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    The Channel 4 Program is on next week

    I wish it would get over to the US...let us know if we could even order a copy from the company that made it..... Judy LBK Utah
  2. jberna

    Hello im new.

    Greetings Aaron! First I have to say I am a very patriotic person and up front had to say a huge thank you for the sacrifices you have made for our country and many others. Since you are *retired* you will have lots of time to explore life now...I encourage you to get out there and find some fun hobbies and activities. I know we have a great Ability Center here in Utah to help people with all kinds of disabilities do the sports they want....it is amazing how they can adapt just about any activity to let you participate. Keep us posted on your progress...and thanks for popping your head up and introducing yourself! Judy Utah LBK
  3. jberna

    bk and airplanes

    Hi Sue, I am pretty new at this too, but have some experience to share. I am a BK also and had heard on this website that sometimes if there is room they will upgrade you to first class if you tell them you need more room for your leg. I tried it when I flew from Salt Lake City to Dallas about six weeks ago. They didnt have a first class section but were very quick to get me the "bulkhead", which is the first row of seats, has a lot more leg room. I had them assign me seats on all connecting flights at once so I didnt have to worry about the next flight. I left my leg on, although did feel a need to stretch it out every now and then. I didnt walk the aisle but would not have thought twice about it....anything that helps. I travelled in warmer weather and wore shorts on purpose, so people around me would know if I needed some special consideration. Everyone was very polite and helpful. I would wonder if putting a tight shrinker sock on, if you just HAD to take off your leg during flight, would help it not to swell too big for the socket? Anyone have any guesses? Just pop the leg off, put a tight shrinker sock on, and that would keep it "small"?.... Dont be afraid to travel...there is a lot of life to be lived out there...go grab it! I will be flying almost across the US in two weeks...from Utah to Boston, with a lay over in Vegas, so will let you know how that goes....it may help that I will be distracted by travelling with my four kids! After my successful flights to dallas I am very optimistic. Good luck my friend! Judy Utah LBK
  4. jberna

    How do I do this...?

    Great info! Thanks for sharing this with us! :D Judy Utah LBK
  5. jberna

    Make Josh`s Day

    I too feel that Josh is one of my own boys....we have so many around here he would just fit right in! Love the photo...post them more often, we love hearing about our site mascot! Judy Utah LBK
  6. jberna

    New to site!

    Tami, my friend! I am so glad you found the site. I think you will find a wealth of knowledge here. Even postings from a year ago can be helpful. I thought of you the other day, wanted to tell you to check out the topic titled "amputation relief", about people who had to choose, like you are, to have it done and whether they regretted it or not after. I would guess it is in the general forum, but I really think you would be helped by reading thru those responses. We are ALL here for you....just tell us the things you think no one else would understand and we probably will understand, we have been there too. WELCOME to our helpful little home! ;) judy utah LBK
  7. jberna


    This is a very interesting question for me. I am glad to read there are others who felt "good" about their amputation. I totally understand that if I had cancer or a car accident and had no "choice" it would have been very different. But I had this awful foot that kept me from doing a lot of things I wanted to do, from the time I was a little child. I have not even come to my first anniversary and have not yet had a period of "saddness". I have had mostly fun, trying out the new things I missed all along. I have been in touch with a new friend, met thru my prosthetist, who has some kind of injury that is not healing, a lot like some friends here. I have told her to check in here, dont know if she has. This would be a great stream for her to read, she is very freaked out by the thought of having her leg gone forever. It is nice to know we all can support each other no matter how we came to amputation or how much we fight it. I treasure my friends here. judy utah lbk
  8. jberna


    Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you today also....let it be a day of thinking of all the great things you will do this NEXT year, now that you have the hardest year out of the way. ;) judy utah lbk
  9. jberna

    Metronome Rehabilitation

    This is VERY interesting to me....I have some issues to clean up in my gait and wonder if this would help....looking into it. Judy Utah LBK
  10. jberna

    Warner Brothers discount

    I suppose this works only in the UK? Judy Utah LBK
  11. jberna

    Home at last

    Welcome back HOME, friend! Settle in, think good healing thoughts and before you know it you will be walking...until then enjoy the down time! ;) Judy Utah LBK
  12. jberna

