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    :D I had to laugh at this post....I have struggled SO much with gait...it is my biggest hurdle at this point. I know I have 37 years of walking wrong working against me, but I want to be careful not to rule out bad fit, or bad adjustment of my leg also....and I know that my muscles need a lot of help....I have good ones in some areas, my calf, for instance (I just typed out "calves" and had to backspace, retype "calf"...funny, that I think in terms of two still...) but my butt is weak, and my hips are weak...so I dont demand perfect gait of myself yet, knowing it will improve somewhat just as I get stronger. Hang in there....I count "getting from here to there with no pain" a big victory, limp or not! Judy LBK Utah
  2. jberna

    The People Who Stare

    Murray, it is funny you should mention being more self concious wearing long pants...I also miss wearing shorts. I feel like in shorts its "out there", up front, everyone knows right away....and it IS much easier to add socks! I was just telling my husband two days ago, "I LOVE the winter, love the snow, am just a cold climate person...but one thing I do miss in the winter is the ease of wearing shorts...it is SO much easier to have an artificial leg in shorts!" I find I wear track/athletic pants around the house much of the time because jeans are just hard to get over my socket. Lovin' this winter stuff...but look forward to spring again! ;) Judy LBK Utah
  3. jberna


    Welcome jjg....I was just in New England over Tgiving. Most of my in-laws are there, husband grew up in NH. He went to UMASS-Lowell. Welcome to our little world.... Judy Utah Lbk
  4. jberna

    Story of a Goldfish

    :P I have a sister in law who is nutty about fish, in the best kind of way. When I bought my first goldfish, 18 months ago (because I had promised my kids we could get a pet once we stopped moving so much...had to start small!) I also made the mistake of getting a small tank. Since then I have gotten a bigger one and they are much happier (two of them, one gold and one black) They have grown a LOT bigger also....and I find I kind of *love* them in a weird way...I tell people I adore them because they were nice enough to LIVE....I am not good with fish or plants, keeping them alive, so I am just grateful these two dudes have lived and thrived this long.... :P Now, the reason I came to post....I was checking the discovery channel website, to see if they were showing any shows about amputees any time soon...and the only thing that pulled up on the search was a dolphin with an artificial fin....the first amputee fish they had heard of....wonder why HIS fin didnt grow back yet your fishes did...any ideas? judy utah lbk
  5. jberna

    Skiing and sledding

    :D Just getting a chance to check back in here....I had thought about posting a picture or two...esp of the outriggers....I had my hubby take more this week, specifically of the outriggers too. Ed, the company is called SpokesNMotion, online. If I can figure out how to post a picture again, I will get one up here... I had my second lesson last friday. No avalanches this time... Although we did drive thru downtown Park City this time, looking for celebrities. They are having the Sundance Film Festival right now in Park City, lots of hollywood is here to preview independent films. I am SO bad at recognizing celebs, we probably drove right past a few....I would never know.... It was much more exciting, skiing this week. I went into it knowing I could do it. My hubby suited up too and brought his skis. He was able to ski with me my whole two hour lesson, then we skied together for two more hours afterward. GREAT couple time...not common with four young kids in the house! A PERFECT day, clear blue skies, so warm we had to take off our hats and un-line our coats....ver few people on the slopes (all were off watching films we hear....) Just a perfect day all around. I practiced doing wide, long turns, using the mtn to help control my speed by going sideways with my skis.....some good techniques I was getting down by the end. I also learned more about sharp turning, how turning right is harder for me because it takes using my left (amputated) leg, relying on it totally almost, for balance and for strength...my right turns were so sloppy, then I realized why...I was trying to make my RIGHT leg do all the work and in doing that I couldnt fully go LEFT....hard to explain. But I "willed it" more the second half of the day and really was getting it down. So fun to just be out there....three more lessons to go.... Thanks for all the encouragment, friends.....it seems so funny to me that I am now a "skier" but still struggle with day to day walking a lot of times....my current leg is just not working, makes my back hurt by mid day...thanks for the advice Sheila....I thought I was struggling with this fit because I am fairly new...reassurring to hear a person nine years out struggles with new legs also. I will keep bugging "my guy".... And marcus...if you are in Park City any of the next three Fridays, LOOK ME UP at the Ability Center cabin....I'd love to meet you and ski with you! A Happy Skier... Judy Utah (greatest snow on earth!) LBK
  6. jberna

