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    ACA Conference 2005 Review

    All right, all right...I felt like I needed to jump in here and defend myself but was left laughing out loud at Cat's antics (as usual...) ;) I am SO sad I didnt get to dallas for this years convention. I would love to be at the next one and have it on the calendar. May just fly out myself, without kids, and hang with you guys. Sounds like a great mini vacation.... LOVE the picture, Johnny, and thanks for emailing me the link to it. Brenda, you look GREAT...that running stuff is really getting you in shape! You go girl! :P I have not been on the site in FOREVER but Johnny inspired me by sending me the link to the picture. Then I saw Brendas face (or dancing body, I should say) in both the OandP magazine and the ACA magazine...talk about inspiration to check back in with you guys......had to give brenda trouble about that great picture! Dont have time this morning, going in for an MRI soon, but will check back in later in teh week and try harder from now on to keep up with you guys. You are always inspiring and always make me laugh. :P judy LBK Utah
  2. Hey, I was thinking it might be helpful for everyone who was thinking of going to the ACA convention in Dallas to agree to meet at a certain time/place. It would be a shame to get home and realize we missed each other...PLUS we could take a group photo and post it here...wouldnt that be FUN? :D I have a sister in dallas so will be staying with her, not sure which days I will be at the convention....does anyone feel qualified to set a time/place for this meeting? I have never been to one, so am pretty clueless about events, how things go.... If no one steps up, I may have to set the date and hope someone shows up.... Judy Utah LBK
  3. jberna

    Leg Removal Etiquette

    Cat...it cracked me up to see that picture of you using your leg as a leg rest....I do that ALL the time! it is the perfect height! I esp do it at the computer, under the desk. It is a bit trickier now, since I have a suction socket/sleeve and dont 'click it' on and off anymore...but it was so fun to see that someone else uses their leg as a footrest...thanks for the picture! Judy Utah LBK
  4. jberna

    Daddy - where is your leg?

    I love this posting...the stories that came from it. My kids were barely two, six, ten and eleven when I had my amputation surgery 18 months ago. We had talked about it as a family many times, I showed them videos of amputees doing normal things, magazines of the parts....the bigger kids were just excited that mom would become *more* mobile with the new leg. The only reservation my kids had was that they were a bit afraid of what the stump would look like...I have one daughter, who is VERY sqeamish, and she assumed it would be ugly/bloody looking. I assured her that I would not make her look at the bare stump at ANY point in the process and now, she is 13 and has no problem seeing my bare (not bloody, mind you!) stump. My almost two year old is almost five now...and he has really no memory of mom with two real legs. He thinks it is cool, and doesnt seem to think it is any big deal. If anything, he wont let me get by with any 'leg excuses'....like the other night he wanted some oatmeal as a bedtime snack. I tried to tell him that mommy already had her leg off and was laying in bed (reading HIM books, by the way!) and that maybe his big sister could get that for him. He is quite the momma's boy lately and he said, very matter of factly, "Momma..your leg is right THERE! (pointing to my leg next to the bed)...you CAN just put it on and go get me some oatmeal!" So dont expect any sympathy from the little ones! My two and a half year old nephew visited for the first time a few weeks ago (recently adopted by my brother) and he noticed my leg was different and said "Owie..." few times as he pointed to it. I showed it to him closer, let him touch it, and said it didnt hurt at all...and he never asked about it again. One last note...my now nine year old son loves to play a 'stump' game with me...as I am laying in bed iwth my leg off at night he sits down the bed from me and I pretend to be kicking him with my left leg, he jolts his face back, responding like he would IF I had a left foot there, that would be kicking his face...cracks up the whole family...the private lives of amputees... :D :) :D My vote, "dont worry about the questions...it will all happen naturally". Judy Utah LBK
  5. Hey guys! It is me....long lost Judy (jberna)...Johnny shocked my sock (not socks..) off this week by calling to check up on my Dallas status. I hated to break it to him that I wont be there. It was a hard choice to make. It would have been one of the easiest ones for me to attend, since my sister lives in Dallas and I could stay with her. But it came down to finance, mainly. I learned to ski last january, started lessons on my one year anniversary of my amputation. I loved it. My kids and husband all ski well and I cant wait to join them this year. By being locals here in Utah we can basically all ski with season passes for the same money I would have needed to go to Dallas. I felt like I couldnt justify going this year, if it meant all of us having to pass on a whole season of skiing as a family. I hope you all understand...I will think of you that weekend and I hope you all have a FANtastic time...please take some pictures and SEND THEM TO ME! I love pictures! Things are going well here, although I dont get to check in nearly as much as I'd like. Summer is here, four kids home from school, and we are busy exploring the world every day. I love the comfort of my suction leg, most days I dont think at all about it being 'not real'. I again want to thank all of you who DO check in here often and are a great support for those new people who are joining. I often send people here, when I meet other amputees in public and by phone. I truly love you guys here and the support you provide. When school starts I promise to check in more often! ;) Judy LBK Utah
  6. jberna

