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  1. Jukka

    How to de-register from the forum

    How come my name is still in the member list? Someone please, remove it. I have found a more open minded forum and do not like my name to be associated with this forum; after all, I stopped my participation long ago. Thanks in advance. Jukka
  2. Jukka

    How to de-register from the forum

    Dear Admin, Moderators, Members, I request to de-register here and now, on the board. It does not make much difference, except that it is made public. Should the de-registration in this manner be unacceptable, or interpreted as an offensive act, I accept the word de-registration to be changed to a word ban if it satisfies some members who requested it. I am very sorry that I am putting the admin in difficult position here, however I have to do so in view of conduct of some members. Before I leave, I would like to give some words of advice (which are based on my observation on flow and content of the posting) for those members who have innocently made the global pool of amputees to hesitate from joining the forum: 1. Do not allow a topic to become a chat place, it gives an impression of a closed circuit member pool, resulting a new-comer or a member to be to feel as a stranger. 2. Refrain from letting the focus of the topics to be narrow i.e. do not concentrate on amputee support issues in one part of the world only, but welcome the global pool to explain and compare how are these issues in their countries. 3. Welcome a new member form the global pool of amputees to the forum as you would welcome your own kind. 4. Mind your language; the non-English speakers may speak and write perfect proper English, but be unfamiliar with the chat style conversation created at this internet age. Again, this gives an impession of closed circuit and hesitance prevails. 5. Refrain from raising religious or ethnic views of your own origins in the forum and flying the respective flag. 6. Try opening your horizons to the rest of the world's amputees, be less self-centric, have an exchange of views globally. Be sympathetic to those less fortunate from not so developed places and origins. If there is someone from the same living circumstances as you who opens room for constructive critisism, do not take it on yourself, but participate constructively. 7. Lastly; play your part in opening a global dialogue on amputee issues by weighing your words before you hit the keyboard, the key to this is to have less fear of getting out of your own familiar circles and think that what kind of appeal your posting is likely to have to members from other origins than own. I am saying aforementioned in acknowledgement that the members make the forum and that there definately are open minded members there who can steer the discussion on this forum to new heights, but only after acknowledgement of the existing shortcoming. If this forum succeeds to become more global and open minded, those narrow minded would have to follow and learn, which is of their own benefit, if unwilling to learn then keep quiet. To explain why I am highlighting the importance of becoming more global minded and the existing lack of it, through my own experience: 1. When I joined, there was not a single reply to my first message. Maybe because I mentioned that I recide in Singapore and my name is not John or Jack. 2. Mostly, my postings have been to provide advice, sharing my experiences and giving information. However, there were not many answers if I asked a question. 3. Many topics in which I participated, were abruptly abandoned by the others at the height of the discussion once I posted in them. I must add that the majority of these topics where I was able to provide advice or my own experience as an amp. 4. One topic in which I participated was even locked after I joined in; that was about how to deal with perspiration of the stump, which is purely technical issue. How can you offend anyone? 5. I have been sensing an overall ignorance towards the amputees from other origins than of that now prevailing. With that, I wish to end my participation in this forum, until such time that the forum has matured to intelligent discussion place. For those who think this forum is some kind of a battle field, and that they got the last word, or an upper hand, I wish to say that I am very much above of feeling hurt, but sad that some do not see the forest from the trees and therefore hurting the forum and themselves. However, the whole life is a learning experience and there is light in the end of the tunnel always, the "ahaa"-experience is waiting there for those who have not had it earlier. Thank you to those few who have been in support to my views or otherwise. So long, Jukka
  3. The undersigned has been looking up and down this site trying to find some facility that provides to self de-register from the forum. There should be such facility so that when a person does not like participate any more, he/ she can de-register him/ herself. Otherwise one may just quit participation, but the name remains on the member list to infinity. I know such a case and when looking at member list and their participation rate, probability is high that there are much more. Looking forward to receive advice from anyone who knows a solution. Kind regards, Jukka
  4. Jukka

