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  1. Deb T

    hi from jimismum

    Tracey, It is wonderful that your son survived such a tragic accident. There are a number of organizations that specialize in young amputees. I saw a program on the Discovery Health Channel about a program in New York called ASPIRE. There is some information about them on this web site: http://www.health.state.ny.us/nysdoh/preve...ent/target6.htm If they are too far from your home, maybe they could recommend a program nearer to your area. Also, check with the ACA, Amputee Coalition of America. I think you can join for $35 and they will send a lot of good information, along with bi-monthly magazines. My thoughts and prayers are with you through this difficult time.
  2. Deb T

    What a great Story

    Dwayne, Saw the article in a local paper - incredible and inspiring. What drive! Another great example of putting your mind to something and making it happen!
  3. Deb T


    Linda, Sorry to hear of your troubles. I am a new RBK amputee (3/2003), so I don’t have too much experience. I am using a locking pin system with a liner, but it is working well for me. When I first got my last socket, I didn’t need a sock, now I do, but I actually like the feeling with a sock better than just the liner. (I thought the liner alone got more air bubbles.) The length and shape of the residue limb, as well as the type of foot may make a difference in which system is best for you. The system Brenda uses may work better for you. Check with your prosthetist or talk with another that can give you the answers you need. Good luck, God Bless, and let us know your progress.
  4. Deb T

    OK, Time to Get off the Fence

    I agree that we could have more "posters". It is discouraging to see someone post and not get responses. As a relatively new amputee, most of the topics are of interest to me, but I only post if I can add something of benefit or encouragement. However, I have learned a lot from the people who had something to add and said it. So, to all of you reading this, that don't respond much, if at all, please make an effort to share your advice, opinion, support, stories, questions, stance, etc. Your post might be the one that makes the difference! Also, I think I'm correct that every time you go into a topic, it counts as a read, which can skew the numbers or posts vs. reads. Sometimes I will return to the same topic to read other posts, but I have nothing new to add. We have so many wonderful topics, that sometimes I forget which ones I've read until I get into the topic, which adds another count to "read".
  5. Deb T


    Hi Mark! Welcome to the forum. I am a RBK since 3/2003 and really like the people and information on this site. I think you will, too. God Bless, Deb
  6. Deb T

    My Goal

    Brenda, Thanks for the encouragement! I plan to work on increasing my walking distance and hopeful do a few short hikes this fall and spring. I enjoyed meeting you too, and would love to get together again soon! Keep up the good work! Deb
  7. Deb T

    Office equipment

    Good to hear from you, Shay! All in all I'm doing good. Had a recent setback, that took me out of work again, but I hope to be back soon. I'm like you; at home I sometimes rest my stump on the top of the desk. Usually, when I take the leg off, I keep the liner on and call my "pin" my jousting stick. I just have to be careful that the dogs don't run into it. The footstool might work and would certainly be softer than the trash can! I'll let you know how it goes when I get back to work.
  8. Deb T

    My Goal

    Mandy, I think this is a great thread and a good way we can encourage each other. Last October, three days before a trip out west, I was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer, synovial sarcoma, and knew that there was a very good possibility that I would loose my leg. Part of the trip was business, but the rest was hiking at Zion National Park in Utah. My doctors agreed that I could take the trip and do what was comfortable for me. This was my second trip to Zion and the second time I was unable to hike the Narrows (a water hike through the Virgin River). I enjoyed every minute of the trip, not knowing what was in store, but I also made a promise to myself that I would return to hike the Narrows. On 3/24/03 I became a RBK, but have not forgotten the promise I made to myself. God willing, I plan to do the hike in the summer or fall of 2004. (Because the river is the trail, no hiking is allowed if there are flood conditions.) I'll be working on physical training, bike riding, etc. When I have a date set, I'll post more information.
  9. I had the privilege of meeting Brenda and seeing her run this past weekend at the Fitness for Everyone Clinic in Tampa. I am looking forward to cheering her on in January at the Disney race. Talk about Boing, Boing, Boing (Kep's words), those Kangaroo boots are wild. I wonder if it feels like being on a mobile trampoline!?! I bet Brenda will knock their socks off, without the roo boots. You go girl!!! :lol:
  10. Deb T

    Where Are You From?

    Welcome Irene! This forum is a great place to ask questions and get advice. You might also check into a local support group. I voted earlier, but didn't introduce myself. I'm from Central Florida and have been a RBK since March 2003. I live on the east coast, but spend a lot of time in the Orlando area.
  11. Today was an awesome day! Full of wonderful opportunities! 1. I met Brenda. We live within an hour of each other and have been trying to set up a meeting. Her inspirational story was a benefit to everyone, and in the afternoon she put on her running leg and off she went… 2. The Fitness for Everyone Clinic was incredible, everything I thought it would be and then some. Dennis Oehler and Todd Schaffhauser are most inspiring (just ask Brenda about her first clinic and the changes it meant in her life). The clinic was comprised of amputees, physical & occupational therapists, assistances, trainees, students, nurses, etc. We laughed at Dennis' stories, and were thrilled with each amputee’s success. 3. On a very personal note… I jogged across the room and back several times- a first since becoming an amputee 6 months ago. It was absolutely wonderful!
  12. Brenda, I am planning to attend, with another amputee friend. I am looking forward to the clinic and to finally meeting you!
  13. Deb T

    Amputation Stitches

    Carol, Hello again! I'm sorry you haven't received more responses, but don't let the numbers (replies vs. read) get you down. Every time someone views the responses, another count is added. I've been into a number of topics, just to look at the latest responses, if any, and the read number changes. Hopefully other amputees will see your plea for help and respond. Hang in there and stay positive!
  14. Brenda, Thanks for the info! I have been waiting for this clinic to come close to Central Florida. I saw their website at least 4 months ago, and my PT actually helped with on of their programs - said it is great. I just had some surgery, but hope to attend with another amputee friend. Any chance you will be there? Deb T
  15. Deb T

    Amputation Stitches

    Hi Carol and welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place for information and support. I am also a RBK. My scar is on the end of my leg (I guess this would be below the amputation). Before my (3/03) surgery I asked my surgeon where it would be and he told me. I thought this would be a problem, but he assured me that this is not a "pressure point" for a good prosthetic. So far, he has been right. I think incision/scar depends on what they have to work with at the time of the amputation. A person losing their leg due to an accident might not have the same options, etc. Hope this helps. Deb T