    Discount Cremation

    I was sharing with some friends the other day that I have my leg, cremated, in a box in my closet. I plan to throw the ashes from a mountain top some day soon, to say goodbye to my old life and hello to my new one. They were amused by the stories I told them about trying to make the calls to mortuaries, and asking them if they would 'just' cremate a leg for me.... which led to the question....when I die someday...will my husband pay, say 20% less for my cremation, since a chunk of me is 'already done'? :D ;) judy lbk utah
  7. jberna

    Old Prosthetic

    VERY cool, brenda! :lol: Thanks for sharing! I am fascinated that you could walk as a baby on that leg...did your parents take any video of you walking on that leg?..that would be cool to see! Judy LBK Utah
  8. jberna

    Socket Color

    It was fun having this post being brought forward again. I DID end up getting my permanant leg done right after that post...got skin color on the outside and some great Seattle Seahawks fabric laminated on the inside....would love to post a picture but always struggle with the process....may try later. It is such a personal decision, and something you truly have to 'live with', day in and day out...but I like what I finally decided on. And I love seeing what others have chosen! Judy Utah LBK
  9. jberna

    Thank You...

    Once again I have let several weeks (close to a month) get by without checking this site. I am a very loyal fan of this site, have loved it from the minute I found it, a few months before my amputation surgery. I was so dedicated to checking it almost daily in the early months but as I got better, and suddenly more mobile, I have gotten busy doing other life stuff. That is good on a lot of levels, I can finally do the simple life things I have been waiting so long for...but it means much less time on the computer. Okay, done rambling...just wanted to thank those of you who DO check this site almost every day, and keep up with greeting new people. You are all so dedicated to answering people who have desperate questions. I will try to be better about checking in...I love the laughs I get from here, the ideas I get, the stories of other amputees defying the odds....and like to help others myself, when I can. I always recommend this site to any amputee I meet and know you guys will be here to greet them....and no matter how long I 'stay away', you will always be here when I get back...thanks. ;) Judy Lbk Utah
  10. jberna

    I Met Chad Sunday, April 17, 2005

    Hey Johnny...didcha meet him??....Im dying to know! I hope you told him we were all rooting for him! :D judy lbk utah
  11. jberna

    Organ donation

    I am a huge believer in organ donation, from the other side. My mom died just over ten years ago. She was healthy, had just lost a bunch of weight and was learning to country dance, a life long dream, when she had a stroke and died a day later. It was devastating to me, and my close family. I was a new mom, had NO idea I would live my adult years without her. Truly the only comfort I had in the early days of grief, besides my faith that she was in a wonderful place, was that her organs helped something like EIGHT other people. I liked knowing that other moms/dads were alive because of her donation I am on the list, and feel like they can have any part that is left of me! I'll be moving on to a place where I wont need them so they might as well help someone else live. Judy Utah LBK
  12. jberna

    Some good news...

    Congrats Si and Annie! I am just getting to this posting but had to add my well wishes! To answer mmaries question, I would highly recommend she go see the sabolich people...I have heard nothing but fantastic things about them...at least call them, they are VERY helpful! Hey Si, will we get a picture of your new leg after you get it?...maybe a picture of the leg with you doing the chimp face for us.....or is the chimp more than a facial impression?...no wait, I dont want to know the answer to that! :o judy lbk utah
  13. I'm with June....losing an arm/hand is so much harder than a leg, when it comes to duplicating the motion you lost. I am thrilled with the technology of the legs these days and know it is only getting better with time. I dont think, for me, having a real leg attatched would ever be able to come close to the 'ease of life' I have with my artificial leg. There are so few things I cant do (walk to the bathroom quickly in the night) that to me, are just minor annoyances...much LESS annoying than dealing with more surgery/rejection/drugs. I can see, for arms, how this might be a good option, to be able to feel and touch things, and also do small motions like tying shoes. But I have to admit it IS creepy, when you look at the picture of that guy...to look down and see someone elses hands on your body...kind of personal. I hope it works out for this guy, and the technology improves for hand amputees. Just my little humble opinion.... Oh...and I dont have phantom pains but I would wonder, for those of you who do struggle with them, how much they would change (better/worse) if you put someone elses legs on your body..? judy lbk utah
  14. jberna

    Amputee Glossary

    So what's it called when you are exercising and get a bit too much sweat in your liner so that every other step on the treadmill makes your foot hit the ground at different angles...sometimes even backwards?.... :) Seriously marcus, make a real one for us, then make a fun one...we love it when you make us laugh! ;) judy lbk utah (by the way, when are we meeting for lunch?...)
  15. jberna

    What's The Difference?

