine USA
  20. Sheila

    Happy Birthday

    Hi, I'm a little slow here with my reply, but when ya hit my age those things happen!! I'd like to send a BIG THANKS to everyone for the B-Day wishes. I had a wonderful day and at the same time, in my B-Day card from my Granddaughter and her husband, who got married last Aug, are having their first child, do Sept something! YIKES! what a B-Day present and you know what that makes me...... yep you guessed it!! So from now on you guys can just call me GG for (Great Grammy) :laugh I hope I did this right, so that you can see the beautiful flowers from hubby and birdies!! Sheila LBK-Maine, USA
  21. Sheila

    What do you say?

    I haven't been asked in a long time, but when I'd have one of those days I'd say, "Bad Cramp" smile and continue on my away. Sheila LBK-Maine USA
  22. Sheila

    Cat--- are you safe?

    Hi Cat, I too am glad to hear you and your friends are okay. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who have been directly effected by this horrific tragedy. I also heard that it may have been arson and if so, I totally agree with Ally that they'll catch whomever did this and the punishment will be servere and swift! Stay safe Sheila LBK-Maine USA
  23. Sheila

    another lost sheep has come home!

    Welcome back Neal! Sheila LBK-Maine, USA The only way to know if you'll fail, is to try and the only way to win is by never giving in!
  24. Sheila

    back again

    Hi, welcome back, I too have come out of hibernation. Sorry to hear about your job and hope things turn your way soon. Remember Josh the nine year old boy (amputee) who lives in Australia and his mother Debbie. I often wonder how they are doing. Do you ever hear anything? Sheila LBK- Maine, USA The only way to know if you'll fail is by trying and the only way to win is by NEVER giving in!!
  25. Sheila

    Some Good News

    Hi Roger, a little late here, but would also like to wish you well and you sound like you've pretty much got things under control and that's great. Sometimes we must step forward and do just what you did, take the situation back to them, when it doesn't seem to be fitting properly. After all, it is us who has to wear/walk with the leg, so IMHO, our imput should be just as important as the P-Guy. Of course he must know the mechanics of it all, but we must be a big help in letting them know how it feels, for they have no way of knowing that, unless we keep stepping up to the plate when things don't seem quite right, even if they should seem frustrated with us at times. Good news and a job well done! Good luck!! Sheila LBK-Maine, USA The only way to know if you'll fail is by trying and the only way to win is by NEVER giving in!!!