    Revision Surgery

    This thread cracks me up! Looks like you guys smoked out this guy...makes me feel better that you all are so protective of our little world here...voicing suspicions when necessary....something tells me we wont be hearing from Joe again.... ;) Judy LBK Utah
  7. jberna

    Tomorrow is MY birthday...

    ;) I know my story is kind of "backward"...in that I had a bum foot before and then cut it off so that I could have a foot that worked...so my anniversary date of my surgery is like a true "birth"day to me....I truly got to start life again, with a foot that worked, on January 12 of last year. I believe I share that date with Heather Mills (her real bday) and my precious neice who lives in London, who will turn four tomorrow. I have had some fun this year....just as I had hoped....a lot of time at my prosthetists office (my four year old considers him a good friend!), and a lot of figuring out how to read my new limb...but I am on my way to a much more active life. It is up to me now, how much time I put in the gym, getting those withered muscles back, how much time I put into PT and learning correct gait...but I love that it is MY choice now....with that bum foot I felt like I had no choices. So we will have cake at our house tomorrow...to celebrate mommy's new life. And I will go by my surgeons office, with a photo album in hand. I have filled it with pictures of my new life, pictures of me doing everything from rafting to hiking. He was a bit skeptical, because my leg had no disease, no current infection, but I argued the "quality of life" stance and he trusted me, that I knew what I was in for. I am forever grateful that he did. Just wanted to share my happy day with all of you, my true extended family.... ;) Judy Utah LBK
  8. jberna

    Need advice on Knee Braces

    I am due to start my first ski lessons on friday.....I am very excited but honestly a bit nervous about injury. I sure dont want to be on crutches for six weeks, or more, because of a crazy move on the slopes! My pros. recommended I wear a knee brace when I do sports like skiing....I saw some on the disabled skiers we went to watch competing for the Huntsman Cup a few weeks ago. (it is good to live just an hour from a dozen major ski resorts!) I was wondering if anyone had any advice on brands/types. I have been told to look at donjoy brands.... They are all made for non-amputees and I was wondering if it ever hits the wrong place on the prosthetic, on the lower part...does that make sense? Like it might not want to grab onto the socket if it does not go down low enough on the socket...any suggestions? Thanks friends! :D Judy utah LBK
  9. What a GREAT day ED! :D I am cheering for you...know how big this is! I am glad you posted....it is inspiring and will help many others for years to come...I also love your updates, what you can do on certain dates...we should all do that. Even just for our personal progress journals...keep it up! As a BK I am fascinated to read about bi-BKs..... Celebrate tonight! (I'll celebrate with you, tomorrow is my first anniversary date!) Judy LBK Utah
  10. jberna

    Ok, lets hear those New Year Resolutions...

    :D Okay, to feel "part of the family" I feel I must add my resolutions also...nothing like starting them mid january....is that a hint as to how successful I will be?... 1. Explore new activities with my kids, things I couldnt do before. 2. Get better balance 3. Get stronger all over, and become more active, to keep that strength up. 4. Of course to lose some weight, but more than that to gain muscle, feel stronger. 5. Remind my kids more often how much I love them and adore them. 6. Encourage my husband on a daily basis, telling him specifically WHY I appreciate him. 7. Get our family paperwork in order (!)....from school papers to office/bills paperwork...get a better system and clean out my files! 8. Make a quilt for the new neice who will be appearing in the spring. Thats good for now....I love the idea of taking stock, reminding ourselves once a year that we need to live by what is important to us, not by what gets thrown in our face on a daily basis...life is about choices. It will be fun to look these up in December... Judy utah lbk
  11. jberna

