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  1. ampskier

    back again

    it's been a while, but I found my way baCk. Hope I'm still welcom. I'm living in Oregon now and I'm currently out of work with no prospects do to the economy (I'm a welder) I'm planing to go back to school and become an instructor or inspector. If anybody remembers who I am say hi or what ever
  2. ampskier


    LauraG sent me a PM asking me to trust the administators of this site. I ask you this: How can I trust them after what's been done to Johannah? She's told me that she finds it rather funny and she likes the idea of being "Banned" it makes her unique. She wanted to quit the forum anyway but the turth is she's been kicked off losing us all a very good sorse of information and support. Maybe even 2 soruses as I am thinking about going to other forums. Eric
  3. ampskier

    Forum Police

    It seems LauraG is running around closing every trheard that talks about Johannah. Is this now a forbidden topic or what? Please PM me as I'm sure Laura's going to close this thread too. Eric
  4. ampskier

    Hey Eric

    Thanks Debbie, It's nice to see peaople from other countries care about America's Birthday. !!!
  5. ampskier

    Admin Statement

    I just got back from a really good bike ride and have given myself some time to think about what's going on. I have to say that Johnny has been and is doing a very good job with this web site. I simply disagree with the way he's handling the current problem. I like Jophnny and I do think he's doing a good job. Being mad is an indication that you care, and I really do care about this site. I just wish Johnny would be more fair
  6. ampskier

    Admin Statement

    To be honest I'm very concerned about the way things are going here. I feel bad that I started the ball rolling on this issue. My intention was to make people feel better about posting here and to warn people not to give out personal information. I had the opisate effect and for that I'm very sorry. I've hurt a lot of people and the guilt I feel is high. But things are just being made worse now by administrators who want to parpeuate an atmospher of paranoia and guilt. I feel that people who really diserve to be here are being banned and run off by mear suspition. I know Johnny is trying to do the right thing here. But he's going about it in the wrong way. I've volunteered to help with a real support groupe in Reno once a month. I'll be working with real people face to face. If you really need some suport there are many of these groups all over the world. I would sugest looking one up and attending if you don't want Devotees reading what you have to say. I'm very angry with Johnny right now. Johannah is a friend of mine and I feel she was treated unfairly. Eric
  7. ampskier

    Missing Mojo

    I'm missing Johannah already. It won't be the same without her. Will we all be banned if we stand up to Johnny? Well here's the test I guess. I'm standing up to him now. I think what he's doing is very wrong. If I get banned then we'll know I guess. If I do get banned then don't bother fighting for me. I wouldn't want to be here under that anyawy. Eric
  8. ampskier

    For Lilli

    I'm glad we finally got word about Lili, I bet she's running, skipping and doing cart wheels as we speak. Probably allso looking down at as and going "nanner nanner nanner" and blowing rasberries. :P We miss you, looking forward to seeing you on the other side....unless you went to....NO WAY NEVER HAPPEN. Eric
  9. ampskier

    'Intimate relations'....

    Right on MJ I totally agree with you!!!!!!!!! But you didn't answer my question. I want to know if I'm weird. OK I ALREADY KNOW I AM BUT I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT that way
  10. ampskier

    'Intimate relations'....

    Here be a weird one. My girlfriend caressed my stump just right and I got all. Um...goose pimply. What's up with that. Has this happened to anybody else? Lesley, you told me you were a princess. I'm SO disapointed. :o :P Eric
  11. ampskier

    BEE STINGS!?!?!

    amputation? No ok try a little butter. Or maybe some alovera gell. Eric
  12. ampskier

    Make Josh`s Day

    I talked to Josh on the phone. First I tried to Call Tuesday night but he'd already been released (About 15 minutes before DUH!!). I did get a hold of him the next day at his home. I asked him if he got kangaroo pie in the hospital. He didn't what a bummer Eric
  13. ampskier

    personal message about Lili

    I got a message as well. She will be missed Eric
  14. ampskier

    Computer FUBARed

    Recocnition not repair, you silly bear. HEY YOU GET OUTA MY TRUCK!!!!!! :P
  15. ampskier

    I saw Brian

    Brian, are you posting naughty pics?