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  1. Johnny V....I saw an ad on tv for the show on heather, looked forward to watching it, but thought it was on the A&E channel, on biography, and missed it! Will it be playing again at any point? I looked for it all that weekend and cant believe I missed it! Judy
  2. jberna

    new member and waiting for amputation

    Hello Emiel! I have similar story to yours, just typed it out to encourage Tara, who wrote for her mother. Check out her posting and following messages, titled "Nov 28-Amputation Date", you will find my story there. I would love to hear how your surgery goes and how well your rehab goes. We will be in it together! My surgery is jan. 12th, when is yours? I think we will BOTH find a great life on the other side. I have hooked up with a great prosthetist already, hope you have to. I feel like it will be a long term relationship, keeping my leg working, so you HAVE to like them and trust them! Good luck in the new year! I will keep an eye on your postings! judy
  3. jberna

    Nov 28 - AMPUTATION date !

    Hello Tara! I am also relatively new to this site but not new to your moms situation. I really feel for her. I have lived a similar life. I was born with spina bifida, and overall did great, but my left foot did NOT grow right and is crooked/deformed. I have also had many surgeries thru the years, trying to correct this or that, and it just made something else go wrong. Because of all the surgeries and casts thru the years, my left lower leg is very small and weak. I have worn a leg brace on it for over seven years. I have always fought that leg, never let it slow me down, but got very FRUSTRATED at times that it would not let me be as active as I wanted to be. I have quizzed ortho docs thru the years, asking how an amputees life was different/worse than my own. All would tell me that YOU dont tell a doc you want an amputation, a doc has to tell YOU and convince YOU. Because my circulation was good in that foot, no one would consider it. I nearly cried when I read your posting and the messages that followed. I wish I had found postings like this years ago. I thought I was the only one out there who understood that having an ACTIVE life with a prosthetic made so much more sense than a sedentary life with a foot that didnt work, but, "had a pulse". About a year ago I found a great amputee support group, met some great amputees who had the active life I WANTED, found some great docs (we had moved to a new state, had a new pool of docs to check out) and quizzed some very smart prosthetists. I decided it was time. Time for ME to have an active life, even if it meant having to cut off my leg to do it. My leg has lost a lot of mobility in the past five years, so I guess it is the natural order, it was finally "time". My surgery is scheduled for january, just a few weeks away, and I am EXCITED. Tell your mom that she can borrow my phrase for the new year, "New Year, New Leg, New Life". There will be a nice change for her, just in the lack of pain she will have. And she will get the active life back, if you have a good prosthetist and a good therapist. DONT settle for less! Tell her I understand. I am 37 and finally got brave enough to take this plunge, but know that it will be GOOD once I get past the rehab time. Tell your mom to hang in there, laugh with her, and cry with her, but dont stop telling her she CAN do this and get back her active life! BEST of luck to you and your family...keep us posted PLEASE! judy
  4. jberna

    two weeks to go

    Hello tee4U, I am also a future amputee and am interested to read about your recovery. I have a deformed foot that keeps getting worse as the years go on, so by removing it, and getting a prosthetic, I will have much better mobility. I am glad to hear your surgery went well and you are recovering well. I have my surgery in early january. I have decided my new motto for 2004 is "New Year, New Leg, New Life". There are so many things you can do with an artificial leg, IF it is fitted right. Please make sure they listen to you, what you want out of it. My prosthetist's theory is "if it hurts you, I am not doing my job right". The socket should distribute the weight so that it doesnt HURT when you walk. Dont tolerate someone telling you it is supposed to hurt. You will slowly just stop being as moblie and find yourself in a sedentary lifestyle you dont want. I learned that lesson with leg braces that didnt fit right. BEST of luck to you! I will be thinking of you, and sending good HEALING thoughts your way. Hopefully you will find a new, healthy, life in 2004 also. Judy
  5. jberna

    I want to run!

    Thank you for the great advice about running. I am a soon-to-be amputee, have a deformed foot that will be amputated (FINALLY) on january 12. I am excited about *just* walking normallly for the first time in my life, have hardly allowed myself to think about running. But sometimes, when I see people running, I TRY...try to imagine what that feels like. I am reading up on it now, will see how rehab goes, and MAYBE this time next year I will know the feeling of running for the first time in my life! I had decided that I would do the treadmill technique.....just practice my gait training a lot on the treadmill and then slowly, one day, increase the speed, until I was jogging...what a day that will be! Thanks for the encouragement!