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    Hello from Scotland

    Hi there James, I'm from edinburgh in scotland. I am a RAKA and have been for 45 years. It would be good to keep in touch Bye for now. Ken
  2. kenny

    Heather Mills Mc Cartney

    Does Heather herself ever enter into any discussions on this forum. It would be interesting to hear her views sometimes???
  3. kenny

    My dad

    Hi renee, Sorry to hear about your dad. I have been an above the knee amputee for 45 years, losing my leg when I was 4. I have met a lot of recent amputees the same age as your dad at the limb centre and the biggest hurdle is getting over the healing process, physically and mentally, but once they are over that they come on very well. I am well used to mine now although I would like to throw it far enough sometimes. I sit on a 'bucket' as I only have a short stump and walk with it straight. He will probably feel very depressed initially but ensure him that it does get better. Maybe he can join our forum cos there's a lot of us out their facing the same problems. I keep saying the word DETERMINATION but that is really the the only way to go on. What other options are there anyway? By the way the thing I most wanted to do is wear a kilt......yeah you've guessed it....I'm from edinburgh in scotland....and don't mention our football team ...pleeese love ken
  4. kenny

    thru hip amputation

    Hi she, Well what do you know. I never knew it was called a hip disarticulation even after 45 years. I lost my leg when I was 4 years old and only have a very short stump. My socket is continually uncomfortable but I have learned to live with it, so I control it now, it does'nt control me. I have ven drilled holes in it to get some air into it although the limb centre wasn't too pleased but i don't care, its me thats got to live with it. I am very active which does'nt help the mechanics of the leg. I am an engineering manager and run a car business part time. The reason I am telling you this is because I am always lying under cars, inside cars, or whatever. As I said in my introduction it is a case of 'mind over matter' although it takes a long time to get to that stage. If your son wants to talk to me direct I would love to talk to him and maybe help him love ken
  5. kenny

    talking to people

    Hi Johnny, Thanks for your reply. Hope the chat line is up and running soon. I entered yahoo instant messenger but it asks what 'room' I want to join. What room do you use to contact other people like ourselves? all the best ken
  6. kenny

    talking to people

    does any one know how we can set up a chat line to share information readily
  7. kenny

    Hi everyone

    Hi all, I have been an amputee for over 45 years now after losing my right leg in a car accident when I was 4. It was much different then for me..there were no artificial legs to wear only 'wooden posts' with a wooden rocker for a foot. I had to go to primary school like that. It was pure hell looking back now. but thats the point. There is no good looking back. Grit and Determination is the order of the day now although I do still get depressed when seeing other fully fit beings.. Still. I married at 24 and now have 2 great grown up kids. I work as an engineering manager and run a car business part time so I specifically DON'T make time for self pity if I can help it. I'm too busy working or REPAIRING MY BROKEN LEG, replacing cables, screws etc... If I went to the limb hosp I would never be at work. When are they going to offer leg transplants..thats what I want to know??? Anyway, hope yuse will all keep in touch and maybe we can have a laugh at least Bye for now Ken