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  1. Patrick

    countdown for brenda!

    Brenda I should have put it in here not in the other pages. I will be thinking of you on Sunday and I will be willing you all the way to the finish. Good Luck Pat
  2. Patrick

    My Goal

    Brenda I will be thinking of you on Sunday and willing you on all the way to the finish line. Pat
  3. Patrick

    Kids wondering about amputees

    Hi Phyl Sounds like you coped realy well with the situation, the one thing to remember is that children will say as they see, they have no prejudice's unlike some adults. I think that if we tell them the truth they will not be frightened by things, and when they grow up they will understand better. The samething happened to me in my local supermarket, a girl of about 4/5 run to her mum saying that man has only got one leg, when her mum told her to be quite I just smiled at them both and said to the mum she is only stating the obvious and then carried on doing my shopping. I find the best way to handle a situation is to make a joke of it, but when you have friends like mine you can't do anything else. Pat
  4. Patrick

    thru hip amputation

    Hi Phyl I have two different buckets to sit in, one is leather and very heavy and the leg is carbon fibre, the other one is laminate and the leg is titanium this one is light, I find that they are both comfortable to wear. Given time you get used to them, so far I have not had any sore patches and I have been wearing them for two years. I have been told that if I have a laminate bucket put on the other leg it will be as light as the titanium one, its the leather that makes it heavy. As for having to us crutches all the time, that will depend on you, I use a cane at the moment but I am hoping to do away with that as well in time. The one thing that I find when I wear my leg is, I am a lot slower at getting around so when I go to the shops I use my wheelchair and I use my crutches around the house or if I am not going to far. As for the cosmetic cover, I don't have it I just have the bare metal showing but that is my choice, not everyone likes it that way. I still wear shorts in the summer and I am not bothered what other people think. Hope this has answered some of your questions, if you have anymore I will try to answer them for you but I am no expert. Pat
  5. Patrick

    Hiya I'm a newby on here....

    Hi Crazzy Welcome to the forum. When you are a NHS patient a sence of humour is the first thing you need. :D Pat
  6. Patrick

    thru hip amputation

    Hi She I lost my right leg two years ago in a bike accident. Even if he does not want to talk direct to me, everybody on this forum will be more than happy to answer any questions he has. I have only been here for a short time and just reading the posts has helped me. All the best for 2004 Pat
  7. Patrick

    thru hip amputation

    Hi She Sorry I am a bit late on this, I am a through hip amputee aswell or a hip disarticulation which is what its called in the USA. I don't know what your sons socket is made of but mine is a laminate one and it does make it a bit lighter, as you say its like a bucket and they are not the easiest thing to walk in, I don't have the skin on mine and I find that it makes it a bit easier to walk with. I wear mine for about ten hours a day when I am at work, I am knackerd by the end of the day. All I can say is your son must keep on moaning at his DSC until he gets what he wants, but they will never be very light, we are still in the dark ages in this country (UK). As for only wearing trousers, I wear my shorts in the summer I have an artificial leg and I don't care what other people think. If your son wants to chat or ask questions he can e-mail me at plittlechild@hotmail.com (I hope I am allowed to put my email address in here) sorry if I am not. Pat
  8. Patrick

    Happy New Year

    Hi everyone I would like to wish everyone, A HAPPY NEW YEAR, AND ALL THE BEST FOR 2004 Pat
  9. Patrick

    skin grafts and scars

    Hi Lee I am a through hip amputee and like you and Ann I have had skin grafts. The big problem is when your leg does not fit properly it rubs and can be very sore. Like Ann said, in the UK we are along way behind and we still use the old way of making sockets, plaster casts. In this country the NHS still looks on an prosthetic leg just as a prop to help you stand up, they don't think that we would like to get on with our lives. Keep gripping at them and they will get it right. But saying that after two years I have just got my second leg and it is not right, so in the New Year I will be back down to my DSC and I will give them hell. Pat
  10. Patrick


    At the time that I lost my leg I was dateing a girl, we had been out a couple of times and all was fine. After I lost my leg in a bike accident she disapeared like a puff of smoke, and she has never spoken to me since, even to the point of crossing over the road to avoid me. That was two years ago and I am still on my own. :( I find that most of the girls that I meet are fine until they find out that I only have one leg, and then its ok to be friends but thats it. I am just like Nicole, I drive with my left leg. Pat
  11. Patrick


    Hi I am new to this forum. :) A bit about myself, My name is Patrick and I live in the south of England, I am a through hip amputee, I lost my leg two years ago in a bike accident.