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  1. MNaverickR6

    My intro into this new world

    tell you what....... reading all this stuff has made me feel so much better about it all. thanx for all the replies....... makes you feel that there is light at the end of the tunnell. cheers :P
  2. MNaverickR6

    My intro into this new world

    the 10th of august was a bad day for me when a prat on a motor bike t-boned me (also on motor bike - i race em or did race em i should say). He hit my ankle at high speed and left me with massive 'de-gloving' of the foot and leg and an enakle that lloked more like a butchers left overs. After i was re-built and had various lumps cut from parts of my body and added to my ankle i know have a foot that looks like it has a beef staek strapped to it a foot that doesnt look like a foot and an ankle that looks like it belongs to a 80year with water retention problems!!!! After all this is pain that made me want to top myself i now find out that its as good as usless any way!!! after three days intense and gut renching pain i found a new friend - his name was 'Morphine' and wonder job that did..... still had pain but it was never as bad. i alsmost break down when i think whjat it was like. anyway...... looks like i have to make the decision to become a RBK as my consultant wont make it for me. He knows its fro the best, i know its for the best but i still cant get my head round it. At the moment i am taking Tramadol & diclafenic for the pain and i still only manage about 5 - 10 on my feet befor the pain becomes unbearable and i have to revert to my crutches. I'll never run again, to be honest i'll never do much again. Having the amp will give me a new lease of life - i know this yet i am s..tting my pants abot what it will be like once i have it done. It has turned my life upside down and i havent even had it done yet!! Im in chigwell Essex and will be using the Harold wood limb centre. anyhow.... thats me..... hello to you all........ Tony p.s looks like d-day will be late january 04 - until then im shoes less as i cant fit one on my new foot!!! chilly toes!
  3. MNaverickR6

    Water Legs

    thanx for the reply - appreciated :)
  4. MNaverickR6

    Can i still drive

    thanx for all your replies - you've been a great help!! T :D
  5. MNaverickR6

    Can i still drive

    I hope some one can help me..... Im new to all this and am facing the fact that my right leg has to go below the knee. How will this affect my driving?? Can i drive with my replacement limb??? or do i have to use my left foot??? can you get a hand throttle??? loads questions but can anyone help?? Thank you :D Essex, UK
  6. MNaverickR6

    Water Legs

    Hello one an all...... after a very severe accident i am now facing amputation below the knee. They thought about it while doing the re-build of my ankle but decided to carry on for another 7 hours in a vain attempt to keep it. 3mths later and it looks like it gotta go cos it just a worthless bit of bone now!! i have so many questions its unreal so you may see quiet a few poping up all over this forum..... this one is to pick your brain about legs..... things like... what type of leg will the nhs fit??? how much use will i have out of it as im very active..... when it comes to going ot the beach and doing water sports can i have a leg for this function and more to the point do the NHS provide it of do i have to bu it??? one i have a leg can i just buy different feet for differnt applications?? and then theres the cosmetic cover issue..... i read on one site that you have to have a split toe foot..... i have never seen one of these in all the pictures?? questions, questions, questions...... can anyone help?? Thank you :)