    For Showers andSwimmers

    Answer to question on water proofing: I would attach an instant picture of my leg if I had a digital camera, but unfortunately I do not have. My leg looks like an exosceletal leg, but it is not. Instead of having the cosmesis made of foam and nylon sock or other type of cosmetic cover, I asked my prosthetist to make a laminate shell. The laminate shell was shaped by taking a mirror image of my sound leg by casting. The joints at the bottom (the foot) and the top (the socket) are sealed. However the sealing at the bottom end does not work perfectly as there is more movement at that end, but if I go to places where I probably get sink my leg into water, I use skin coloured duct tape strip as a further sealing. My socket is also a laminated one and initially made to same skin colour as the cover shell. I recently painted the whole leg with skintone acrylic paint as I do get knocks on my leg from outdoor activities that leave variously coloured marks on it. I usually go for cycling and sailing on weekends, from my bicycle I get black marks and when we go to the boat with a tiny dinghy in which activity I also get marks sometimes. I buy the acrylic paint in small bottles from an art & craft shop. Needless to say, but my prothetist is very accommodating, I think I was the first one with such request. He is also very professional, every socket (my third one now) he has made to me was fit & comfortable from a first try. Now he is making me a pegleg that I am going to use on a sailing boat as I think it is more manouevrable on a boat. I have used PTB socket all the while and felt good with it. I believe this design can be further improved by choise of the waterproofing/ sealing method at the bottom end by using some elastic material on the surface of the joint instead of between. I trust that abovementioned gave an answer to the question. Kind regards, Jukka
  5. Jukka

    I become a Man again!

    Dearest Cazzy, I welcome your suggestion to ban the foreigners from the forum. It proves my earlier point on another thread. This forum seems to be highjacked by dialogue relevant only to one North American country. I wonder wheater Heather Mills meant it to be that way. Where are we leaving other amps in the world? Kindly bother to peep into the personal details of the participants of this forum, Mine would have a picture in it where you can see that I am a westerner too. How is yours left more or less blank, cannot we be a bit more open about ourselves? Openness has relevance to honesty. Where is Sokhon left now; he was accused of being Khmer Rouge soldier, saying sorry is not enough. And Tot Vey; did he know on whose side he was when (and if) he joined Khmer Rouge. I would recommend reading a book "Heaven and Earth Changed the Places" by Li Ly Hayslip (probably wrong spelling). It gives an insight to people's lives who are pulled from all the directions to take sides in a war, before accusing people of committing heinous war crimes. These are people in poverty trap, who have no choice. Someone gives empty promises to them and they follow. And who supply the arms and ammunition to these people and countries: well, they are the ones who produce them and there are not many directions where to point the finger. This is big business, the product must be used up (killing and maiming people), so that more can be made, to make more money. All I am asking is a little more recognition of and respect for also those less fortunate amps from third world. And I also wish participation from the whole globe to get more depth to this forum as the discussion is at present very superficial (and a little hippocracy too). Now I am awaiting the decision whether non-anglos are welcome to this forum or not and whether the recommendation for ban is gaining ground. Sincerely, Jukka
  6. Jukka

    I become a Man again!

    Kabooom, Bitter, lonely? Am I sensing a personal attack? It is hard to be bitter when enjoying all the comforts of developed world, so it was a wrong assumption. It would be nice to be a bit more lonely as in this hecticity of business & profit minded culture one can hardly get to enjoy that loneliness. The right assumption would have been that the fellow feels disgusted of the state of world order and how that order seem never get fair to all. I think it is the achilles heel that hurts (judging from the reaction). I already mentioned that what was said was generic in nature. I believe in shock treatment in many areas, including the raising of awareness, and I am not asking everybody to agree with me. No bad feelings and let us try to get back the lost civilisations (for us individuals: the civility). By the way, isn't it an anniversary day today? Kind regards, Jukka
  7. Jukka

    Looking at pictures......

    It does not bother me whether old or new photo. Maybe because I am a man, the problem addressed here perhaps affects more the female gender. I do not like to look at photos taken of myself anyway and not like to look at the mirror either. It disgusts me what I see. I try to control all photography and been quite successful. So there are not much other photos but passport photos of myself. I enjoy more looking seeing photos taken of my beautiful family and some other people. Ships and boats are also the photos I like. Jukka
  8. Jukka

    I become a Man again!

    [i accept any person regardless of race creed politics religion skin colour gender. Unfortunately others do not. ] Do you mean all of the others do not? Jukka
  9. Jukka

    I become a Man again!

