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    Hi<br>I like to hunt ,mainly bow hunt for white tail, turkey, and squirle. I like to fish for bass, blue gill and catfish. I am married with two kids.

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  1. Hi I have three Alpha 6MM uniform locking liners. Two large and one medium plus. These liners are used. The medium plus was only used a couple of times. All the liners are in good working shape, far from being wore out. I used these liners with my first leg from my first prostitics( leg maker) I will not use these liners again and I am fixing to move. If you are interested all I ask is for shipping cost. Or if anyone knows of a online site that does this kind of thing. My email is catfish_snagger@yahoo.com Put Alpha 6MM uniform locking liners in the subject so I will answer it. I hope some one can use these instead of them setting in the closet. See ya Clint
  2. clint

    broken leg

    Hi I was at work walking through the shop and and took a step that felt funny. The next step I took there was nothing there. Lucky me my foot broke off at the socket ( I am a below knee amp). I set in the floor holding my prostitic foot and the entire shop got quiet. After every one got through freeking out and seen I was OK. The laughing and ribbing began. Within 1/2 hour my buddys put a peg on my socket. I wore this for around two hours until my wife brought my spair leg to me. You would have had to been there! See ya Clint
  3. clint

    What do we all do?

    Hi I just started back to work myself as of three weeks ago. I work in a shop that rebuilds coal mine equipment. Ironically the same machine that I was ran over with underground I was working on . I primarily do all there in house machining work. I am up on my feet probably 6-7 hours of the day and I am sore by the end of the day but I will get stronger and tougher as time goes by. I am glad to have a day shift job. See ya Clint
  4. clint

    super bowl/paul mccartney

    Hi Thought some of you might already know but some don't. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor..._bowl_mccartney O'l Heather Mills might just be there you think? See ya Clint
  5. clint

    Any Hunting or fishing?

    Hi mishka I live in the state of Kentucky. We have carp here. They can grow large. I wonder if they are the same kinda carp? It sounds like you all have a big time fishing. I am glad that you have some where you like to go fishing. My largest fish was a 35 lbs spoon bill. Oh, wonder what a spoon bill is? Glad you asked(HE! HE!). I spoon bill some what looks like a catfish with slick skin but, I more closely related to a shark. They have no bones in there body just cartledge (spelling?). It was a good fight in the river current. See ya ;) Clint
  6. clint

    Any Hunting or fishing?

    Hi That is one heck of a story. There is alot of meat on a 10 lbs cat if you could have landed that fish. This summer I took a bunch of kids fishing with crickets and I ended up cleaning so many blue gill that I did not fish for blue gill the rest of the year. I love eating blue gill but, hate cleaning them. We did catch a few 2-5 lbs channel cats and them kids thought that was just it! See ya Clint
  7. clint

    If you could turn back time...

    Hi I seen "The Butterfly Effect" . It was a good movie but had some sad parts. When I was first hurt I would answer differntly than now. I look at life differnt. God only allows us so much time in this earthly body( good for me I think I am missing a someting. Where is my leg ? HA! HA! :P ) . I want to make the most of the time I have remaining. Time is the most valuable thing you can give a person. You can make money, house, and any material thing. But, no amount of money can not buy more time. I want to use my time for good things but, being human I will still mess up and be mad and dwell on the past. This is a good subject that makes a person think. I wish you all well! See ya Clint :)
  8. clint

    Any Hunting or fishing?

    Hi I have not posted here in a while but, I read the board every day or so. I was wondering if any of you are doing any hunting and fishing. This is my favorite time on year. I love the mild weather, the smell of the woods durring the fall. I missed out durring last fall and winter. I have not been fishing as much sence the temp is getting cooler but I have been doing more hunting. I have been doing some squirrel and deer hunting. I have been blessed to get two deer with my bow this year. I did not know if I would be able to climb a deer stand again but I can do it! I use a safty line as I climb and tie myself in. My little girl wants a deer skin with the hair on so I am going to give it a try. I have only made buckskin(hair removed) befor. I make my buckskin the old fashon way. I am into 18th century reinactment. I make my own clothing out of buckskin. I like to use every part on the game I harvest. If any of you hunt, fish, hike, or photograph in the great outdoors I hope you have a great safe season. Tell me some of your storys if you have them. OK? :) See ya Clint
  9. clint

    Prayers Needed

    Hi I will pray for her. The power of prayer is stronger than we can see! See ya Clint
  10. clint

    Interview questions

    Hi Thanks for your repplies! I have thought about the possibility of opening a small shop but getting started is the biggie. I know that the repeat work farmed out from a larger company is where the money is with the kind of shop I am familier with. When I get my settelment I might go for opening a small shop. But I wish I could just get a job like I used to have ;) . Any more ideas? See ya Clint
  11. clint

    Interview questions

    Hi Let me start by telling you all my situation. It has been aprox nine monthes sence my amputation and workmans is only going to pay me full wages and insurance for another three monthes. I have a wonderful wife and two kids to provide for. The doctor has not released me to work yet but, he said that if I find a job that I can do he will release me early. I would like to atlease have a job lined up for the cut off point of my insurance. I am a Tool Maker/Welder by trade but, my last job was in the coal mines where I was hurt . I have had two interviews and was turned down twice. When they look at my resume and see that I am unemployed it puts up a red flag! When I explain my situation I can tell that me being a amp is not what they want. I have been told and read that we are not obligated to tell anyone of any disability and I do not consiter myself disabled. I also read that if you do not tell a employer of any certain work conditions(I might not be useing the correct word) you can not do, then they are not obligated to provided you with a job you can not do. As soon as they find out the entire situation I get the "we are a equal opritunity employer speech". I know that atleast I one shop I used to work in That was perdominantly white male employs the managment had to hire people in minoritys. They hired three people one being a amp. (knowing this person as a friend has helped me accept being a amp myself). What should I say or not say in a interview? I know this has been long winded. THanks for any input! :) See ya Clint
  12. clint

    Thank You

    Hi I believe that Lili is a very fun loving and open minded person. I wish her well where ever she is. She brings new ideas to all of the subjects posted. She liked to pick at people and have a good time! I look at the positive for her situation what ever it is. See ya Clint
  13. clint

    Swimming with no swim leg!

    Hi I went swimming yesterday. My family had a fish fry by the family lake. After eating some of us decided to swim. I just went over to the dock and shucked off my leg and slipped in. I can not tread water like I used to. We had fun. Getting out of the water is what I have to be careful about with everything wet and slippery. I might have to consitier a water leg some day. See ya Clint
  14. clint

    To be or not to be covered....

    Hi I chose a uncovered leg. I do understand why someone would want I covered leg for the looks. The good thing about a uncovered leg is if you need a adjustment done to your leg it can be done easy without the cover. I like the bionic look. I have had some kids very interested in my leg and I am OK with that :P . I hope that you chose the right thing for yourself. You can always have a cover put on latter on. Good luck Clint
  15. clint

    My mother in law

    Brenda I am sorry for your loss of a family member. But remember, she isn't really gone for good! You all will be together again some day :) . I will pray for you and yours. Clint