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    New to amputee forum

    Phantom Pain Sucks! Dang, I didn't know medication was even an option, I just stuck it out. (maybe it wasn't in 1994) Anyways, I am 9 years out and I still have phantom pain, but it changes over time. I don't get it as frequently, but when I do it is no longer a tingling sensation, it's more of a sharp shooting pain. I never now when it is going to accure and there is no way to stop it. The phantom usually lasts a few minutes and it's a little painful, but mostly annoying. Nicole
  2. nicoler

    3 Steps Back

    Carol, Hi, It took a year for my leg to heal enough to walk on it, but of course I was on chemo theropy at the time. I had surgery 2 years ago to fix some minor problems, and it took four months before I could walk with out crutches, and another three months before the sores ceased. Yes, It takes time and patience, but once your limb gains strength, you'll be off an about. Nicole
  3. nicoler

    Where Are You From?

    OOTAH, yep that's right I'm from good old Utah, United States. Ya the one that they hosted the 2002 Olympics at. From the looks of it I'm the only one on the good ol'Rocky Mountains. Well, there's always e-mail right. Guess I should say my name is Nicole and I've been a AK for 9+ years. I'm a survivor of childhood Osteogenic sarcoma(bone cancer) and an ambasador of hope for the American Cancer Society. :D