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  1. Lizzie


    hi, i was really interested to see you went to Africa. I am planning to go there on ym gap year but am a bit concerned about how my leg will cope in the heat. I have an iceross liner and it doesn't really let my skin breathe much, did u have any problems with it at all??
  2. Lizzie

    Extreeme sporrts

    I think this counts as extreme sports. This summer I am learning to kite surf wearing my pros and am really looking forward to it! (the pic is not me obviously!) I would love to try stuff like wake boarding and water skiing but all in good time. You should be able to give anything a go but maybe in a different way to others? I think you should just go for it. Roller blading is similar to ice skating which I have done so that is possible. You just need to find a willing teacher Good luck in whatever you try, Liz x
  3. Lizzie

    Slushy gurl hhas a questtion to evveryonmes..

    I think I may fit into that category! I found this site very helpful whe i first became an amputee and you answered many of my questions which helped me get on with getting back on track. I dont post as much anymore because I am busy with school work etc. ( I have exams in five weeks) but I check in every now and then and am still interested to read others posts to see how their doing. See you around soon Liz x
  4. Lizzie

    The People Who Stare

    Did you ever wonder why 'younger people' were rude to you? Probably becasue you were a hell of a lot ruder to them in the first place with your ' I'm better than you and deserve respect' attitude. As Muz said you earn respect, as teenagers do from adults, not just have it becasue you are older - it work both ways you know.
  5. Lizzie

    The People Who Stare

    I'm 15 and would like to stick up for my 'generation' as we are not all like that. Proof of that is at school, no-one gives me a second glance, even the first time I word my bionic leg to school. The only look i got was from a middle aged woman stood at the bus stop so its not just 'the youth of today' who have a problem!I think you need to accept that anyone and everyone will look becasue they are just interested and want to know more. You just have to smile nicely at them and let them get on with it not get narky becasue they are taking an interest in you. I don't mean to rant but i want to stick up for people my age who are assumed to be rude. You probably get as many looks from older people, but because we stand out more to you, you only notice the looks from younger people. Liz
  6. Lizzie

    Little help please

    OOps! Oh well, my excuse? I was tired at the time so sense of humour working very slowly! Thanks for the tips tho Liz x
  7. Lizzie

    Little help please

    Thanks for all your replies - I'll give them a go, Eddie; Wet wellies don't weigh anything more wet than dry as they are made of rubber normally, They may add a bit of weight to the leg, but no more than a big pair of shoes Wellies don't have zippers which is the problem as that would mean I could get them on easily, they also wouldn't them be waterproof unless there was a special zip used I guess the term welly is a UK thing, its full name is the Wellington Boot, but as you said Sloshers is fine Thanks again you guys Liz x :P
  8. Lizzie

    Little help please

    For a school trip I need some wellies as we are going to be going into old trenches etc. filled with water. I tried my dad's wellies a few days ago and it took two people to get it off again - so not really an option! Anyone got any suggestions? It would be much appreciated Thanks :D
  9. Lizzie

    Diving into the deep end.

    Hi Carrie, I completely know how you are feeling, I felt exactly the same when I first went back to school in a wheelchair, then walking, then wearing a skirt. But it does get easier over time. People are surprised at first but as soon as they see that your are fine they will soon forget about it and treat you the same as they always did. People learn to look past your appearence and see whats important, if they don't then thats their loss not yours. Give it a go at school, walk in with your head high - you should feel really proud about what you have been through and the fact that you are still here being so positive. Your attitude about not staying home etc. is exactly right and you just need to remember this when going to school. It's ok to have down days - it's only normal, but thats the time when you may feel more prepared to accept help. Just by accepting this help, it doesn't mean that you failed, it just measn that you need a hand doing what you want to do - not relying on them. Hope that this may of helped, I've kinda rambled a bit - but oh well Good luck at school Liz :D
  10. Lizzie

    Does Your Button Show?

    This may not be a good idea, becasue I know for me, that I have had to sign a form saying that should anything need doing to my leg that I will take it to them as if anything goes wrong they are responsible. Whereas if i were to have a go and it broke they weren't supposed to do much about it because I am not experienced to do self mending jobs on my leg myself, Your centre may have a different policy though - but just a thought to be careful whatever you decide to do,
  11. Lizzie

    socks/stokings on silicone covers?

    It may not be much help but I've never had a problem really with my skinergy cover. I just kind of roll my socks on and off but have to admit I don't change them on that leg every day unless they are dirty. You just have to work out a method that works for you - but keep persevering. With tights, i find it easier to roll them up then put the foot in, then roll it up my leg as then it doesn't get stuck on the cover. Hope this helped a bit, but if not, oh well it was worth a shot! Lizzie
  12. Lizzie

    PamR's Surgery

    Good Luck for tomorrow, let us know how you get on! :D :D :D Liz x
  13. Congratulations Brenda I'm sure you'll get back to your amazing times again soon! Mind if I share some of my news? I've been away for a while but over the summer I ran my first ever 5K. Me and my sister half ran and half walked it, might not sound too good but I was so happy to just finish. We completed it in just under 40minutes which were really pleased about. Am hoping to improve over time and complete the next one I do without walking at all. I will also hopefully be getting a proper running leg in the next few months with a foot that will give me much more return, Anyways, good luck with your next race Brenda :lol: Liz x
  14. Lizzie

    Bad days?

    The music thing sounds familiar! I like to play my music loud and just forget things, I found it really works. I don't seem to have many down days now but I did when I found out I would lose my leg and before I was regaining my mobility. Also I found just talking to my family helped, they would always pick-me-up when I needed it, Lizzie x
  15. Lizzie


    Thank you very much Johnny! :P