    Family & Friends

    Hey Lynne...so good to read thru your posting and see how things have worked out for you....very encouraging for others who might come along and read thru these....one thing I did want to mention though... You may feel better, feel less like you are "aging" so fast once you are off the painkiller concoctions. THey sure are great to help when you want to lead a normal life without pain but my husband always says I am a different person when I am on them, even for short times. I felt much more in control of things once I was able to get off them. I am sure if you are postponing your surgery you might have them awhile longer, but just keep it in the back of your mind that some of the stuff you are "feeling" may be caused by the painkillers. So glad you have a supportive family! Keep us posted! Judy Utah LBk
  12. jberna

    Renegade Foot

    I have a renegade and it has a foot cover over the part that goes in a shoe, so my sandals fit better...and my pros. said it would be no problem at all to make the ankle part....I dont see any problem with covering it....although I wear mine "out", like brenda.... judy utah lbk
  13. :( I am so sorry I have not responded...to such an important posting. I have not checked in since the first of the year and am just now catching up. I am so sad to read that this is happening to you, Johnny. Along with the others here, I am honored that you are honest with us and are willing to share with us. What a terribly painful season of life you are going through...but like the others said, seasons will come and go, in nature and in your life. Hold on and ride it out. Your daughter is blessed to have a dad who loves her so much. She knows it in her heart now and will know it even more when she is grown with kids of her own. Just keep loving her like you always have and you will 'do right" by her. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers....I hate to see a friend hurt. Praying this year turns out to be better than it seems at this poing. Judy Utah LBK
  14. jberna

    to much to drink

    ;) Happy birthday Sarah...we are all so proud of you....here's to another five, then ten, then fifty years of being sober and seeing life thru clear eyes. Congratulations my friend. Judy LBK Utah
  15. jberna

    How do you go to the toilet in the night?

    :lol: I just had to add my funny story here...I rarely go to the bathroom at night, watch water intake after dinner....but at times I have "heard the call" and slip down onto the floor and quietly crawl to the bathroom. One night I suppose I crawled just a bit TOO quietly...trying not to wake my light-sleeper husband...when I came out of the bathroom, on all fours, our cat, who must not have seen me go IN...just about had a cardiac arrest! Here is this big "thing" coming out of the bathroom, towards him (!). In about a second and a half he flew across our bed, right across my sleeping husbands face, and was down the hall....in the meantime my husband, fully asleep then has this fur ball fly across his face, woke up in a second, and was out of bed in a flash, thinking I had fallen or something....I was laughing so hard, watching it all transpire, that I was glad I had ALREADY gone pee.....I still laugh when I think about that night.... :lol: Judy LBK Utah
  16. jberna

    a little thankyou.....

    Annie, your message brought tears to my eyes. What you describe is also what I found a year ago....you said it so well. I dont poke my head in here nearly enough, a sign I am back to 'real life' and have less sit down time...but just want to say I agree with you...the people here are amazing angels. Judy LBK Utah
  17. jberna

    Suggestions please!

    Carrie, I am sure you have thought of this one, but how about becoming a 911 dispatcher? We had a local woman here get a "dispatcher of the year" award recently, read about her in the paper. She loved it, was involved in "helping people", was always calm and in control on the phone with frantic people, and felt like she was "out there" even though she was in a chair. She is definately a part of the "rescue" team. Have you considered this option?....they sure need people like you, who care about others.... Judy Utah LBK
  18. jberna

    to much to drink

    Thinking of you during this hard holiday time, Sarah....new years eve is tonight. I hope it all goes well for you...keep us posted! Judy LBK Utah
  19. jberna