    Different Abilities

    I have been mulling over a thought recently and am just now getting around to typing it out. I do honestly "carry" you guys with me when I go about my day. It is the oddest feeling, to feel so connected to people I will never meet in person. I will be in a store and have a person approach me about my leg and think of this site, advice and discussions we have had. I will be at the park with my kids and walking up a slope, thinking about the friends I have here who have shared that they too struggle with slopes. I guess an amputees real life is so unique that to have such a large group of people "out there" who also understand is truly special. I was also thinking about abilities. I am a tall woman. My whole life I have been tall. And my whole life I have thought of my friends around me as being my height. It is not until I see pictures that I realize that I am a head taller than some of them! I think I feel the same way about you guys. I assume everyone has similar mobility abilities and it is just not the case. I am amazed when I read postings from people who are in a wheelchair and have lived their life that way, chosen not to do the prosthetic, and are as excited about life, outgoing and optimistic as people with two good legs. I am just so proud of everyone here for sticking with it, no matter what your abilities, and getting the most out of life. I am a lot more active than I have ever been before, do all I want during the day, shopping, bike riding, puttering around the house, but I still struggle with walking a long straight line. I had a long talk with my prosthetist about it yesterday, why the idea of just walking around the block with him intimidated me, even though I could ride the bike for an hour and not be phased....but it occured to me that we all have our "issues". I am not close to running marathons like brenda, but I have found contentment and satisfaction where I AM right now. And I have so many friends here who struggle much more than I do on a daily basis, but have attitudes that would never reflect that. It leads us all to feel accepted for where we are and encouraged if and when we go farther. That is why I love this website so much. ;) Judy Utah LBK
  13. jberna

    Watch out for.......

    I agree with slippery surfaces. I was just in a small store earlier today and it is raining out so once I stepped off the door mat at the entrance I was VERY aware of the floor, making careful steps. Not noticible to others, but I was very aware.... I pay attention closely to stairs also. I was just getting confident on stairs when I went to the gym one day and tried going down foot over foot..I hit one stair and about wretched my knee. It was built at a different angle than every other stair and my body was expecting it to be the same. I hadnt noticed it before, when I would go down putting both feet on each step. So now I watch for irregularity in steps. Judy LBK Utah
  14. jberna

    time for a healthy debate!

    I dont know if I have anything to add here but first I have to say I completely understand the frustration that would come with those types of comments...like being an amputee isnt "that hard" for you because you know no other life. Thats like saying to a blind man, its okay that you are blind, it isnt hard for you, because you were blind from birth. Amputation is amputation, whether done in utero or in auto....(fun little play on words if I do say so myself!) Granted you might not have some mental trauma that others have from accidents...but isnt that the case in LIFE? Some of us have painful experiences from childhood to cope with, others grew up in very loving homes....so there is NO way to judge, esp a stranger, in how much he/she is "dealing with" at any given moment. That is my soapbox for the day! From my experience....I have such a twisted amputation story that I have to say my answer might not be typical. I still struggle with what to say to people. Generally they have asked me, and that gave me their interpretation right away, "did you have cancer?.....have you been an amputee since childhood?" Two questions I have been asked. Like I have said before I hate when they think I had cancer because that gives me credit for having gone thru something I cant imagine...I never had anyone tell me "its cancer"...never felt that my life was at stake, never went thru treatments/chemo....all things I dont know if I am brave enough to handle...yet by them assuming I had cancer, they assume I fought this brave fight that I didnt have to. Does that make sense? So in my case, I chose to have this done, dragged around a deformed foot until that point. People dont want to hear about deformed feet....so when I say I am a "new" amputee they think my "struggles" began in January...when in reality I have struggled iwth that foot for 37 years. I think usually I surprise people enough that they stop the questions...I say that I had a *bad* foot and they cut it off but this new one I have is fantastic and I get to do all I want with it. They generally say things like "Oh, thats great"...and move on. I agree with Johnny, that people are just naive and have limited knowledge. They only have their little realm of experience and you have to work with that and feel like you get to add to that knowledge. I am curious to see how others respond to this great question.... Judy Utah LBK
  15. jberna

    wish me luck

    Im also thinking of you today, ethan...hope it is still "wednesday" where you live. Keep us posted on your progress. :) Judy Utah LBK
  16. jberna

    coping with chemo

    Marc, wanted to add my encouragement here too. I know that Johnny lost his leg to a cancer, may be the same kind you had. Privately email him and I know he will help you in any way he can. I agree with the other postings....let youreself relax. Something I learned at a grief support meeting once that really changed how I feel about hard times..."No means no for now, not for forever". Just because you are not up doing *everything* now doesnt mean this time next year you wont be. Give yourself time, we give you official permission.... Keep us posted, and welcome to our little world. ;) Judy LBK Utah
  17. jberna

