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    Osteo sarcom of the fibula head
  1. tee4u

    MAS Socket

    hi jukka, the MAS socket is special for aka's since it is lower than the regular sockets and therefore more confortable. well it seems, i haven't got it yet.hehehehe if you want to find out more here's a link: http://jc5.thenexus.co.uk/dev/dorset/index...hp?page=1000035 teresa
  2. tee4u

    MAS Socket

    hi everybody, maybe someone here could help me. i would love to get a MAS socket but my leg guy here in switzerland doesn't know how to make it, and it's one of the national centres for prosthetics. he said that they have tried several times to get a hold of him so he could come here and show them how it's done but so far no luck. i believe we are all missing out on this great invention so i would like to try and see if i have more luck than them. please any one with some ideas let me know. teresa
  3. tee4u

    Happy New Year

    also i want to add my wishes to everyone. lots of happy moments in the new year for everyone. teresa
  4. tee4u

    Australian Prosthetics

    hi retta, i haven't had radiation but have gone through chemo 4 months b4 the amputation which took place just a month ago. my scar is healing perfectly and looks and feels great. what i made sure was that b4 amputation i had a break of at least 2 weeks, in fact i insisted and wouldn't let them operate b4 that. also i checked my blood on a regular basis and got given the clear two days b4 the amputation. metastasis is always a worry and will remain even after amputation. i had a osteo sarcom just below my left knee and i just got the clear from the lab that my leg was cancer free, i had the tumor removed a month earlier but with a margin too small to be sure all was out and so i was recommended to have a safety amputation. even though i stand in the clear the though "what if" remains! but there's no use to worry about that, it would be the same as to worry about death which is a fact. i'm looking forward to after the festive holidays because i'll finally be given my prosthetic leg and i'm anxious to walk on my two feet again. keep your head up teresa
  5. tee4u

    two weeks to go

    hi mandy, thank you for your input. my good leg is still in good shape but my physio guy ment i should stay away from skiing in order not to injure my good knee... in any case i think i'll need to wait a couple of years b4 i'll try and stand on a pair of ski's again! teresa
  6. tee4u

    getting up

    today i've made my first steps in one of those iron legs they have at my clinic. it felt quite heavy and the pressure of the airbag was after 20 mins too much but none the less i'm very proud of myself and my first day of walking. i did a few rounds. my physio trainer said that if i managed to walk well with the iron leg i'd manage to walk with the prosthetics quite easily. teresa :D
  7. tee4u

    two weeks to go

    hi colin, social security here in switzerland isn't too keen on getting us a c-leg either but my leg guy said he might be able to do something. i'm not too sure the c-leg is good for everything, seems there are some down sides to it but haven't got much of a clue yet. but since i've got the right to get 2 legs i'll make sure my second one will give me all the features i can't get with the c-leg. has any one got any ideas about skiing being a aka? do you ski with one leg or with a prosthetics? teresa
  8. tee4u

    two weeks to go

    dear steve, too much info can most definitely be a bad thing, especially if one hasn't got mucho of an idea and is looking for answers. well i haven't given up rehab just decided not to spend the rest of the day in hospital looking at some bland white walls. my sister was very kind in offering me to stay with her and her family to stay while i need to go to rehab. ...being an amputee is only a problem if you want it to be... i completely agree with you and am looking forward to continue doing the things i love to do. teresa
  9. tee4u

    two weeks to go

    hi vince thank you so mucho for your advice. of course i'd never have thought that i could try different prosthetics if one wouldn't suit. is learning how to walk with a c-leg really difficult? what are all the things you can do with it? would you mind telling me more in details? thanks teresa
  10. tee4u