    Hi Bear Face, My words were generic. Is it wrong of feeling guilty of being part of that side of the planet's population that has exploited the other part to very sorry state? Is there a need to defend unpleasant facts? Why people from economically/ politically dominating world have right to be patriotic and the people from the beaten up or less known have no right to be patriotic? This is an amp forum, we should be matured to accept our weaknesses, inclusive of being a spoilt brat. I accept that I am too, compared to people who had to endure more than myself. Thanks for exposing the achilles heel. It may prompt for some healthy exchange of comments. Kindest regards, Jukka
  10. Jukka

    For Showers andSwimmers

    Hi, I have seen this shower cover before. I cannot imagine myself of having my leg on whilst showering or swimming though. Hence, would not buy it. I prefer to hop to shower or swimming pool. I have a stool in the bathroom to sit. If away from home, a hotel room etc., I just hop as usual and get around things using my imagination and the best I can. My leg is also made to my requirements of being waterproof so that outdoor wet weather does not affect me. Jukka
  11. Jukka

    Three women with three legs!

    Hi Mr. Sokhan, I am pleased to hear that Kien Khleang Physical Rehabilitation Center has been able to provide the three ladies new legs so that they can live their lives with dignity. Kien Khleang Physical Rehabilitation Center; it would be interesting to hear where the centre gets its funds to be able to provide the services it offers for land mine victims. I am also pleased that you came to the forum, it gives us another perspective to our loss or a body part, from developing part of the world. There are amputees all over the world, but participants in this forum mainly from one direction only. Not even amputee people of "Old Europe" seem to be comfortable in participating. Thanks for courage of joining. Looking forward to hear more stories of Cambodian amputees and their lives. Kind regards, Jukka
  12. Jukka


    Hi Mr. Prakh Sokhon, That was a long story. I symphatise with people of your country, especially with those maimed by mines and those children orphaned, however too small of a "fry" to provide any help other than talk to people on injustice of this world. Arms dealers collect fat profits to make people to kill and maim one another and the big colonial powers (now on economical sense) are also behind this. Poorer countries suffer and become victims. There is one big world policeman who produce a lot of arms that they sell. They have to sell them and test them, use them up so that more can be made to kill people. In order to be able to continue this industry they use their colonial powers to create wars in developing world. People are the victims, but these political powers do not want to see them as victims, they see only an enemy in every country that do not follow their ideals. Behind politics is money. Money is power and they want to keep it that way. When does the human kind learn to acknowledge that we are all born naked and should not have any priviledges at birth - in which country we are born? It is about the time for these economical colonialists to come and clear the mess they made in developing world and share their wealth. Unfortunately they do nothing and NGO's have to peg funds for help. Which would not be easy to be enough. Does Heather Mills' "Adopt a Minefield" work in Cambodia? Thanks Mr. Sokhon for showing us this injustice; it would be criminal for a westerner not to appreciate his own comfort and another persons suffering after readind this. I wish more comments from the forum members to this posting. Or is there a fear that "coon-ass" four-wheel truck is lost to sharing some of the wealth of this planet and it is easier to close the eyes for injustice. Kind regards, Jukka
  13. Jukka

    I've been stupid

    Hi all, To answer this question: It IS stupid not to apply enough filler socks if one knows that it is about the time to put some more filler in. I have been stupid numerous times. That is when you are too eager to get something done, go somewhere etc. and hence neglect your stump. There was a saying and advice amongst windjammer sailors working up in the rigging: One hand for yourself - one hand for the ship. Try to figure out how to make use of the advice for stump care. Kind regards, Jukka
  14. Jukka

    I become a Man again!

    Hi Sokhlon, I am very inspired with Tot Vey's story. Unlike the western world's people, he does not complain about minor things in life but appreciates that with the aid of his artificial legs he can be a good provider to his family. From the picture it can be seen that the legs have been in very hard use in his occupations, agriculture and fishing. He really now needs a new pair. I bet that all he wants is to have legs to be able to be a good provider to his family and he does not complain of other things like phantom pain, little discomfort etc. and does not take western style quick fix medicines, but lets his discomforts to heal natural way. I am very sorry for my late reply for this thread and also sorry on behalf of other participants of this forum that they ignore this thread or are too embarrassed to reply (in all their comfort). I am sure that Tot Vey is a happier man than most of those who live much in comfort and wealth but complain. Complaining makes them unhappy, they do not appreciate what they have. Thanks Sokhlon for bringing these stories to this forum, it may help people open their eyes to the real world. And appreciate how fortunate they are. Kind regards, Jukka
  15. Jukka

    Capod system

    Hi all, This system is too advanced to ever reach Singapore. I am lucky my prosthetist is the best of them all, using traditional methods. Kind regards, Jukka