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  1. :lol: When I first got my new leg, I am a below the knee amputee...I was frustrated...I was walking weeks after with a new limb..but well it did not fit comfortably.. So into 3 weeks after I had my amputation and fitting I was at home in the evenings, I thought well I will show off to my boyfriend how well I was doing, I put my leg on, and it was hurting quite badly... After about a half hour I gave up, I said outloud DAMN THIS LEG, I then threw it... I didn't think it would break into pieces, I went into rehab the next day with my leg in a plastic bag all in pieces :o I told my prothestic that I was fooling around and the leg simply dropped and shattered, he then made me a new one alright.... He gave me the new one with fragile stickers all over the leg!!!