    two weeks to go

    on thursday i went to stay in the rehab clinic and i was washed over with so much information that i had my first bad day since the amputation. i got really depressed and decided there and then that i was not going to be staying in hospital for the treatment. now i'm living with my sister and she agreed to take me into rehab every day, and if one day she can't manage i could always go by train. B) first off was the doctor who tried to give me this anti epileptic medicine to relieve the phantom pain. i decided against it. maybe this was wrong but my first feeling said no, so i went with my gut feeling. then came physioherapy. again they talked about so many things and i didn't understand a thing. off we went to see the leg guy. he again told me about the different ways of putting the prostesis on but every time i came to one conclusion whether to go vacuum or to go with the string he changed the story so in the end i didn't know which one is better. if any of you has any input and experience to share i'd be very gratefull. then concerning the different knees and feet. i'm still in a limbo about that... although i went back the next day and everything seemed a lot less confusing especially since i didn't have to stay another month in hospital that i'm really happy again. i am allowed to have a c-leg!!! and if i want one i better get it in the first round otherwise social security won't pay for it. but with a c-leg i would need to get one of otto bocks feet. so that means no high heels on that one. also what i didn't know is that i'd need to charge it every night in order for it to work. i've seen this guy who's got a c-leg and he hasn't covered it with silicone or any thing else. he spray painted the brace, not sure what it's called where you attach the prosthesis, with blue flames and it looks really cool. so there are a lot of things i have to get my head around and obviously i can go back and ask more questions whenever i wish. loving to hear from you teresa
  11. tee4u

    Where Y'all from

    hi there, sorry to go back in time, but the best team won this years american cup. hahahaha ;) i'm swiss and had to say that!!! :lol: i've been back in switherland for just over a year now. i lived in london for 10 and then 2 years in cuba. once i'm fitted with my new prosthesis i intend to travel and discover the world again!!! teresa
  12. tee4u

    two weeks to go

    well i've checked into the clinic and i hate it. they bombarded me with so much information that my head spins. don't know how any one can choose the right prosthetics!!! the talked about so many possibilities and every time i came to one conclusion they changed it all around. so now what kind of socket is going to be the best. i don't know it's all so strange. but i'll go see the leg guy again tomorrow and ask him some more. teresa
  13. tee4u

    two weeks to go

    dear sheila, it's been just about a week now and already i'm noticing a difference. there were moments when it was near unbearable but it seems those moments are far less and more apart. but i got these drops from my doctor and they just knock me out so i get to sleep all right. i've even noticed that i sleep a lot better, i start to feel comfortable lying on my side or on my tummy which b4 was near impossible. thanks for welcoming me. hi laura, you say you've developed a thick skin you know the opposite is happening with me. i've grown a lot less tense and aggresive. also i feel a lot more at ease with myself. as for an example, i had to go to hospital yesterday but instead of hiding my lost limb i showed off my still existing leg with some really brightly colored tights and a skirt that just reached my knees. i'm not ashamed of how i look i'm proud of having fought my battle. :lol: yes of course i would like to get the best there is on the market but especially because i want to start traveling as soon as possible and i'd like to do that in the most comfortable fashion. but again i'm in no hurry. i'll be happy to start off with a normal prosthetic and go on to the c-leg at a later date. and since i'm not too sure how and what get's paid here i thought it to be the best way. tomorrow i'm going into rehab. i've written down my wants and needs and am sure i'll reach an agreement with my leg guy. i'll keep you posted with my progress. teresa
  14. tee4u

    two weeks to go

    dear laura, thank you so much for your advice. i'm actually quite happy for you to speak so frank and to get to hear of your experiences. as for the c-leg i understand what you are saying and of course i'm quite willing to start with a temporary prosthetics in order to becoming used to using and wearing one. i was just wondering whether to get this one first in order to get the best one possible since it'll be social security paying for it and obviously i don't know how often they'll replace them. but i'll speak to my prosthetist and follow his advice and keep your's in mind. i love wearing high heels and it's just become a simbol for me that life will be the same again even if different. going out dancing and having fun. my worry has been going for a walk along the beach and wanting to go for a swim. this might sound really silly but i can't just leave my leg behind, what if someone walks off with it. now i don't think this'll happen here but there are very poor countries and they'll take anything they can sell or think they can. i love to travel and i want to be a s free as possible. ;) but again i'll ask and let my protheist advice me. thank you very much. teresa
  15. has anyone got any experience with the c-leg from otto bock? thinking of getting it myself but would love to get some info. teresa