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    Being outside, biking, skiing, hanging out with my family, watching NFL, reading (mainly memoirs)

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    deformed foot (spina bifida)

About Me

I'm the mom to four children, ages 11-20, wife to my college sweetheart, writer for GeekMom.com, Rec Center employee, and elective amputee, as of Jan 2004. Since our wedding in 1989, we've lived in MO, NH, Washington D.C., Utah, New York, and now Colorado.

We love to be outside, enjoying the mountain town we live in. My new leg can do so much more than my old, deformed leg ever could, although I have no interest in being a super amputee athlete. I just want to enjoy my life on my level and my terms.

I have written the book I was looking for when I was doing pre-surgery research. I wanted to read about an everyday amputee, specifically an elective amputee, so I could know what to expect. I never found that book, so in the eight years since my surgery, I've been working on writing it. It's called "Just One Foot: How Amputation Cured My Disability."

The book's website is found at justonefoot.com

It has links to amputee resources, as well as before/after pictures of my journey. I'm also posting essays about what life is like as an amputee and how making big, scary decisions can sometimes pay off. My goal, now that the book is published, is to get it into the hands of all the people who might need it - prospective amputees, new amputees, and family/friends of amputees who are having trouble relating.