    I have had both and chose the suction for my permanant leg just a few months ago. I dont mind explaining my experience but wanted to see what afet and si come up with first.... ;) Judy LBK Utah
  16. jberna

    A little Lost/Confused

    Hello Teri. I got tears in my eyes, reading your posting. It is just one of those difficult times in life where you really cant ever know exactly what you should do, you just have to follow your heart and your head equally, and be patient. I dont have much advise except to say time will help.... I wish you the best of luck and want to remind you we are all here to support you and Chris thru this difficult time. :( Judy Utah LBK
  17. I laughed at this story, mainly because I had something similar happen to ME about two months ago.... I had worn a pin system since I got my leg (for a year) and knew it was time to decide what I wanted for my permanant leg. I was not 100% happy with the pin but had tried some other things early on in the process and didnt like them. As a last ditch try before I decided on a permanant my pros. offered to 'rig me up' a suction type leg to try for a few days. My guys are GREAT and I trusted they could do anything so I was thrilled at the chance. I went in, waited an hour or so while they altered my leg to be a suction leg, then tried it on. LOVED it immediately. I had tried a version of suction before and hated it but I suppose I had stablized more or something because it was the first time I took the 'trial walk' down the street outside and just wanted to keep walking! Went home, thrilled...walked the block at home with my kids, then played bball with them, then went for a few runs down the neighborhood sledding hill....was truly thrilled that I found something so comfortable. Then bedtime came....My pros. had said all I had to do to get it off was to roll down the knee sleeve to break the suction. I did that but the leg was still on....we pulled, and tugged, no release. :o I was getting a bit nervous, thinking I would have to sleep in it until I could get back to the pros., but knew that would drive me CRAZY! Luckily we had tried going to bed early that night so it wasnt an ungodly hour when I finally dialed my pros. on the phone. He offered a trick or two that would release it if the suction just wasnt breaking but nothing helped. Finally my brilliant husband tried sticking something down my liner, got the suction on my liner to come apart from my leg and I got my LEG out of the socket...but that left the liner still stuck in the leg! There was no way to put the leg back on now. I got up in the morning and got the kids off to school on crutches (ARGGG!...after being able bodied again, being on crutches annoys me twice as much now!) Hobbled out to the car and drove to the pros. office first thing. They took my leg back to the lab and came back one minute later shaking their heads.... When they had switched my leg over to a suction system they had left the pin stuff in there, just didnt use it. One minor thing we forgot...to unscrew the pin from my liner! So at some point in the evening before, the pin had caught up with the pin hole and locked in...no wonder we couldnt "just tug" that leg off! Boy do I believe in how secure pin systems are now! All they had to do in the lab was reach in and push the button and the liner came right out! GEESH! We had a good laugh about it as they took the pin off my liner and I was on my way....but boy can I relate to that feeling of "this leg WONT COME OFF!" :D Judy LBK Utah, USA (for all you aussies who might now know where Utah is...)
  18. jberna

    New Coin honours Terry Fox

    Thank you Johnny.........you were truly "johnny on the spot" with this one! ;) judy utah lbk
  19. jberna

    some glitch in MY computer?

    Hey! Thanks for the suggestions...yes, I was infected (dont judge me please...I mean my computer is infected! ) I sent it out to my computer dude, Charlie, and he cleaned it up for me...back online now! Made me realize how much I need my computer on a daily basis! Judy Utah LBK
  20. I was quickly cruising thru the new posts today and became confused...when I click on certain postings I get sent immediately to the heather mills site home page....it was several postings this happened with, but not all...any suggestions?...I'd hate to miss out on a good posting because I couldnt get to it...now watch, the answers to THIS posting I wont get to see because when I try to click on it, it will send me back to the home page!....help! judy utah lbk
  21. jberna

    metal artist

    Very Cool! I love art and respect anyone who can do it! Judy LBK Utah
  22. jberna

    ERTL procedure

    Okay Marcus and Muz...you had me laughing out loud just now....my cat is looking at me funny since I am alone in the room and laughing to myself..... Let me add, I think I had the ASH procedure since my leg now resides in a velvet box, cremated, in the top of my bedroom closet. (I plan to throw the ashes off the top of a Utah mtn one of these days, as a symbol of throwing my old life away, starting new...) I have the video that the Ertl people put out, have not actually watched it yet, but loaned it to Tami, who enjoyed it I think. I researched it but didnt have it done mainly because the doc locally that would do it was very behind and it would have bumped my surgery back by at least another six months, and I was ready to get on with life. I am doing great with my 'regular' amputation (BK) so am thankful. I would encourage anyone who is facing amputation to look at the website and then make sure the doc they are with is familiar iwth it, if they want it. Let me know when the Marcus & Muz show is coming to Salt Lake City....I will be first in line to buy tickets... :P Judy Utah LBK
  23. jberna

    I would just like to say......

    Sheila, I hope you dont mind me tagging onto your posting...I have not had a chance to check this site for about a month...have thought of my friends here often but just didnt get the time to log on.....so I would also like to say WELCOME to anyone I have missed. The more friends we get here the more we can help each other. I am proud to be a part of this great forum! If anyone needs to contact me and I dont answer a posting here, please feel free to do a personal email...I check my regular email every day. Judy Utah LBK
  24. jberna

    New Coin honours Terry Fox

    Any suggestions on how we can get a Terry coin? (if we dont know Johnnys dad ;) ) I would love to have one! judy Utah LBK
  25. I will send Olivia a card from Utah, from my four kiddos...maybe some stickers, to brighten her day. As a mother I cant help but cry while reading her story. A month ago she had a normal future, and in such a short time her whole world changed. My heart goes out to her family. Judy Utah LBK