    Can you help please

    Hunnypot..it is christmas eve and I have just a tiny bit of time on the computer before santa comes (I have four little ones...) but wanted to offer my encouragement to your friend. It will be a rough holiday for her this year but this time next year things may be MUCH better. I would encourage her to get counseling. Esp if the therapist has worked with amputees. It cant hurt to have someone to talk to who you dont have to be afraid of hurting their feelings. Also find other amputees in your area who are her age...thru the prosthetists office maybe...have them visit or call her. Find a good prosthetist and she can have a great quality of life, but it WILL take time....life is NOT over, trust me! I had my surgery a year ago and am amazed how much changed in a year. Good luck, my friend...keep us posted. Tell your friend we are thinking of her. Judy Utah LBK
  20. jberna

    washing liners

    I am brand new to this thing, so new that I only own one liner right now. I hear that I will eventually get two, to rotate, but for now I am washing out my ONE on a daily basis..... I stumbled upon this trick recently and wondered if anyone else does this. After I wash my liner, and want it to dry overnight, I put it upside down, inside out, on a paper towel holder. The kind that are a circle base, with a central pole sticking up in the center. It is just the right size for my liner! The only problem is that I am sure guests to my house wonder why I have a paper towel holder sitting on the floor of my bathroom! Judy
  21. jberna

    Prosthetic weight

    I dont have NHS so am not familiar with what they would give you but I do know that my first leg was a LOT heavier than the one I have now. I had my surgery jan of this year, got my leg in late feb. It was big and heavy and every time I got a new socket, because of shrinkage in my stump, it got smaller and lighter. And I hear that my permanant one will be even lighter than the one I have now. That is all the info I can give. I am hoping some of our other friends that got legs thru NHS will answer this question for you too... Judy Utah LBK
  22. jberna

    Hi and what a great site

    Welcome Pete! I hope we can answer some questions for you. We are glad you have joined us! Judy Utah LBK
  23. jberna

    Amputee Competitor on Survivor

    Hate to say it guys but I am done watching...it was a big deal to make time to watch it before but it was worth it to see chad romp on the challenges. (I usually taped it and even then had trouble finding time to watch it!) I am so sad that Chad was sacrificed, esp on a day he almost WON the challenge, a challenge he was at a distinct disadvantage on....he was robbed! Chad, you made us proud....I will see how won by watching the articles in People magazine but wont be watching the show anymore...you were my sole reason for watching! Guess I just have more time to play with my kids on thursday nights now! ;) Judy LBK Utah
  24. jberna

    What do you do in the shower??

    I havent read this post for a long time but think maybe I can offer some other suggestions. I have found that when I travel (about five times since my amp.) I just deal with a tub. I am a bk and so I just know I will have to bring a big cup with me to the bath. I run the water and use the cup to dump water on my head/wash my hair, while the water fills the tub. Then I bathe. It is always trickier and takes twice as long in a different bathroom because I am very nervous about falling, so I go slowly when getting out. I never feel as clean after bathing this way as I do in my shower at home (with shower chair). We just spent two weeks in NH at my mother in laws house...TINY bathroom, old facuets with low water pressure....a REAL trick to stay clean and feel clean. I had to really be diligent about washing my liner/stump so I didnt get skin break downs while on vacation. I cant tell you how GREAT it felt to have a shower in MY shower the first day I got home! Just a few suggestions... judy lbk utah
  25. jberna

    what do you do when..

    I totally understand what you are saying here....I come across this a LOT. Even in OUR house, all the kids that come in the door know the shoes go immediately in a basket by the door...friends and neighbors all do it. It helps us to find our kids shoes when it is time to go somewhere and also must be keeping the carpets somewhat cleaner. (although they are filthy....four kids plus tons of friends...) So far I just dont take off my shoes and dont say anything. Most people know me, know I have an artificial leg, and dont ask. I assume ONE exception wont be critical....if everyone else is shoeless they are still going to keep their floors pretty clean. If anyone had a problem I would just avoid going there again...sounds kind of sad, but I really have no choice but to keep my shoes on...sorry! If I had obviously dirty shoes I would just not go in...to spare them the dirt. But my shoes dont get that dirty, esp nice ones I wear to get togethers. Just my view of things...I feel your pain, have been there myself many times. Even before my amputation I wore a leg brace that required a shoe to hold it on...could not walk without it....so for almost ten years. Good luck with the holiday season...many more get togethers than usual! Judy Utah LBK