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    Nov 28 - AMPUTATION date !

    Hello. I am so relieved that I have found this site. My mother is scheduled for an amputation one week today and I am starting to panic. I would very much appreciate any advice with regards to what I can do to help her through the first part of this process. My mother, Noreen, is in her late fifties, lives in Cambridge, Ontario (Canada) and was born with a club foot. She had a series of experimental surgeries in her childhood (in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada) and has been "on her feet" her whole life. She has 2 daughters and a wonderful husband (my step-father). My mother is a nurse and this is very much a part of who she is. She has worked in emergency (her favourite) and psychiatric wards; she has been a director of nursing in homes and has taught at the College. Over the years the bones in her left foot (cow and sheep bones) have basically disintegrated and she has been suffering from extreme pain for a long time. She has undergone several unsuccessful surgeries in the last ten years. My mother has the choice to live with her leg, in pain, or to amputate below the knee. I have supported her in her decision to amputate. I feel that it is more "a disability" to live with a limb that only hinders you and causes you pain than it is to remove this limb and learn to live without it, differently. My mother is understandably nervous with her decision to amputate but I believe she truly knows that this is the only rational choice. I will be home for my mother's surgery, her week at the hospital and her "week one" at home (I live in Toronto which is just one hour away). My sister is flying home for her "week two" at home. My sister and I want to do everything we can to make this easier for our mother. She is truly the most wonderful person I know. I will call her tonight and tell her about this web site. There is a good chance she will beat me to death before her surgery as I have revealed her life story over the internet without her permission. Time was of the essence will be my defence (or excuse). Thank you for taking the time for reading this very long message. I would have never thought to use the internet for this purpose, however, so many people have reacted to my news with "Paul McCartney's wife did it and look at her!". Sincerely, Tara. P.S. This may strike you as strange . . . but my mother has decided to name her future stump because she does not like the word "stump". Also, my mother and I will be drinking champagne and going out for dinner tomorrow night with our husbands, TO CELEBRATE ! (what exactly, we are not sure)