    New battles to be fought

    Carole, I am with Lesley on this one....not much more I can say...just that my heart breaks for you. If I were a few states closer I could pop in to help out a bit...just know we all carry you, and your husband, in our hearts these days. Judy LBK Utah
  18. jberna

    Renagade or Runway

    Sorry I am so late posting on this one...I also have the Renegade, LOVE it, but dont have a cosmesis yet. Just got my permanant socket and it needs some adjustments before I get the covering. I will ask 'my guy" tomorrow, about the covering question....if I can remember! Hope it all works out for you...I love my renegade! Maybe privately email marcus, the guy on our site who works for Freedom... judy utah lbk
  19. :D Unbelievable story, afet! I, too, had tears in my eyes, reading your story! I am SO excited for you and your new lease on life. I am sorry it took me so long to post, have not checked in in awhile....just cant tell you how THRILLED I am for you, and your new HEARING life! Congrats my friend! Judy Utah LBK
  20. jberna

    About NeoAmputee

    Welcome Sang Cho! I just have to repeat what the others have said...there are plenty of fish in the sea, and my best advice in that area is "have confidence"...people are drawn to people who are confident and sure of themselves, one leg or two! :lol: Welcome to our little world and enjoy your stay! Judy Utah LBK
  21. jberna

    Its off

    I'm sorry to hear about your dad, Slim. :( Take your time adjusting to the amputee life...the other parts of life keep coming at you so you have to remember to pace yourself with the leg thing.... Again, so sorry about your dad, what a hard time for you. Judy Utah LBK
  22. jberna

    Boots that go on my prosthesis!!!

    Love this discussion and will eagerly look up the sites you guys posted. I have always wanted to wear boots but with my weak/twisted foot and AFO brace it was never an option....this fall I have been eyeing all the styles...really LOVE the "rider" boots....my sister is the one who said to me, "duh, judy...what you are describing are horse riding boots!" (her daughter rides...) I look foward to wearing some this year. I wore my first ever pair of loafers on sunday...felt SO fabulous in them! The are similar to the boots Kaz posted but not as high around the ankle....just love them! I ended up getting mens (look just like the womens in this style) because my good foot is really wide and it fits my prosthesis better too. I would bet the riding boots would be the same right?...similar styles for men/women? THANKS again for starting this link....just love that I can now be a "shoe person!" :P Judy LBK Utah
  23. jberna

    Iceross question

    Sorry I didnt jump into this discussion earlier. I have had Iceross liners every time and have always cut them down. They came up too high on my thigh (I am a bk). Recently I got a new sport one and got a trial period of a week, where I had to decide if I wanted to keep it. It was hard to judge, since all my other liners had been about 3 cm shorter on top...it felt so tight and confining on my thigh. Once I was pretty sure I wanted to keep it I cut it off and have loved it ever since. BUT I also have problems with rashes of various kinds just around the rim of my liner. I had suspected it was the fact that more dirt and bacteria could sneak in there, just around the rim of the top, and that caused irritation. I try to keep it extra clean around there, dont fiddle with it during the day (while in shorts) like I used to, to keep the dirt to a minimum. Seems to help. I will soon be wearing long pants every day and wonder if that will help keep it "cleaner" also....it is cool here but I continue to wear shorts, so much easier to change socks, shoes, during the day. But soon the snow will fly and I will be forced back into jeans! :( (love the snow, just not the jeans!) Hope this helps someone.... Judy LBK Utah
  24. jberna

    Christopher Reeves dies...

    I agree, we have experienced a great loss, losing Christopher Reeves. I feel for Dana, whose whole life was assisting him in the last nine years. How hard it will be to find a new life without him now. (and for his children). I remember the day I heard on the radio about his accident, can remember the stretch of highway I was on in KC Missouri....thought it was so tragic. Then was amazed as he perservered thru the years....and then shocked again yesterday as I heard again on the car radio, that we had lost him. Such a sad, sad day. I hope that now, wherever he is, he can see more clearly how much he touched so many lives, so far beyond the movies. Judy Utah LBK
  25. jberna

    Amy purdy as lead role in movie

    I got my newest issue of OandP magazine and there is a great article in it about Amy, who goes by "purdygirl" around here. She told us last spring about a movie she had been cast in and this article talks about what a great actress she is, and how her movie is coming out soon.....does anyone else get "OandP" magazine? Amy, if you are checking in, we are really proud of you...cant wait to see your movie! Judy Utah LBK