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    Happy Birthday Kep!

    I hope your day is wonderful.
  2. I'm registered, tickets purchased, car paid for, hooked up with a room . . . I can't wait! WOW!! This site looks different!
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    Welcome back Michael!
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    Ski + Me = Success!

    Whoo hoo!! VERY Cool!!! Congrats!
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    Welcome to the forum Tony!
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    This should be interesting

    Oh My Gosh! In my experience, I've seen facial expressions which sum up this dope's opinion. But they have always been on women's faces.
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    Happy Birthday Higgy

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birrrrthday dear Higgyyyyyyyy, Happy Birthday to you!
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    Need Advice...Symes or BK Ampyutation???

    Hello again Mary, I've replied to this under a different thread of yours.
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    Alton Towers or Theme parks in general?

    Hello Glen, This reply may be too late but I'll toss it out there anyway. I have a skydiving friend who once had his prosthesis fall off during freefall; never to be found again. What he then began to do was tether his leg to his body. He takes a long cord (looks like an extremely long shoelace to me), ties one end to the shoelaces on the shoe of his prosthetic foot and ties the other end to his belt. Then he puts on his jumpsuit and the cord is hidden beneath that. That way his prosthesis can't possible slip off. You could do the same only have the cord run up your pant leg instead. Merely a suggestion. Then you would have no worries. Amy
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    Last Week To Have With My Leg!

    Good Luck with your surgery and recovery AmpTrooper!
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    Thank you Heather x

    WOW!!!!!!!!! VERY Cool!
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    Help...need advice!!!

    Hello Mary, I apologize for the delay!! I'm not good with input on this as my 'equipment' is extremely outdated. Any issues I have may very well be because I just need a new prosthesis. Therefore, I do not want to say anything that would steer you away from a Symes amputation. What I will say: I know some Symes can put weight on the end of their leg (meaning, walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night) without putting on their prosthesis. I am not one of those. However, my amputation was done in 1978. They (meaning the surgeons) may have done things differently back then than they do now. (?) No clue. While at the ACA conference I heard of a Symes who runs marathons (much to my astonishment and awe)! I want to email him but can't recall his name. The advice to talk with your prosthetist and surgeon to get a list of pros-n-cons to each procedure sounds like the best advice. In addition, if you go with the B/K, you'll want to figure out with them how high to go to maintain the best leverage yet also be able to purchase the components you want to have the life that you want. You've got A LOT of research a head of you. Good Luck! Amy