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    Enjoy trying to keep fit. Swim twice a week. Work as an area manager in the flooring industry covering the south coast of England.

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    17th March 2003
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  1. mike

    Cramp like pain

    Hi Ian, I'm a bi lat Bk and find that I get cramp pains when I walk any decent distance. I'm currently receiving acupunture to try releive the pains. I've only had 3 treatments so far, so probably a little early to tell if it's helping any. Will let you know if this proves to be a sucess. Don't get too disheartened, I know it can be very frustrating. Mike.
  2. nika i ve been visiting the site quite often and completely agree with you....seems that people have forgotten how much good Heather has done....she s been an inspiration to many people and I think she is great too...wish more people would send support notes to her.... Is that you Heather? No can't be. Could It?
  3. mike

    what gets me over the bad days

    Just wanted to say great pictures Mick. It's wonderful to see what can be acheived with a little determination. Best wishes, Mike.
  4. mike

    Anyone Live in Wiltshire?

    Hi Rikk, I don't directly live in Salisbury but I do go into the City once a month with my work. The city itself is a very pretty city but very busy. The centre itself is very easy to get around as a pedestrian as It's not that big. All the main high street chains are there, with the usual ones on the outskirts. The buses I believe are very good and frequent. They do offer a brand new park and ride scheme. The surrounding villages are once again quite pretty, with Wilton and Amesbury being the closest. As for the prosthectics care I don't know. I think Bournemouth would probably be the nearest as I don't think Salisbury has one. Of course you would not be too far away from Dorset Ortho if that was an option. Hope this helps a little. MIke.
  5. mike


    Welcome Neil, I'm also from the Bournemouth/Christchurch area. Hope you find this site useful, if you need help or advice please don't hesitate to pm me. Regards Mike.
  6. mike


    Do you honestly believe this person existed???? Not in the guise he would have us beleive anyway. It's all crap, we all feel that we can do better or would like too. There is no way on gods planet this man had a opertion to remove his leg and would be running on it later that evening. Mike
  7. I have flown a number of times since my amputations and although I have never been required to take my legs off, I would be only too happy to do so. Knowing that they are taking the level of security that seriously only makes me feel more assured.
  8. mike

    Disability Living Allowance

    Have already corrected myself in that I have said only bi-lats are guaranteed to get it. It's in the form. Extra visits are required for the care componant side of the claim. Have only just renewed mine and because I lost the care side of it, I will no longer have to resubmit any claim in the future because I am a Bi-lat.
  9. mike

    Disability Living Allowance

    My apologises ONLY Bi lats are guaranteed payment. Answer given word for word in writing by the DLA, "You are entitled to the higher rate because you have had both legs amputated above the ankle or through the ankle or you were born without legs or feet. Hope that clears that up. Mike
  10. mike

    Disability Living Allowance

    All Amputees are entitled to the DLA payment. The amount you receive is dependant on the level of EXTRA care you reqiure. As long as your amputation is above the ankle or wrist you WILL get it. Mike.
  11. mike


    Well done Afet and thank you. Good luck. Mike xxx
  12. mike

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome Kimbo, enjoy your time on this site. Good luck with your fittings etc. It will take time to get everything you want so be patient. Best wishes Mike.
  13. mike

    Have We Met Before?

    I met Afet and her lovely mum last summer. It was great to see her after mailing each other thro the site. Unfortunatly I was working on the day, so couldn't spend as long as I would have liked with her. (LEAVE IT)
  14. Thank you trwinship for pointing that out, I have never noticed and wasn't aware of the link. Mike
  15. mike

    What do you want?

    I would love to travel a great deal more than I do. I only receive 4 weeks holiday a year compared to my wife's 13 weeks (school teacher). Now we have Sam that has also put a different slant on things (for the good I hasten to add). Although we did manage to get away earlier in the year. The world has now become a tiny place but this is so much to see of it. My biggest regret is not doing more of this when I was in my teens/twenties. Mike.